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Camera for children – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

If you go after the search for a camera for children who want to start in this practice, it is recommended that you consider certain basic aspects such as that it be easy to handle, taking into account that it will be handled by a child, so it should not be too much either. heavy. In the same way, it values ​​that it works with batteries and that it has a long autonomy period, that it has a pleasant design and, if possible, a display screen. After reviewing the existing alternatives on the market and comparing the opinions of customers and specialists, the VTech Kidizoom Action Cam model is a highly recommended option, since it has a memory to store 600 photos, as well as a robust design and accessories to capture in various environments and supports SD card. On the other hand, theSaveFamilyCam 8 Megapixels is made with resistant and hypoallergenic materials to guarantee the safety of children, it also works as an MP3 player for greater versatility.

Buying Guide – What is the best children’s camera on the market?

When it comes to initiating the smallest of the house in the world of photography, obviously, it is not a good idea to start leaving them with a high-level and capable camera. Luckily, these little ones have simple models, with which they learn to handle themselves in a simple way and that adequately support the probable abuse they give them. Models that, with the advice of our guide to buying the best camera for children, you can assess so that you buy the one that suits you best.

Camera resolution and zoom

Although you can probably already imagine it, the resolution levels of these cameras are not as remarkable or high as those of conventional cameras. However, when looking for a good and cheap camera for children, it is necessary to assess both the image quality that it can offer us, as well as the zoom levels that it incorporates, to bring those distant objectives closer.

On the resolution side, the options are variable in terms of price, but also in terms of model abilities, so the higher the resolution, the generally higher the cost of the product. Specifically, the basic models start from 0.3 megapixels up to resolutions that can reach 8 megapixels, with which it is easy to obtain good quality images.

Something similar happens with the zoom issue, since most of these models do not include this help. However, with the usual evolution of technology, some cameras for children already include this functionality, although with limitations.

In fact, the normal thing is that they are models with interpolated zoom and that at most offer 2x or 3x magnification. In any case, for what our little ones need to learn, surely this capacity is sufficient, especially considering the increase in how much the camera costs that this entails.

Easy to use

The key to a kid’s camera is ease of use. The systems for shooting, viewing images and controlling the operation of the camera must be easy to use, so that our little one only has to worry about focusing and shooting.

However, depending on the different existing models, it is common to see that they vary in terms of the recommended age of the model. Therefore, the first element to consider is precisely that age, to guarantee a use adjusted to the capabilities of the child.

Another element that helps to have a comfortable handling is the way of shooting the camera. The simplest system is the one that simply requires pressing a button to trigger the camera without anything else. This is the recommended system for the little ones. As they gain in skills, we can move on to models that are accompanied by a flash, those with focus systems or even those that record video, which have a greater versatility of operation.

If we continue to move upwards in terms of age, we can already find models that incorporate usual improvements in conventional models, such as the deferred firing system, for example. Additional functions that we can apply as our little one grows, so that, as they grow and develop new skills, they have more advanced models when it comes to taking all kinds of photos.

Storage and battery

To end our advice, we look at the last two most important elements of a camera for children. We are talking about both the storage capacity of the product and the battery or the power system that includes it. Two elements that mark the real usefulness of the camera and that should not be missing in any comparison of cameras for children.

On the storage side, since camera resolution isn’t generally high, space isn’t either. However, this is not a problem to store around 200 photos in the lower level models, with 8 megabytes of internal memory. A capacity that we can increase to 32 megabytes and that, in the most advanced models, we can even improve with external cards.

As for the battery, the dual system is still present in these models. Some are powered by conventional AAA batteries, recommending the use of rechargeable batteries, while others use internal batteries. In this case, it is convenient to teach the child to turn off the camera when not using it, although some models can reach 150 minutes of autonomy, which is more than enough to last a whole day of photos and video recording.

The 5 Best Cameras for Kids – Opinions 2022


The number of models that the same item can have on the market is overwhelming. Having the right information can help you make the choice that best suits you. The best cameras for kids are below in this guide.

1. VTech Kidizoom Action Cam Photo and Video Camera

Main advantage:

In addition to being made of a highly resistant material, it includes a set of accessories that almost allows the camera to become a GoPro-style sports camera and can even be submerged up to 2 meters.

