The meaning of dreaming that you are pregnant

When we sleep and dream, we open the door to the subconscious world, where our mind can reach our deepest phobias, fears and also bring out our most hidden desires. One of the strange dreams, and sometimes recurring, that many women often have is dreaming of being pregnant.


Dreaming that you are pregnant can be a recurring dream among expectant mothers . Dreaming of having a baby while pregnant is something that our unconscious mind reveals to us as a reflection of the concerns that are usually present during this period; above all, with regard to the health and well-being of the child. Although it may also be that dreaming that you have a baby is a manifestation of a deep desire to have your child in your arms soon.

However, how to know the meaning of a dream of this type when it occurs in a woman without being pregnant? Regardless of whether it is about dreaming that you are in labor or dreaming of giving birth without having a pregnancy in gestation, it is something that could be disconcerting or overwhelming once you wake up.

Meaning according to Sigmund Freud

To know what it means to dream that you are pregnant or when you dream that someone is pregnant in your immediate environment, it is important first to rule out that it is not a premonition. Dreaming of a pregnancy does not assure you that there is a possibility that a family member or friend is pregnant or will be soon.

According to the neurologist Sigmund Freud, the meaning of dreaming that you are pregnant can be interpreted in various ways depending on the context. However, in general, the father of psychoanalysis establishes that these dreams are nothing more than messages sent from our unconscious, where aspects that remain hidden, asleep or hidden in women are shown in some way.

This doctor took for granted what dreams related to this aspect of motherhood mean, so dreaming of a pregnant woman is a feminine feeling linked to a desire or an ability that was never carried out, perhaps for fear of risk and that He is currently dormant.

Likewise, when it comes to this dream in a future mother, Sigmund Freud claims that the unconscious mind is revealing that the desire to be a mother will soon be fulfilled.

Other interpretations of what this dream says

Among the most common interpretations we have:

1) Period of growth on a personal level

Contrary to what it means to dream that they want to kill you, which is nothing more than a message from the unconscious that tells us of a hidden feeling of guilt for having done something wrong in the past; dreams where you see a pregnant woman symbolize the desire to get out of the monotony and to make positive changes with your life.

Similarly, when the dream of a pregnant woman is repeated frequently, it may be related to your personal growth and your concern to be a mature and adult person capable of facing new challenges. You might also consider rethinking your goals and making the necessary changes to reach your goals.

2) Make changes to improve your life

It can also mean that it is time to make changes in different areas of your life; such as looking for a new job with better prospects, changing your diet, exercising to be healthy or starting a family.

Likewise, dreaming of a baby that will soon arrive is closely related to the creative aspect, with the impulse of wanting to do things differently. It reveals to you that you can make your most cherished dreams come true and put aside the monotony and boredom that keep you isolated in a perhaps a bit gloomy lifestyle.

Therefore, these dreams could tell you that it is time to do what you like the most and that you put aside because of the daily routine or because of commitments; be it traveling, running, dancing, painting and even singing.

It could be said that your mind is sending you a message asking you to move forward, that there are aspects in your life that you must change, start a new project and enjoy each day fully and with hope.

3) Desire motherhood

And what does it mean to dream of being pregnant or when the dream shows a pregnancy of its own? Dreaming that you have a child is linked to women who deeply want to be mothers or those who have been trying to get pregnant for some time and have not succeeded.

Other meanings, other related dreams

There are several interesting interpretations for other dreams related to motherhood.

1) Dream about abortion .

This dream offers two interpretations, either that in the dream you visualize that you have an abortion or that you see that another person is the one with this complication.

If you are the one suffering from it, there are 4 probable meanings:

First of all, it may be that you have a loss at the work level. It is also related to a blockage that occurs to achieve personal growth. Another interpretation may be that the body echoes a physical problem that you should pay attention to. Finally, it can be linked as a means of defense of our mind against some trauma.

On the other hand, if you dream that another woman has an abortion; According to the symbology of dreams, it means that the couple’s relationship is in trouble.

2) Dream of childbirth.

The dream in which you give birth is related to the beginning of changes and projects. If you dream that the delivery is normal, it is a good dream; however, if it is a delivery with complications, it could be an omen that the project will have problems.

3) Dreaming of an unwanted pregnancy. This dream is usually disturbing for the woman who does not want to be pregnant. It is linked to a fear or fear that could be affecting her life; which could cause anxiety or stress.

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