Top 5 Water Guns in 2022

Water Gun – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

In summer or carnivals, nothing better than being able to play with water, to lower the temperature that our bodies can reach when we are away from home. One of the toys that does not go out of style is the water gun. There are different sizes, from the smallest ones that simulate a common weapon, to those that bring different tanks, so that the amount of liquid that you are going to have is much greater. Currently, the variety of water guns is very large and choosing just one is really difficult. We have chosen two models that stand out from the rest. One of them is the Mozooson QS811-38, a powerful pistol with a jet that reaches 10 m, made of ecological and toxic-free plastic. Another recommended option is the Super Soaker B4443EU4, which has a high pressure water outlet and its capacity is 0.6 liters.

The 5 Best Water Guns – Opinions 2022

One of the items that will give you good fun while you play with your friends is a water gun that you can use not only for hot days, but also for when you want a little distraction.

Water guns are very varied in the forms they can offer you, the amount of water they support and even the designs; There are simple ones, with a single tank, or larger ones that can have several tanks, for a greater amount in liters.

They are usually very comfortable to use because they simulate, for the most part, traditional pistols and that is why the grip on it is easy and they have non-slip material to prevent it from slipping when you are using it.

There are many models that you are going to get in the commercial world, so only you will be the one who can define which is the best water gun on the market, depending on your aspirations in the game or what you want to use it for.

Since we want to help you, we can tell you that among the best water guns of 2022 there are 5 models that have very good characteristics, sales record and positive comments on use. Here we are going to detail them, so you can choose if any of these is the one you are looking for.

1. Mozooson QS811-38

When it comes to playing water battles in the summer, fun is guaranteed with a long-range gun like this model presented by Mozooson. It is a product that entertains everyone equally, since it offers a powerful jet of water that can reach up to 10 m.

It is made of high impact resistant plastic, and is also toxic-free and friendly to nature. It also has an attractive design with bright colors and a light structure that favors handling. For this reason, it is a gun that can be used for boys and girls from 3 years of age.

Its tank allows you to store up to 750 cc of water and, thanks to its dielectric welding, its joints prevent any leaks. In addition, it has a very easy-to-use trigger mechanism, since it does not have a trigger, making it comfortable for any user.

To maximize the fun in the summer, this water gun could be a great choice. Get to know its highlights.


Functionality: You can use it for water battles in the pool, beach or garden.

Users: It is designed for the enjoyment of adults and children over 3 years of age.

Scope: Thanks to its powerful water jet, you can make shots up to 10 m away.

Light and attractive: It is a light model, easily manipulated and with attractive colors.


Pressure: Since it is a model that generates a strong jet of water, you must monitor children’s play at all times to avoid shooting in the eyes.

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2. Super Soaker B4443EU4

It has a tank that has the capacity to store up to 0.6 liters of water to play in your free time, giving you a maximum range of 10.6 meters. You can confidently enjoy the distance you will have with respect to your goal.    

It has the pressurized launch option that you will be able to activate and carry out from its grip handle, which has a trigger that is very easy to use whenever you want.

It has an attractive design and its dimensions in centimeters are 6 x 25.5 x 33. It is made of high quality plastic, it will be resistant to play and according to its manufacturers, it should only be used by children over 6 years of age, to avoid accidents..

Its weight with water is 800 g, so it is comfortable to handle when playing with our loved ones. Of course, it is something that you should evaluate if you want to give a child. According to comments on the internet, it is recommended for children 6 or older.


Tank: Thanks to its 0.6 liter capacity tank, it is possible to play for longer without having to go looking for a tap nearby every few minutes.

Tactical Design: If you don’t know which water gun to buy, the tactical design of this gun makes both the loading process as well as the process of aiming and firing the stream easy.

Reach capacity: Thanks to the charging system, the product can reach a distance of more than 10 meters.

Ease of filling: To simplify the process of filling the gun, it has a screw cap on the top of the product with which it is easier to load the tank easily.


Weight: The empty product has a weight of 912 grams, to which 0.6 liters of water are added, for a service weight of up to 1.5 kilos that makes it difficult to carry it, especially for the smallest of home.

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3. The Twiddlers 20 

Regardless of whether it is the beach, pool or garden, the vast majority of children enjoy playing with water in summer. Thinking about this, The Twiddlers has designed this pack that offers 20 water pistols with a conventional design that we have known all our lives.