Main disadvantage:

Indoor image quality may be lower than expected. Obviously we are not talking about a high-quality SLR camera, but it is true that the results obtained could be better with a slightly better lens.

Verdict: 9.6/10

So that your little ones can leave a graphic document of all their adventures, the Kidizoom Action Cam offers the possibility of both recording video and taking photos of everything they want, either in a traditional way, underwater or placed on their bicycle or case., thanks to the large number of accessories it includes.

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operating system

To prevent your little ones from having to take a crash course in photography to use the camera correctly, the VTech Kidizoom Action Cam model includes a really simple operating system. For this, it has a 1.4-inch LCD screen where you can see the controls and focus the images or videos to be taken. Easy image taking since it is based on a shutter button and since it includes the focus function directly, it is not necessary to do anything else to take the image.

The same goes for the video function, which requires a single button to be able to activate the image capture or to stop it, so that your little ones will have no problem taking their photos without worrying about anything other than enjoying themselves.


Image capture and battery

For taking images, this product has a resolution system that is not too high, but it does offer more than good results when taking photos or videos outdoors or in high light conditions.

Something that is also necessary so that the images that are taken under water also have the appropriate luminosity. In the case of interior photos, they lose some quality, although it is true that the results are still adequate. So you don’t need cards or worries, the camera includes an internal memory capable of storing about a thousand photos or 10 minutes of video. If it falls short you can include an SD card of up to 32 gigabytes.

As for the battery, the product has an internal rechargeable battery that offers up to 3 hours of continuous and intensive use, supporting up to 3 months of autonomy in non-use mode. The battery is easy to recharge and very fast, so the camera is always ready when you need it.

Resistance and functionality

In order to keep up with your little ones and their images, the camera has a particularly resistant and solid construction in high-quality plastic materials, as befits this manufacturer.

Compared to other cameras for children, this product has been designed with the idea of ​​a solid block, reducing the elements that can break or deteriorate due to use to offer better results in terms of durability. Something that is also present in the accessories included in the cameras and that increase its functionality. Among them we highlight the cage to take underwater photos, which prevents water from penetrating inside.

This device, where the camera is housed, has a depth capacity of 2 meters, more than enough to be able to take photos in the pool or in the sea without the product suffering the consequences. And of the rest of the accessories, we highlight the bicycle mounts, which allow you to use this camera almost as if it were a modern sports camera.

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2.SaveFamilyCam. Children’s Photo Camera

This equipment has two cameras of 8 MP each, a rear one to take normal photos and a front one to take selfies with family and friends. Both camera lenses are capable of recording at 1080p resolution, providing high quality for capturing moments in great detail.

On the other hand, it has an internal memory to store up to 32 GB of photos and videos of special moments. Also, the package includes an additional SD card with 8 GB capacity, a hand strap and stickers to decorate the camera.

To offer more fun to the little ones, it integrates photo frames, filters and educational games, appropriate to entertain children as they learn and develop their imagination. As if that were not enough, it incorporates an MP3 player, so that they can listen to their favorite music while having fun taking pictures.

A camera can be a very original gift to give a boy or girl, however, you must make sure that it meets some aspects in terms of functionality, so we invite you to learn more about this model before choosing.


Cameras: It incorporates two cameras with a resolution of 8 MP for images and 1080p resolution for video, thus offering a high level of detail.

Battery: It has a 600 mAh lithium battery, indicated for capturing photos and making videos for approximately 2.5 hours.

Functions: It includes a large number of photo frames and filters that can bring more fun to photo sessions.


Age: It is a recommended equipment especially for children between 5 and 6 years of age, since it is possible that older children find this camera as not very functional compared to more modern devices.

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3. YinFun Camera for Kids 

It is a camera for children capable of recording video with a resolution of 1080p and capturing images of up to 8 MP, which allows for good quality content. In addition, it offers 7 special effects, among which are retro, red, blue, green and negative.

Also, it has 21 frames so that the child can take creative and fun photos. On the other hand, it includes a USB cable that is used to transfer the files to the computer and charge the camera battery.

