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Musical Gym – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

When managing your baby’s entertainment, the use of a musical gym is very pertinent, but its choice must be made in a strategic way so that the investment is worthwhile, looking at aspects such as its dimensions, with respect to the size of the baby and the place where you use it, the manufacturing materials and if it has any security measure, its design with the sounds and instruments it includes, etc. In the wide catalog of offers that exist in the market, the Fisher Price BMH49 modelIt is one of the most promoted by customers, for having an interactive piano, as well as various accessories such as a mirror, a teether and various decorative figures of animals that make it look good for children. On the other hand, we also find another option developed by the same brand, the Fisher Price CHP85 model, with 3 game options and up to 20 minutes of music.



Buying guide – What is the best music gym on the market?

If there is something that worries the whole family, it is the physical and psychological development of the baby in the house. That is why uncles, grandparents, fathers and mothers strive to buy toys that at the same time provide a physical and mental benefit to the little one. This is the reason why we have created this guide to buy the best music gym on the market today. If we are expecting a new member of the family, this could be a great welcome gift.

Why buy a music gym?

Because it is not an ordinary toy. The musical gyms are designed by teams that include engineers, pediatricians, among other specialists, especially for the baby to exercise physically and mentally. These toys play a fundamental role during the first year of life and even a little longer. And if we compare the prices of these toys with those of others dedicated to the little ones in the house, we could say that it is an economical product.

We all know or at least intuit that during the first few months babies discover the world around them through their senses, which is why it is vitally important to stimulate their sensory perception with quality toys, that is, toys that attract the child’s attention using sounds, colors and textures. A musical gym allows the child to observe the toys that hang over him during the first months, he can also listen to musical notes and in some cases stimulate his vision and reaction capacity with small lights that light up to the rhythm of the music.

But when we decide to make a comparison of musical gyms, we realize that there are many options and this, instead of being advantageous, becomes a disadvantage because it is very difficult to decide, especially because if it is a gift, we not only think that the child enjoys the musical gym, but also that it is to the liking of the child’s parents. Prices can also vary, but regardless of how much it costs, you have to be sure that you are making a good investment.

You cannot choose at random, we must take into account a series of characteristics before making the purchase, let’s see some of them below.

What kind of music gym is best?

Most music gyms are very similar to each other. But we could classify them into two types: the most typical have a single bow or have two crossed handles. It is not that one is better than the other, they all have the purpose of stimulating the baby’s psycho-motor abilities, however, there are some fundamental characteristics that you cannot fail to review before buying it.


The first thing we should do is think about the space we have at home. These gyms are typically used above ground and some may be larger than others. But the purpose of these toys is not to be cumbersome or complex, on the contrary, they must be compact because they are indicated for when the baby is still very small. We could venture to recommend measures of around 70 x 45 cm, enough for the baby to move properly.

Materials and safety

Like everything that we are going to put in contact with the baby, it must be thoroughly reviewed. Many plastic materials can be made with toxic chemicals and this is one of the points to check. Let us remember that babies, apart from touch, hearing and sight, use taste to recognize the world and we cannot risk that they will put some toy that is harmful to their health into their mouths. Internationally recognized brands such as Chicco or Fisher Price guarantee that all their products are harmless.

The quilt should not be too thick nor too thin and for the comfort of the parents it is preferable that it can be machine washed. As we know, babies dirty fabrics very easily.


The raison d’être of a musical gym is that the baby has access with his hands and feet to the toys that hang from the arch, so these have to be long enough so that the baby does not become an impossible effort to reach animals, carts, boats, etc. There are some models that include a piano in the lower part so that the baby can play it with his little feet.


As we said at the beginning, it is good that both the child and the parents like it. Those that are more colorful and have all kinds of animals hanging are recommended. Models with lights are very attractive and children love them.

