The importance of Lego for future engineers

That the game is something key to develop the skills of children is something more than known. However, there are certain toys that can focus the little ones towards specific fields of activity. This is what happens with Lego games and engineering, which constitute a gateway to this interesting sector of knowledge.

One of the first toys that we all have in our lives are building blocks. In our early years, these toys are usually made of wood or plastic material, they are large and help develop motor skills and precision during these early stages of our learning. Over time, building blocks continue to be a very common toy, retaining that broad educational power that we have been commenting on.

Many of the manufacturers of this type of toy are aware of the power that these games have in the future of the little ones and that is why they have launched specific lines with which to meet certain vocations and interests. Among them, we have the Lego Technic, with which it is possible to create all kinds of interesting projects. But the greatest advantage of this system is that, through the tools that the brand itself offers, it is possible to embark on advanced designs in which engineering is king.

The “secret” of Lego 

One of the strong points that the toy manufacturer has included in this segment to enhance this product line has to do with the type of blocks included in these kits. At first glance, the truth is that there is not much difference in the size or in the way these plastic bricks are assembled compared to what a normal Lego kit would be. In fact, its pieces are compatible with any other conventional Lego game, except obviously for the Duplo line, which are larger.

The secret of this product line lies in the extras that the manufacturer incorporates when playing. In any of these kits, you will find machine parts, such as motors, gears, transmissions and any other element that an engineer would use under normal conditions. Therefore, the possibility of building active pieces, capable of moving by themselves or of functioning in the way that a conventional machine would do, is much easier, just by resorting to the best Lego Technic on the market, according to what we have. scheduled to run.

A step forward

It may be the case that the Technic range falls short for those users and students with a more advanced level or for those who propose other types of constructions closer to robotics. A segment that Lego has also thought about and for which the brand has its Lego MindStorms line. 

These kits maintain the ease of assembly of the products in the Technic range, but with an extra complexity when managing their operation. And it is that thanks to the software and hardware that this kit incorporates, it is possible to carry out complex programming tasks, through a simple platform and software that the brand itself offers. Ideal for automating processes, establishing behaviors in the manufactured kit and having everything under control.

Stem at full power

When it comes to executing engineering projects, it is obvious that there are several skills that people must have to be able to develop complete and efficient projects. Among these skills, there is a reasoning and programming capacity with which to cover the specific need of the project, the mathematical calculations necessary to propose the structures with which it will be executed and, obviously, the scientific knowledge that guarantees an adequate result and risk free.

All these characteristics are those that are included in STEM toys, among which these Lego kits are. The acronym Stem responds to the initials of science (Science), technology, engineering (engineering) and mathematics. Coincidentally, the same qualities that we have just mentioned as essential to carry out these projects.

The additional advantage is that the difficulty and complexity of the different Lego projects are increasing as the recommended age of the kit increases. An ideal aspect to prevent a project that is too complex or inadequate to the user’s current capabilities from becoming a problem. Let’s think that the frustration generated by the inability to solve the project is very detrimental in minors, especially if it is due to an excess of demands regarding the real capacity of their skills. So adaptability is key here.

Some practical examples

So far, we’ve talked about everything Lego toys can do for our future engineers. But this article wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t take a look at what can be done with these kits.

If we look at Lego Technic’s range, we already have some clues, with considerable dominance in its offering of all kinds of high-end cars, as well as construction machines such as cranes or mining trucks. These complete kits form a closed construction project and may be suitable for the early stages of learning.

However, the most interesting part is the one that is outside of the plan, in the free designs that can be executed with these components. Just like engineers, when it comes to building things with Lego, we have complete freedom to create anything our imaginations can think of. The versatility of Lego tiles and the possibility of mechanizing the tiles through the elements of the Technic or MindStorm range open up an infinite world where scale does not matter.

As proof of what can be done, you just have to go online and take a look at the incredible machines that all kinds of users have created. Constructions that demonstrate the ability of these simple tiles to create anything. It’s just a matter of thinking, designing and having the necessary perseverance to successfully complete the project. You also have many more examples and proposals on the net, with their corresponding guides and manuals, both to execute them and to inspire you.

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