Among its accessories, it has a waterproof structure, which allows children to submerge it up to 3 meters, enough to take interesting photos in the pool. It also has a silicone protector in the shape of a frog, which increases the resistance of the camera against bumps and falls.

A camera for children allows them to capture fun moments together with family and friends, so if you are looking for a high-tech and resistant model, then this camera could interest you.


Image: It is capable of taking 8 MP photos and making videos with 1080p resolution, so it offers high image quality.

Effects: It brings about 28 effects so that children can take more creative photos.

Protector: Includes a silicone coating that helps protect against falls.


Waterproof: The case may not provide enough protection to submerge the camera for a long time.

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4. Disney Cefa Tronic 112 Emoji Camera

It has a 4.3-inch touch screen, which includes a 3MP rotating lens for taking selfies. In addition, it allows content to be shared over a Wi-Fi network and is compatible with the iOS and Android operating systems, since it works through the Kurio Snap application, capable of printing photos through a USB cable.

It will allow your child to take photos and customize them with more than 100 filters and frames with Disney characters, it also has 4X zoom and flash. However, the little one will be able to add other special effects, such as the boomerang, photo booth, draw on the images and make slide shows with music. You can also record short funny videos.

It incorporates an MP3 music player and connection for headphones. It has a Micro SD memory card slot expandable up to 32 Gb, where you can store photos, videos and all your child’s favorite music. On the other hand, it has dimensions of 12.7 x 3 x 11.2 cm and weighs 358 g, so it is easy to move.

Children, just like adults, enjoy having a camera to take photos and make personalized videos. In this sense, it is necessary that they have a quality camera, so we invite you to review the pros and cons of this model:


Screen: It has a 4.3-inch touch screen, so you can comfortably view photos and videos.

Filters: You can customize your photos with Disney filters and frames, add special effects, slideshows with music, and record short fun videos.

Add -ons: Includes a 3 MP rotating lens for selfies, 4X zoom, flash and MP3. In addition, it works through a WiFi network and has a memory card slot.


Dimensions: According to the opinion of a user, this model could have a larger size than expected. However, this will largely depend on the taste of the child.

Waterproof: This camera is not waterproof, so please tell the child to keep it away from moisture.

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5. Faburo Digital Photo Camera Set for Kids

It is a high-tech camera that has a 32 GB micro SD card, enough to take approximately 1000 photographs. In addition, the package includes a card reader to download the files to the computer. It also has a 4,000 mAh 5V battery, which is charged via USB cable and can provide 3-5 hours of use.

On the other hand, it offers a 2-inch screen and incorporates a 13-megapixel lens, enough to take pictures of 4000 x 3000 pixels and record videos with an HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, thus providing high image quality.

For added functionality, the camera offers the autofocus function, which allows you to capture actions more accurately. It also has multiple games that provide children with moments of fun and entertainment.

Capturing sharp, colorful images with a high level of detail is possible if you have a good quality camera. In this sense, it is recommended that you review this model in more detail.


Image: The camera lens is 13 megapixels, so it allows you to take photos of 4000 x 3000 pixels and videos of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Adapter: Among its accessories, an adapter for micro SD stands out, suitable for transferring the contents of the camera to the computer in a simple and fast way.

Transfer: It has a cord to hang the camera from the neck and has a 12 x 15 cm storage case, made of soft fabric for practical, comfortable and safe transport.


WiFi: This model does not have WiFi technology to share photos directly from the camera, which can be a disadvantage compared to other products on the list.

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How to use a camera for children

Nothing is as rewarding as having the opportunity to initiate your children, nephews or students in your same hobbies, sharing with them and transmitting all your respective knowledge and experience first-hand.

In this particular case it is photography, a high-impact iconographic art that is exercised on a planetary scale and whose mass use was initiated by the good George Eastman (American industrialist who founded the Kodak company at the end of the 19th century), until it went viral, today, through social networks where hundreds of millions of photos are uploaded daily.

Experiment with the sense of sight

Starting to use children’s cameras by children consists, above all, in encouraging them to exercise their prodigious sense of sight and carry out all the synonyms of the verb to see: observe, contemplate, look and admire. Using children’s cameras is about “relearning to see” what we have around us. You have to teach the child that, when a photograph is taken, what is inside the frame is as important as everything that he decides to leave out, exercising the subjectivity of your gaze.