The 5 Best Music Gyms – Opinions 2022

1. Fisher Price BMH49 Gym-Piano Kicks

Main advantage:

This musical gym stands out for its functional design that allows the child to play in different positions while motivating their psychomotor development.

Main disadvantage:

Some users have complained that the arch is a bit high for the baby to reach the toys. However, while they are young, babies are entertained just by looking at the little animals hanging from the arch.

Verdict: 9.8/10

Due to its high online rating and the support of many satisfied parents, we could recommend this musical gym as a wise purchase.

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Play while you learn

All professionals recommend stimulating our little ones both physically and mentally. Their cognitive development is enriched by stimuli that are directly focused on their senses. Musical gyms are the best tool you can count on to help your baby’s psychomotor development. This interactive model from Fisher Price ticks all these boxes and is considered the best in its category by many happy parents who highly recommend it.

The Fisher Price BMH49 gym is a great option not only to keep your little one entertained, but also to facilitate the strengthening and development of their skills. It is much more than a toy; It is a whole didactic and fun equipment for the child. As he grows and plays with the different elements that make up this gym, he discovers his surroundings through his senses, while developing gross motor skills.

children’s design

This attractive musical gym is specially designed for children from 0 to 4 years old. It includes a soft and padded blanket that allows you to lay your baby down comfortably. Its decoration is made up of children’s drawings alluding to jungle animals, painted in bright and striking colors. It has a removable musical piano that can be used as the little one grows. It also has an arch from which various toy animals hang with which the child will play while lying down.

It is a gym that you can easily move from one place to another, and even take it for a walk so that your little one can continue with their fun. It weighs just 798g and measures 45.5 x 68.5 x 7.5cm. It is made of strong and durable materials. It is easy to assemble and easy to fold; when not in use you can store it without taking up much space.


We can help our children to develop their intelligence from the moment of their birth. All their cognitive and motor potential can be stimulated with the right toys according to their age. This state-of-the-art musical gym is equipped to provide your child with many hours of fun while developing their motor and cognitive skills. The Fisher Price BMH49 offers 3 different ways to play, which adapt to your age.

The child will be able to play lying on his back while observing and/or reaching with his little hands for the toys that hang from the handle, while kicking the piano and activating his children’s music. Another position in which he can play is lying face down, in this case the bow is removed and the baby plays with the animals on the blanket, while looking in a mirror.

And the other option is when the baby can sit up on his own and can play the piano with his hands, while learning to know the whole environment around him and developing motor skills of the hands and feet.

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2. Fisher Price CCB70 Gym grow with me

When researching the best musical gyms for 2022, it was inevitable that we came across the Fisher Price CCb70: this excellent musical gym boasts one of the most beautiful and attractive designs that you will find on the market today.

It has a large number of possible games in addition to having the ability to be adjusted to adapt to the different stages of growth of the baby. You can place it as a gym for infants, space to play sitting down and even to play standing up depending on how you place its accessories.

In addition to everything, it has a series of lights and sounds that will encourage his curiosity and fun as well as giving him the possibility of activating them himself, which will develop motor skills, balance and coordination.

If you want to help your baby to obtain optimal development, it will never hurt to provide him with one of these excellent musical gyms.

It is not always easy to know which musical gym to buy and it is advisable to take into account the reviews published by previous buyers, in this way you can get a better idea of ​​​​the product:


Stages: one of the most approved aspects regarding this model of musical gym is the fact that this product has a design that allows the child to use the gym in three different stages of growth, that is, they can play lying down, sitting down and standing.

Functions: The accessories and operation of this product will give your little one more than ten interactive activities to encourage their development and growth. It features lights, music, toys and more that can engage your little one for hours.

Music: Just like the model mentioned above, this Fisher Price music gym also features built-in music which is up to 20 minutes long, so it lasts a little longer and can keep you entertained for longer.

Toys: it has a series of hanging toys and other accessories such as balls that will be very pleasant for your child and will captivate his interest and fun during the time he uses the gym, this will allow him to play and develop in a fun and safe way.


