Top 5 Building Games in 2022

Construction Game – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Among the most recommended toys for the smallest of the house we have construction games. Games of all kinds with which they will gain in skill, develop their motor skills and their imagination in a simple way. The good thing is that the current market includes both traditional games, such as meccanos or wooden blocks, along with modern games based on magnets and other elements of current technology. Precisely among these models we find the most outstanding of the moment, the Geomag 263 game, which consists of 91 pieces of various colors and in the form of bars with magnetic tips, so the assembly between them is very simple, but firm. In any case, it is defined as a recommended model to stimulate creativity. If you prefer the classic meccano, but duly updated, the Theo Klein 8497 model is a good proposal, made up of 107 pieces and the Bosch mini Ixolino battery-powered screwdriver.

The 5 Best Construction Games – Opinions 2022

Construction games have become fashionable again. Or maybe they never left because there is nothing more fun than seeing our little ones lift what their imagination dictates. To help them, you will surely want to know what is the best construction game that you can find for them.

And although the variety is considerable, we have selected for you some of the best construction games of 2022 among which it will be easier for you to know what is currently moving on the market.

1. Geomag Classic Magnetic constructions and educational games

One of the phenomena that most amazes us when we are children is magnetism. That’s why when building sets use it they are so attractive. In this sense, we are facing a set consisting of 91 pieces. 44 of them have a point at their ends, which adheres by magnetism to the spheres included in the set, which are the element that will serve as an intersection between them, so the child can make all the shapes that his imagination allows.

To make the experience more interesting, the pack also consists of square or pentagonal shaped pieces. Because of this, it is easier to give the structures a different appearance. In addition, 5 bases are incorporated, which allow greater stability to children’s creations.

On the other hand, this set can be combined with others with a greater number of pieces or different colors, to make larger and more complex models, so the possibilities it offers are endless.

Before making your purchase, we recommend you review the following section that shows a summary of highlights.


Number of pieces: The fact that it consists of 91 assorted pieces makes it a set suitable for making both basic and more complex structures.

Versatility: It can not only be used as a toy that stimulates creativity, but also as a set that helps to explore notions of magnetism and other knowledge of geometry, mathematics, etc.

Compatibility: In the event that it is a success, you could expand its possibilities with other packs of different colors or pieces.


Presentation: To store the toy safely, it is recommended to use another container different from the one provided, since it is not as robust and the pieces can come out.

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2. Theo Klein-8497 Multi-Tech Construction Set

The Theo Klein 8497 construction set follows the traditional design of the meccano, but with a considerable evolution that, in this specific product, is also supported by the alliance that the brand has with Bosch.

In this case, the product includes 107 different pieces with which our little engineers can build up to 11 different vehicles thanks to the plans included with the game.

A set that also includes a Bosch Mini Ixolino battery-powered screwdriver, which makes the assembly process of these structures easier. Since it includes small parts, it is not recommended for children under 3 years of age and is indicated for children between 5 and 8 years of age.

A current proposal, which by having a reasonable price for everything it offers, could very well be considered the best value-for-money construction game on the market, especially within its category.

If your little one is interested in cars and machines, then the decision on which construction set to buy will be much more than easy:


Blueprints: This construction set comes with blueprints to guide your little one to build various things; however, you can invent your own creations if you wish.

Pieces: With 107 pieces included it becomes much easier to give free rein to the imagination. Your little one will have plenty of material to choose from.

Complete: Beyond stacking blocks, this is a construction set with a battery-powered screwdriver, screws, wheels and nuts.

Means of transport: Theo Klein’s construction set focuses on building transport machines and has a great variety; You and your child will be able to build helicopters, boats, cars, planes, etc.


Batteries: To be able to use the screwdriver it is necessary to use batteries; this could cause an extra expense to be able to play.

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3. WooMax Cube 100 wooden blocks 40993

If what you are looking for is the typical construction game of a lifetime, you have already found it. The ColorBaby set is a complete set that includes 100 natural wood blocks with which the little ones in the house can build all kinds of constructions practically without risk.

A careful design, free of splinters and dangerous edges, so that the game is always safe. Therefore, the product is suitable from 12 months of age. In addition, the set includes different pieces of very bright colors, so that in addition to reinforcing their motor skills, they also improve their creativity.

And when they’re done playing, simply store the cubes in the included drum so they’re neatly organized until the next game session.

If you want your child to have the same fun as you did, then ColorBaby is the best building game brand that has been dedicated to bringing the classic back:


Materials: All the blocks in this game are made of natural wood that, in addition to being stable, is also resistant to use by children.

Multicolor: In addition to the natural color of the wood, there are also other colored pieces such as blue, yellow, green and red.

Bucket: Your little one will always have a place to store all the blocks, as this set comes in a bucket with a handle that will make it easy to take the game everywhere.

Pieces: ColorBaby decided to add variety to its construction game, so you can get triangular pieces, cylindrical pieces, arches; etc.