They are made of durable, lightweight, leak-free, and impact-resistant plastic. They have a small size of 7.5 x 2 cm, so their size allows a comfortable grip for the hands of the smallest. On the other hand, the pack includes models in 4 attractive and bright colors: red, yellow, blue and green.

Also, each pistol has a simple and efficient firing mechanism through its trigger and they are easy to fill. In addition, it is a fun toy suitable for all ages and is recommended for children’s celebrations at any time of the year, for piñatas, as a Christmas gift, etc.

If you are organizing a birthday or celebration, this toy could be what you are looking for. Analyze its pros and cons.


Pack: With the purchase, you will receive 20 water pistols in 4 attractive colors.

Dimensions: Thanks to their small size and light weight, they are toys that are easily manipulated by the little ones.

Utility: They are not only designed to play on the beach or pool, they are also recommended for piñatas and children’s parties.

Materials: They are made of solid plastic and resistant to child treatment.


Deposit: Because it is a small water pistol, it has a small deposit.

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4. Super Soaker 0795074

With this gun you can count on a capacity to shoot 650 ml of water, so you won’t need to reload every time you pull the trigger. In addition, this device can expel jets of water up to a distance of 10 meters, which is a considerable level of range.

In addition, it has the Scatter blast function, so you can use it at times when you have to make a more continuous and forceful attack. With this feature, the gun is now capable of expelling five streams in a row.

The handling of the gun is simple, since you only have to fill the tank and move the handle forward to fire, after having pointed at the object you want to attack. That is why the toy can be used by children between the ages of 6 and 10 approximately. As for the structure, we must say that it is made of robust plastic, without being too heavy, since it weighs only 699 grams, making it easy to hold and manipulate.

This water gun is attractive to users for several reasons. Most of them have been listed in a list of pros that we present below.


Shots: The gun allows two basic shooting modes: the traditional one jet and one in burst mode with five jets, to make a more forceful attack.

Capacity: This equipment has a total capacity of 650 ml of water storage, being enough to participate in a game period before recharging again.

Range: Each shot can have a range of up to 10 meters, this being a favorable distance to make an effective attack and win the game.

Weight: The weight of 699 grams is relatively light and manageable for children or adults who use the gun.


Plug: Users say that the plug has a small hole where a little water comes out.

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5.Joylink 6 pack

Pool or garden parties can be so much more fun with squirt guns. In this sense, so that you do not spend too much money, we are facing an offer that includes 6 units at an affordable price. Therefore, we can say that it is the best value for money water gun on the list.

Now, the fact that it is a cost-effective product does not mean that you will have to discard it quickly, since being made of good quality foam, it could well be used on more than one occasion.

On the other hand, the design of the guns in the set is colorful and varied, something that will allow each participant in the game to choose one according to their preferences, which will also help them to better identify their toy.

Now, being a children’s toy, safety cannot be neglected. However, it is an aspect that should not worry you if you opt for this offer, since the foam that makes up the guns is a very soft material, which prevents accidents.

This is one of the cheapest options on our list. We recommend you take a look at the pros and cons of this product.


Safety: Because it is a model made of soft materials, and without dangerous edges, it is considered safe for children.

Versatility: Both children and adults can have a lot of fun with this toy.

Size: Because a pistol measures only 25 cm, it is a compact and practical model that you can take anywhere. 

Ease of use: Refilling the water tank is very easy, since the pistols work with a suction mechanism, which is activated by retracting the handle.


Number of shots: Since this model does not incorporate a tank in its design, you can only make one shot for each load of water.

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Buying Guide – What is the best water gun on the market?

Fun is a fundamental part of the life of almost any citizen and a game that will never go out of style and that all children love is the one played with water guns, especially in summer or at carnivals.

These are products that, in addition to not losing their validity in terms of the game, offer you a wide variety of shapes, size, weight and number of liters of water that they can support.

There are simple ones, which have a jet of water with an average pressure, such as those that can have various water outlets in a single gun and with a much greater force in their jet, that is why there is one for the tastes of each user.   

Telling you with complete certainty which is the best water gun on the market is a bit complicated due to the number of brands and models that there are today and therefore, it will be you who can have the right choice, depending on what you are looking for.     

