The development of the eleven-month-old baby

Big milestones can happen in the 11th month of the baby’s life, which will delight parents and surprise them. Their development will also have changes, as well as their habits. Therefore, it is convenient that those around the little one are informed to stimulate him and celebrate his feats.

An 11-month-old baby can be different from another the same age. She may have more or fewer teeth than average, walk, or be reluctant to stand. This is because the development of babies is not an exact process for everyone. However, there are some features that tend to occur more frequently. We will focus on these qualities to help you better understand what is new with your child and how you can support him on his way to becoming a more independent and capable little one every day. 

What does an 11 month old baby do?

If your little one has strengthened his legs through the crawling process, chances are the time will be near when you see him stand up . He will be insecure and will cling to everything that is close to him, but it will be a moment that will fill him with joy and give him a new perspective on things. To facilitate this process, it is advisable to always put him in a safe place, since his physical abilities will lead him to explore new spaces.

Similarly, the eleven-month-old baby also has better coordination in his hands, which allows him to throw objects and enjoy experiencing that some objects can be inserted into others.

Your communication skills may not have developed enough to allow you to express what you want. Some words will have been included in his vocabulary, but certain phonemes will be really difficult for him to pronounce . Consequently, he invents his own way of communicating, which can be hilarious.

As for rest, your sleep cycles may have been constantly changing up to this point, but it’s important to take a nap during the day. If you still have your pregnancy pillow, you can use it to lay your baby down comfortably while she relaxes back to sleep. 

11 month old baby feeding

If you wonder what an 11-month-old baby can eat, the answer is focused on almost completely integrating it into the family diet. You should try legumes, if they weren’t already on her food list. You should only include them in the diet gradually, so that her digestive system gets used to them and her intestine does not become too distended due to the generation of flatulence.

On the other hand, because its activity has increased, the energy requirements are higher. That is why in the menu of the 11-month-old baby, fruits and cereals cannot be left aside, which will help him get said energy, at the same time as other vitamins, quality carbohydrates and minerals.

As for breast milk or infant formula , this is still part of his diet, but plain water will also be very important, because it will help keep the baby always well hydrated and allow his body to better absorb the nutrients he ingests.

If you are interested in some feeding guidelines, we can say that eggs and cubed fruit can be included in the breakfast of the 11-month-old baby. This will allow you to start the day with a good supply of energy and protein. Later, at noon, you can include cubed cheese, vegetables, meat or a cookie that helps teething.

Finally, dinners for the 11-month-old baby can include beef, tofu, turkey, vegetables, and milk. Generally, the measurement for your age will be ¼ to ½ cup for solid foods and 120 to 180 ml for milk.

Mental development

In the milestones of the baby’s development, there is the formation of character. Your little one has already started to show himself as an impulsive, curious or thoughtful baby. To help him, you can look for educational games that go with his way of acting and that help him strengthen his character, at the same time that they develop his skills in other areas, which are also very important, such as motor coordination or language.

At this point, it is unlikely that his social skills are developed in some respects. The eleven-month-old baby has a hard time sharing her toys with others and she wants everything for herself, including her parents’ attention. This is normal, do not feel frustrated if when interacting with other children she ends up crying because she does not want to give up her toys. For now, let her hold on to those objects that are very attractive to her, such as her favorite stuffed animal or her colorful ball. Later, you might discover the value of the trade, which will open up a very interesting picture for you.

Oral expression

As we have mentioned, at 11 months the baby still does not have enough bases to express what he wants. That is why we can often see the baby pointing to what she wants and expressing her frustration when adults fail to fulfill her wishes. She is patient and constantly talks to him. He is continuously recording your tone, cadence and words, which he will repeat at the least expected moment.

Psychomotor development

The development of the 11-month-old baby is remarkable, his hands have acquired greater dexterity, so he is able to draw some doodles. Allow him to have access to materials such as crayons and paper, at certain times of the day, so that he has fun with this type of activity. Also, you may be interested in rugs that change color with water markers.

His ability to change position, sit, crawl, turn on his back is no longer a novelty, but by performing these types of movements frequently, the baby further strengthens his middle and lower body muscles, which will allow him in a short term can walk with stability.

In order for him to improve his hand control, you should allow him to feed himself. He may cause a mess at times, but before long he’ll have a better command of his moves and get it right.

Now, you are aware of what your little one can do this month. Pamper him and congratulate him when he manages to carry out something well that he could not do before. This will give you encouragement and help you to have more self-confidence. With your support, he will be able to continue exploring new skills and, also, integrate into the family to which he belongs.

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