Stackable Only: Due to their materials, these blocks do not fit together; they can only be stacked until they build what they want; this makes buildings easier to topple over.

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4. Desire Deluxe Magnetic Building Blocks kit

Main advantage: This construction game uses magnetic power to create all kinds of structures and shapes, without the need for joints or other elements. The package includes 57 different pieces, which increases the number of projects that can be created with them.

Main disadvantage: It is necessary to verify that the magnets remain in place during the use of the product, since occasionally they can become loose from the structure.

Verdict: A different game from the most usual, with which it is easy to create all kinds of structures without the need for unions or anything like that.

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5. Ecoiffier Building Blocks

Main benefit: This traditional plastic block set has a total of 130 pieces, with an approach that makes it suitable for ages 12 months and up. This wide variety makes it easy to create all kinds of projects safely.

Main disadvantage: Most of the pieces are individual blocks, with a single connector, which somewhat reduces the possibilities when making different combinations.

Verdict: A complete set of pieces with a suitable size for the little ones to manipulate them comfortably.

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Buying Guide – What is the best construction game on the market?

When it comes to classic toys, construction sets are among the most popular. A product that, compared to the models of yesteryear in wood or plastic, today has many alternative variants, such as those found in any comparison of construction games. If you want to get one of these games, we will tell you everything you need to know about it.


The first thing we are going to consider in our guide to buying the best construction set is the materials with which it is made. Something that influences aspects such as how much the product costs, how it is used or the options it offers us. Starting with the more traditional games, we have the wooden blocks, interesting for the little ones and that have versions for different sizes. Something similar happens with those made of plastic, in solid block or lighter.

As for the modern ones, the most innovative are the models with magnets. These are made with plastic structures topped with magnetized elements, which eliminate the need to fit pieces together. Nor can we forget the metal models, based on the most classic meccanos and with which it is possible to create vehicles, structures and much more.


Another important aspect is the recommended age of each puzzle, according to its approach. This age is mainly related to the material, but also to the complexity of the game. Starting with the simplest, we would have the wooden ones, suitable from 12 or 18 months of age and which, in addition to being the easiest to use, also tend to have an economical price. Something similar happens with large block models made of plastic, which are hollow and light.

More complex are the metallic or magnetic models. The latter should only be used after a certain age and require parental control, in case a magnet occasionally falls. The same happens with the mechanical type, due to its complexity of use and also due to the presence of small parts.

Other aspects

To complete our quest for a quality building game, a couple of details remain. One of them is the number of pieces of the toy. The more there are, the better, since more projects can be created. The same goes for the variety, which must be adequate to match the construction. If there are also lots to add more pieces to the game, much better.

It is also worth taking a look at the packaging in which the product is presented, as many sets include rigid cardboard boxes, or plastic bags, which make it easier to store the pieces when they are no longer needed.

How to use a construction game

Technology has swept away many things; especially with the fun of children who used to have fun running in the streets or playing with a ball. The new electronic devices have captured the attention of many children; however, there are toys that have managed to survive and still keep many children around the world entertained. In this group are the balls, the bicycles and, of course, the construction games that still make the little ones dare to use all their creativity.

Take into account the age of your child

There are many different models of construction games and not all of them are suitable for the same age ranges; There are even games to build that are not even for children and due to their difficulty are specifically for adults.

Look for toys that have been created for your child’s age and thus you will avoid getting frustrated for not knowing how to use it or damaging something for trying to build without understanding the rules. Remember that there are many games that have bigger or smaller blocks due to their audience.

Read the instruction manual

Although most building games are free-to-create, there are many games that are specialized and help you build something specific like a car or a helicopter. If you want to assemble everything as it should be and help your child with the task, then it is necessary to read the manual to know how to place the pieces and achieve the structure previously designed in the game.

Organize all the pieces

A missing piece can completely ruin the structure of the final construction of any of these games and that is precisely why you must be very careful with each piece; so when you save it you can be sure that if you want to reassemble it you will be able to get everything you need to do so.

Many sets come with storage cubes; however, if your game doesn’t come with one, then find a safe place to store the pieces and separate them if necessary for further organization.

Check that everything you need is in the package

There are construction games that need much more than blocks and it would be a great annoyance if in the middle of the game you realize that a very important piece is missing to complete the structure to be built. From nuts, screwdrivers to very small parts; most manuals specify how many pieces should be in the package and how many of each type there are; count them to verify that everything is correct.

Take care of the children while they play

Although these sets are harmless and the risk of anything bad happening is minimal, there are construction sets that contain very small pieces that could cause a small child to put them in their mouth. As step 1, always remember to buy a game according to the child’s age and still, make sure to keep your eyes on the children when playing to avoid these types of accidents.


After all the previous steps, there will be no problems when building and you can now let your child build or take the reins and let your imagination speak for you.

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