Using children’s cameras consists of each child finding and developing their own way of seeing the world and, thus, being able to share it with others, showing, through their photos, things as they themselves admire and understand them.

basic explanations

Teach the child that the camera is an extension of himself that he holds firmly and carefully when taking photos. Show him how he focuses and decides the frame of each image that he is interested in preserving. Remind him that the batteries must be fully charged and the memory must have space available so as not to be left wanting to shoot more photos. In this regard, instruct him on the convenience of downloading the photos to the computer and clearing the camera’s memory.

Praise every good photo

Praise the best photos taken by the child and explain their specific merits. Teach him to eliminate out-of-focus images and all those that don’t work, telling him why and how they can be improved. Encourage him, over and over again, to improve himself in this exciting visual game that can open career paths for him.

Camera cleaning and maintenance

Most of the products in this range appeal to children over 3 years of age, which represents a pedagogical challenge for adults in terms of handling this “toy” that is sensitive to shocks and falls, even when manufacturers provide them with resistant covered casings. rubber that can absorb some impact. Also reiterate to the child, from the beginning, that he should not touch the camera lens.

Basic characteristics that the camera must have

As far as possible, ensure that the child’s camera has a rechargeable lithium battery, USB connection and compatibility with the Windows operating system, at least, and that it accepts SD memory cards. Remember that there will never be too much resolution, so look for an average of 8 megapixels, so that the camera grows with your child.

The most popular brands

For children, learning and having fun do not have to be separated from fun, and what better way than to experience the world through a lens, capturing new textures, colors and shapes. Because we know that you want a quality product that meets your child’s needs, we show you the three brands of cameras for children that are preferred by customers: VTech, Easypix and Frozen.

Unified in 1976, in Hong Kong, it is recognized for its multiple awards in the field of design and quality. She is currently present in 11 countries around the world.

It has a complete guideline that combines design, manufacturing and even distribution, hand in hand with expert psychologists and pedagogues with specialization in children, in order to develop products adapted to the demand of needs focused on different ages.

 This is why for VTech, learning should be fun, from early childhood with stuffed animals, bath toys, telephones, mobile projectors and musical toys to school age with cameras, computers, consoles and tablets that stimulate the senses of children.

Proof of this is its catalog of educational toys aimed at children aged from 0 months to 8 years. The brand is made up of 8 lines: vtech baby, preschool, computers, kidi cool, storio, digigo, tut tut and dolls.

The dedication put into each of the products by the brand makes customers notice it and choose it to shape the educational development environment of their children.

With more than 15 years in the field of multimedia products in Europe, this brand has shown an indisputable passion towards the development of new futuristic trends, which glimpse the lifestyle of tomorrow.

Characterized by being involved in the entire development process, from the development of the idea to the creation of each application, thus being one of the most important independent providers in the market. Customers know that when it comes to an original design and high quality, it is not about price, but knowing how to choose the right brand.

This time we will talk about the Surf Buddy and Surf Babe cameras. With very fresh designs and oriented towards the demands of the little ones. These cameras feature underwater, 12MP Max. resolution, 4.5cm (1.77″) LCD screen, 3m Waterproof, video Clips, 4x digital zoom, 32GB microSD/SDHC card. Among the products that give life to this brand we have: multimedia for children, digital cameras, underwater cameras, camcorders, outdoor and action cameras. In addition, they offer accessories for different sports activities and urban fashion.

Easy to handle and streamlined in design, this brand, whose premise is based on seeing technology as a learning tool for children, proposes a line of digital cameras equipped with a 1-inch LCD screen for preview, a built-in microphone and a USB port. USB that connects directly to the computer for added convenience.

It is a company without a physical sales office, which works as an associated brand. However, it handles good quality products, considered based on instinctive use, which is why the operation of its equipment is so much easier.

The Frozen cameras have a design designed for their target, which is made up of children between the ages of 4 and 8, hence their characteristics such as: ease of mobilization due to their lightness, a level of efficiency in terms of photographic registration and quite high video. In short, a camera that does not have much to envy the competition. Recommended by parents, it is a good option for anyone who is looking for a reliable and durable equipment.

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