Walker: a customer let it be known that he cannot use this product as a support for when the baby begins to walk since it does not have a weight on the base that maintains stability.

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3. Chicco Hippo Musical Gym

Among the options of the best cheap musical gyms, we have the Hippo gym from the renowned manufacturer Chicco: this simple and practical musical gym has the presence of some funny characters that will capture the attention of the smallest of the house.

The holding handle of the toys gives you the possibility of encouraging the development of coordination and general motor activities as well as your concentration.

The handle pendants are adjusted by a series of adjustable straps that will allow you to place the toys at the most comfortable height so that the child has access to them, in addition to everything, the toys have different purposes: the frog is designed to teething, the turtle is an electronic rattle and the dragonfly has fabric wings to develop its sense of touch.

If you are not convinced by the idea of ​​investing too much in a music gym, you can also find excellent products among the cheaper ones. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of this option here:


Design: one of the positive aspects of this musical gym is its design since, due to its simplicity, you will be able to place it practically in any space and even in bed, in this way you will be able to accompany your little one during their hours of play.

Teether: among the integrated toys, we find that one of the most practical is a frog-shaped teether, which is ideal for when you start to feel discomfort due to the growth of your teeth.

Materials: It also has two extra hanging toys. One is a dragonfly with fabric wings that will help develop their tactile sensitivity and the other is a frog with a built-in rattle that will stimulate their hearing.


Mat: unlike our first options, this model does not have a mat due to how simple it is, so you must place it on carpeted floors or on the bed.

Use: this type of musical gym will only be useful during the first months of the baby’s life since its functions do not include use at various stages of development.

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4. Fisher Price CHP85 Jungle Animals Musical Gym

If you are still wondering which is the best musical gym, we want you to know the CHP85 from Fisher Price: this excellent toy, considered the best musical gym for babies, has a highly colorful, healthy and fun design for the enjoyment of the spoiled of your home.

This gym is completely portable, so you can take it wherever you want and be able to entertain your baby while doing other activities. The lower blanket to lie down has a padding system designed to guarantee the greatest possible comfort as well as offer the child excellent security.

The gym has a handle with five different interactive toys that will give the little one many hours of fun, learning and development by having a series of different stimulants for their senses and in addition to everything, they can be relocated to offer the child different experiences each time. that you place him in this excellent gym.

Fisher Price has always had a great reputation and therefore it is not surprising that it is considered as the best brand of music gyms. Here are the pros and cons of one of their products:


Colours: one of the most striking aspects of this musical gym model is the number of colors used. These are quite bright and attractive and will be able to catch your baby’s attention right away.

Mat: its structure integrates a comfortable mat for your child’s comfort as it will allow you to place the gym directly on the ground.  

Toys: It has a series of quite fun and diverse toys designed to help you develop various motor and psychological functions.


Size: some customers consider that the mat is a bit small, so they recommend purchasing this gym only for the first months of the baby’s life.

Plastics: Likewise, they also indicated that the plastic of the toys is quite rigid, so care must be taken if the child shows signs of wanting to bite them.

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5. Piccino Picciò BAG 5631 Music Gym

Undoubtedly, the best quality-price musical gym is Piccino Picció’s BAG 5631: this beautiful musical gym, designed with marine inspirations, offers you a pleasant and fun place to entertain your baby as well as encourage and help in the correct development of their motor, mental, coordinative and sensory activities.

Designed in fun and vibrant colors, this gym has a double crossed handle that will allow you to position the child and change the positions of the toys so that they always have a different experience.

The toys present in the exercise handle are made of different materials designed to stimulate various sensory areas according to their objectives. Features a large plush whale, rattle dolphin, mirror star and musical crab.

If you want to bet on the correct development and growth of your baby, you should definitely consider purchasing this excellent musical gym.

