The correct Marathon of Star Wars to attract new fanatics

For the eternal fans of Star Wars, it is always fun to relive the epic films with a marathon, and it is also an opportunity to attract new generations to the Star Wars universe. So we explain what is the best way to watch the saga and turn your children into new Star Wars fans.

It is important to consider that the first films date from the 70s and 80s, when the first trilogy of the saga was created, which does not follow a linear order in the plot. So, to introduce the new generation to the amazing world of Star Wars, it is necessary to explain the concepts and themes of the different films, such as where the force comes from, how a jedi is formed or where the sith come from, so you will probably need several days to see them and not tire the little ones with so much information.

In addition, it will help you relive the iconic scenes that marked a before and after in the world of science fiction movies. But, additionally, you can encourage your children to like Star Wars in different ways.

This is because this franchise has thousands of products alluding to the film series and is what they have called the expanded universe of Star Wars, such as video games, t-shirts, cartoons, theme parks, miniature games, construction, etc. So you can give your little ones the best Lego Star Wars of the moment or a backpack from the saga and may “the force be with them” before starting the film tour. 

Here are 5 ways to watch the Star Wars saga and introduce new fans to the plot:

1. By the release date of each film, known as theatrical order

The most traditional way of viewing the Star Wars saga again is by its theatrical release, that is, by its year of appearance and in that order. It’s simpler, as it was how the first fans saw the series, although it can have some drawbacks, since it is starting the plot from the middle and it is confusing. In this sense, you just have to watch the 11 movies this way:

The original trilogy: Which is composed of episodes IV (1977), V (1980) and VI (1983).

The prequel trilogy: You can watch episodes I (1997), II (2002), and III (2005).

The sequel trilogy: The third installment has episodes VII (2015), VIII (2017), and IX (2019).

Anthology: Here you can enjoy Rogue One (2016) and Han Solo (2018).

2. More exact order of watching the saga

According to many fans and critics, the correct way to see this saga and that allows to understand the plot without problems is the following: it begins with the fourth episode (1977), continues with Rogue One (2016), continues with the fifth episode (1980), then the first episode (1999) and finally the second episode (2002). 

Later, you can continue with the third episode (2005), followed by Han Solo (2018) and the sixth episode of the saga (1983). As an optional film, you can see The Mandalorian (2019), culminating the filmography with the seventh episode released in 2015, episode VIII (2017) and the ninth episode released in 2019.

3. Chronologically

One of the most recommended options to enjoy the saga is through the chronological order. Even George Lucas himself -original creator of the franchise- recommends watching the movies in numerical order, pointing out that this is the way to do it well and that the fact that it took him time to film them does not mean that you cannot watch them in the correct order.. According to this, the order would be as follows: Episodes I (1999), II (2002), III (2005), Han Solo (2018) and Rogue One (2016), followed by episodes IV (1977), V (1980), VI (1983), VII (2015), VIII (2017) and IX (2019).

Although the detractors of this system of visualization of the saga affirm that it is not very convenient, because you start the filmography with The Phantom Menace, which is not the favorite of the critics. Likewise, it is pointed out that seeing the films in this order can ruin for new fans the turn that the series takes with the premature revelation of the father of one of the main characters of the plot (Luke Skywalker), this being a decisive moment. in the movie. 

4. The Ernest Rister List

This super fan of the Star Wars saga created his own list, known as the Rister way, trying to maintain the plot that involves Luke with his father, leaving episode I intact. But perhaps many moviegoers do not like this list because leave out the sequels. This list would be as follows: Episodes IV (1977), V (1980), I (1999), II (2002), III (2005) and ends with episode VI (1983).

5. No aftermath

Another way that Star Wars experts have recommended to view the filmography is to skip the movies that are sequels, primarily by removing the first episode, The Phantom Menace, from the list, as many consider that movie It is not the most favored of the saga, although it does retain the iconic moment of Darth Vader: “I am your father”.

However, this list would not be the most accurate for beginners to padawans, because the explanation would be incomplete and they would not be able to follow the plot of the franchise, which is now in the hands of Disney and will surely continue the legacy with other themes to complement the saga. 

In this list, it is recommended to first see the fourth episode that premiered in 1977, continuing with the fifth episode (1980), then episode II (2002), following with episode III (2005) and, finally, the sixth episode (1983).

These 5 ways to watch the movies from this iconic story that transformed cinema can help you introduce your kids to the Star Wars universe. In addition, you can always attract their attention by assembling one of the Lego Star Wars sets, buying them matching pajamas to enjoy the marathon and share with them your love for this intergalactic ride. 

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