Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Reviews

Main advantage:

The best thing about this set of Tommee Tippee bottles is its technology, as the models incorporate anti-colic and high-temperature safety measures, to give your baby the best care.  

Main disadvantage:

Unlike other models that have three or more bottles in their sets, this offer only comes with two and, although this does not affect its use, it could be a point against some.

Verdict: 9.7/10

With this purchase you can have two quality bottles ready to use, with adequate security measures for your baby and with a structure specially designed to give comfort to your child.

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Main Features Explained


The transition process from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding can be uncomfortable for babies, especially if you buy a low-quality product that ends up upsetting your little ones.

However, with this in mind, Tomme Tippee has designed a very soft and comfortable teat that is shaped like a nipple. In this way, babies will get used to these products faster. In addition to that, its large structure at the top and small at the base have been designed to better fit the hold of babies, offering greater grip.

The scale found on the body of the bottle will show how much liquid you have out of a maximum amount of 256 ml. Meanwhile, its light weight and small dimensions will allow you to take the product as an emergency bottle on any trip.


Before looking at the price, you should know that, to choose the best anti-colic bottle, it is necessary to take into account other important aspects, since children deserve to be given the best at all times. For example, to avoid problems in the future, the practicality and versatility provided by the bottle will be crucial.

The “Closer to Nature” model, for its part, stands out for its versatility and this is evidenced mainly by the fact that it is a set that comes with 2 bottles, and that both can be used by newborns, but also by children. up to 4 years. To achieve this, the products are compatible with all the teats in this product line, offering a slow milk flow for the little ones, and a medium and high flow for the bigger ones.

As if this were not enough, the versatility is also notorious thanks to its unisex design to suit all tastes.


When it comes to anti- colic bottles, what most opinions highlight as the most important parameter of purchase is the safety that the product can offer to babies. This is understandable, because, with how delicate little ones are, it is always good to acquire items made especially for them and to cover all their needs.

In this case, safety is a very important factor and Tommee Tipee is a brand that has put the protection of children first in all its products. The Closer to Nature model stands out, for example, because it has quite modern anti-colic technology, which prevents air from accumulating, reducing gases by up to 80%.

However, in addition to its anti-colic protection, this bottle also has a protection system against high temperatures, as the straw will turn pink if the food is very hot.

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