Considered by many parents as the best musical gym for 50 euros, this model from Bontempi has advantages that can both entertain your little one and help with their development:


Design: this musical gym has a somewhat different design from those already mentioned because the support structure is crossed and this gives the child more entertainment space.

Toys: integrates a series of toys designed to stimulate the baby’s development with various functions such as mirrors, sounds, textures and more.

Variety: In addition, you can purchase this model in any of its two presentations; one of fish or one of wild animals.


Theme: However, keep in mind that the theme of the musical gym is apparently determined by existence, so you could get one or the other.

Height: it may seem a bit short and this indicates that it can only be used during the first months of the baby’s life.

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Fisher Price BMH49 Gym-Piano Kicks

The development of your baby is something that cannot be taken lightly and nothing better to encourage their curiosity and growth than acquiring the best musical gym:

The Fisher Price BMH49 musical gym is an excellent tool to increase and stimulate the correct development of the child in stages of growth.

This gym has a highly attractive design as it is covered with jungle animals drawn in beautiful colors. It has an interactive piano that is designed to be played with your feet or hands, which will help you strengthen your legs and arms and can also be moved if the child can already sit down so that he can continue playing with it and also the handle that holds the different toys can be removed for the child’s comfort.

Don’t think about it another minute and invest in one of the best interactive toys for babies!

Finding the best musical gym of the moment can be an arduous task, however, here we intend to help you as much as possible by presenting you with the essential characteristics of the best models:


Piano: musical gyms are excellent for promoting the psychomotor development of the little one in the house, as well as helping to keep them entertained so that their parents can carry out other activities. In this case, the Fisher Price BMH49 musical gym stands out for having an interactive piano that your baby can play with her little hands or feet and her keys will produce sounds, entertaining and stimulating her hearing.

Colours: baby toys are usually in attractive and bright colors, in this way you can capture the attention of the little one more quickly. This model has a very nice design and a wide range of colors that go from green, blue, red and many more, so it could become the baby’s favorite space.

Accessories: It is also worth mentioning that the Fisher Price BMH49 musical gym for babies has a series of accessories to make it as interesting and interactive as possible. Starting with the fact that it has a mirror, a teether and some animal figures with different functions to amaze and amuse him.

Positions: the design applied in the manufacture of the Fisher Price BMH49 musical gym gives the baby great freedom to use it, since the location of his toys and his tilting piano allow him to play in the gym both lying down, sitting, on all fours and even standing up. ride.

Music: It has a practical volume switch that controls the playback level of an ideal melody to help you relax and entertain. This melody has a maximum duration of 15 minutes and you can repeat it as many times as you want.

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How to use a music gym

It is important that a baby has a good musical gym in his first months of being born. This will allow the child to stimulate certain sensory and cognitive skills, as well as the coordination between touch and sight. That is why this article has some recommendations for parents that will allow them to make good use of their musical gym, so that the physical and psychological development of their baby is adequate from an early age.

Have a space

If you want to stimulate the physical and psychological development of the baby, it is recommended that you have a space on the floor of your home that allows you to lay out the musical gym. In addition, the space should allow you to help the baby in the movements of the exercises in a comfortable and easy way.

quality materials

It is recommended that, before placing your baby in the musical gym, you check the quality of the toys included in the product. These can often be made with toxic materials and the little one, by taking them to the mouth, can have serious health problems. That is why it is important that the materials are of the highest quality.

The height of the toys must be appropriate

Lay the musical gym in the designated area, lay the baby on his back, make sure that the height of the hanging toys is adequate, which you can regulate through its adjustable straps, so that the baby cannot reach the toys much less take them to the mouth.

