The game of chairs

Musical chairs is an activity that children have been doing for years, and the reason it remains a popular game is because of its ease and benefits. Therefore, encouraging children to participate and presenting them with creative variations can be a very good idea to stimulate healthy child development.

To find fun in all things, you really only need to have the eyes of a child, because they manage to turn any object into a way of playing.

For example, if we see a chair, perhaps, as adults, we think only of sitting down. However, when children see one, they will be thinking about drawing a picture of a chair, creating group games sitting with their friends or participating in the game of chairs that most attracts their attention.

On the internet it is possible to find several types of activities when searching for “chairs game”, however, musical chairs are still the most famous option, so it is worth knowing how to play to be able to always cheer up a group of children.

The chair game

To play musical chairs, you just need to have a device that plays music and places to sit.

Before starting, you need to put the chairs in a circle with the backs facing inwards, always placing one less in relation to the number of children there are. Now you must prepare the music and organize the children around the chairs.

One person should be in charge of the music, and when it starts playing, the children should spin around the chairs, without running. They can start the game sitting in a circle or standing in front of the chairs, either alternative is fine.

A fun feature is that the music is playtime , so when the manager pauses the song, the kids have to hurry up and sit on a chair. Whoever cannot sit will be eliminated.

To continue with the game of chairs, a chair must be removed and so on until there are only two participants and one chair. That way, a winner can be chosen.

Which are the rules?

There are really no formal rules other than those mentioned above, therefore, this game of chairs usually varies depending on the person who directs it.

However, there are some rules that are recommended to be followed to avoid accidents or fights between children.

For example, it should be forbidden to forcefully grab a chair or push a colleague to take his place. A safe distance should also be maintained between participants. In addition to that, the rules remain in the hands of the organizer of the game.

It is necessary to remember that, if the game is played as part of a musical dynamics activity for adults, it is possible to give more liberties or add different rules to those used with children.

Are there variants for the game of musical chairs?

Like many children’s musical games, this activity has variants, so you can find the right version for the group of children participating in the game.

If it’s a group that really enjoys dancing, then you don’t need to search for free ballerina games or anything like that, with this fun dynamic you’ll have a great time.

For this version, children will have to dance to the music while moving. In each round it is possible to change the musical genre to provide more entertainment. All this will provide greater dynamism.

On the other hand, if you don’t have what it takes to make games with chairs, you can find chairs to color and stick them on the floor. The children, instead of sitting down, should stand on the chairs in the picture when the music stops.

Like these two variants, you can surely find many others or, better yet, you can create your own.

cooperative version

If you decide to avoid competition, you can play a cooperative version of the game. This will surely encourage more children to play, because you can never lose.

In this variant the objective changes, because the last one who can sit will not win, but all those who can sit in the same chair. Thus, as chairs are eliminated per round, it will be more difficult to find a place for everyone.

This encourages teamwork and prevents a child from getting upset about being eliminated in the competition version.

Benefits of musical chairs

Rhythm games for kids have many benefits for little ones, therefore, it is always recommended to incorporate them into situations with groups of children, such as a party or a school classroom.

In this case, the game of musical chairs will teach children to be more logical, since they will develop strategies to be able to keep the position. Some will dance with certain steps that help them to always be close to a seat, while others will try to change the speed at which they go or even find ways to slow down the pace of those who are behind.

In addition to that, just like the dance games in physical education, this activity will encourage them to keep moving, which is beneficial for their motor skills. While they dance, they will work on their musical sense, following the rhythm of the songs, which will also stimulate their creativity.

Finally, if you want to focus on the creative aspect, then playing the variant with paper and drawings can be a good idea, since the children will have to color their chair before they can play.

Additionally, this activity also encourages children to communicate with others and have fun in a group, which is recommended in children’s activities, regardless of age.

As you can see, it is not necessary to buy the most expensive toy for children of 4 years to make the little ones have fun. Sometimes it is enough to offer them some chairs, a great song and encourage them to dance around it with their friends. In this way, exercise, education and fun will always go hand in hand.

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