Develops their motor skills, balance and coordination

If your baby is in the breastfeeding stage, adjust the musical gym for this stage. Seat the baby to play with the many toys included in the product. In addition, the gym has lights and sounds that the little one will be able to activate, thanks to her curiosity and fun. All these actions make the child develop motor skills, balance and coordination.

stimulates the senses

When you have a good musical gym, you can achieve in your child the stimulation for the development of some senses. This is achieved through toys, while the little one plays and has fun. There are some that develop their tactile sensitivity due to their soft texture, others emit certain musical sounds, stimulating the ear.

It is portable

You can use your music gym anywhere you go with your baby, because it’s soft, comfortable and easy to carry. In addition, it is easily installed anywhere you are, which will allow you to do any activity while the child is entertained and has fun with the toys and the sounds that many of them emit.

They offer security

When you lay down, sit or stand your baby in the musical gym that you lay on the floor so that he can play and have fun, rest assured that your baby will not feel any discomfort in his back or any other part of his little body, due to the protection that features canvas padding, which makes contact with the floor.

The most popular brands

One way to stimulate the senses of sight, hearing and touch in younger children, in addition to the development of arms and legs, is through musical gyms. Its main manufacturers worldwide are companies that have developed all kinds of toys for decades. In this opportunity, we are going to show you the toy brands preferred by users and learn a little more about them.

When it comes to carrying out work with passion and that the result is a product that pleases the most demanding customers, a faithful reference is Fisher-Price, being the most recognized company worldwide for the quality of its products and the contribution so significant that this company has done for more than 80 years to the quality of life of parents and the development in conjunction with the learning of children up to preschool age.

The company was founded in 1930 by Herm Fisher, who is associated with Irving Price and Helen Schelle. His first toy was the charming Dr. Doodle duck, being made entirely of wood. At that time, the product was so popular that other versions and toys were made from this material.

By the year 1950, wood began to be scarce, because the priority in that post-war era was the construction of wooden houses, so the company decided to implement a new material for its products: plastic.

For the 60s, the first educational toy made entirely of plastic emerged, which was called Rock a Stack. From here begins the era of more complete products that included chairs, tables, swings, monitors, among other items, aimed at improving the quality of life of parents and their children.

For the year 1993, the company associates with the Mattel company, making its products more famous for the representation of Disney characters, Sesame Street, Barney, among others.

Mattel, one of the companies consolidated worldwide due to the resounding success of its products, was founded in 1945 by Ruth and Elliot Handler, together with their strategic partner Harold Matson, popularly known as Matt. From there, the name of his company was formed, joining the first letters of the words Matt and Elliot, resulting in the name Mattel.

In 1959 Mrs. Ruth is inspired by her daughter, who was called Barbie. This entrepreneur had the idea of ​​making Barbie dolls, which originated from paper dolls. In 1961, Barbie’s most recognized friend named Ken emerged, being inspired by Barbie’s brother in real life.

For the year 1968 the other success of this company arises, the line of Hot Wheels cars, this product being one of the favorites so far by users. Later, in 1988, the Disney brand joined this company to create different characters for the children’s and preschool categories, these products being distributed worldwide.

From 1997 to now, Mattel has made significant progress in creating radio-controlled vehicles and a wide variety of electronic tracks. Mattel’s latest acquisition so far is the company MEGA Brands to get into block games.

The Chicco company was founded in 1958 by Cavaliere Pietro Catelli under the financing of Artsana, also owned by Catelli. Its headquarters are in Como, Lombardy, Italy. The name of this company comes from the inspiration of his first son, named Enrico, who was affectionately called “Chicco”.

In 2006, Catelli died and the company passed into the hands of his children, being today chaired by Michelle Catelli, one of Enrico’s younger sisters.

The company then specialized in products for babies from 0 to 36 months of age. Their first product was the anti-hiccup bottle nipple, then they created the double perforated nipple and unbreakable plastic bottles.

In 1968 they created the first mobile that is placed on top of the crib, called the bee carousel, having a resounding success.

From here, Chicco evolves with the creation of products for early stimulation such as mobile phones and musical gyms, capturing the attention of its buyers.


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