When making a comparison of water guns that are in the commercial world, we can tell you that there are some factors that are decisive in your choice, such as the manufacturing materials, since they will determine its durability.    

Another essential factor is the capacity in liters of water. This amount will determine the game time you are going to have; there are models with large tanks and others that may not store even a liter of water.  

How much it costs is the other essential point to study before an election, so we recommend that you be very clear about the budget you have set aside for your purchase.   

Why buy a water gun?

In order for our children or loved ones to have summer days with unlimited fun, while they are distracted and spend their free time in complete comfort, you must buy them a water gun that will help them play together with their friends.

These are toys that, for the most part, have been made for children and adolescents, but there are still some adults who have not let their inner child die and that is why they also use them to use them with their relatives.    

You will get many makes and models of this product. That’s why choosing just one squirt gun for your little one’s use or your own is difficult.   

As our objective is to help you, we have made a guide for you to buy the best water gun on the market and that is why we are going to detail in more detail the characteristics that we have already mentioned and that you have to evaluate before buying one.

size and capacity

One of the main factors that you have to analyze before making the purchase is the capacity in liters of water that you will be able to count on to play. This is very varied in each of the pistols.

The volume in liters is closely related to the size of the product. If it is a small gun, chances are that the amount of water in it will be much less than that of a double tank or large gun.  

The smallest can store from 0.2 liters, a fairly limited amount; the medium ones have between half a liter and a liter and the largest ones will give you up to more than 2 liters.

Materials and weight

These products almost always have a very resistant construction material due to the continuous use that you are going to have to give them every time you play with them. They are mostly made of plastic and almost always use ABS as the primary product.

In terms of weight, they are always very light, this is because they require continuous handling due to their function mechanism, and that is why you are going to get those that range from 500 grams, to some that can exceed 2 kilos with everything, even the water.

scope and jets

There are models that will offer you various water outlets and that is why they have 2 or more jets, this increases the fun and the chances of soaking your opponent when you require it.

The power of the water output determines its range and this is varied in each gun. The simplest only reach 40 or 50 centimeters, but there are some that are so efficient that they can exceed 10 meters.


As we told you at the beginning, the price is decisive, but these are not products that require a large investment, so you can have a lot of fun at a low cost. There are really cheap models.

You can find a good and cheap water gun, which can range from 5 euros and up, while the most expensive ones can reach a price of more than 20 euros. Remember that all these amounts are only a reference of the budget that you must have and variations may occur.

How to use a water gun

Buying water guns to play in the garden on very hot days is one of those smart decisions that children and adults alike are able to enjoy. Although using a similar product does not require too many tricks, in this section of the guide we share a few general tips related to the use, maintenance and cleaning of your gun; If you want to know more, do not miss the information that we share below.

Get acquainted with the product

We all know well that, depending on the type of pistol you decide to purchase, some models may have more complex use systems than others; That is why our recommendation is that you familiarize yourself very well with it before starting to use the article. This simple action can help you avoid any surprises later on.

In order to do this correctly, you must first read the instruction manual or the manufacturer’s recommendations whenever they are included, then study the operation of the toy and test the mechanisms or levers.

Fill the tank

When it’s time to use your water gun, the first thing you should do is fill the reservoir tank with the liquid substance.

As we already mentioned, this system can vary a lot from one model to another; some products include a removable tank whose shape is slightly similar to a bottle and that you can comfortably fill under the tap and then add to the gun; Others, however, use an integrated non-removable system where you must remove a cover or opening and place the nozzle directly under the tap to fill the tank.

Whatever system your model has, try to close the openings well to prevent water from escaping.


Water guns are a great element of fun that allow us to develop creativity when playing water games with family and friends. The traditional game of “water fight” where each player has a gun and tries to chase and wet the other members is a classic that never goes out of style.

You can also introduce fun variants to traditional games such as playing “capture the flag” but with water guns, for this you must divide the game group into two teams and give each one a water balloon instead of a flag, each team will try to capture and pop the opposing team’s balloon while freezing their opponents with water jets.

clean and repair

With use, it often happens that the mechanisms of the water gun get stuck and it stops working; Although many users choose to throw away the product and buy a new one, this is not necessary as a simple cleaning can leave the toy working like new.

To do this you must carefully observe how your gun is assembled, reach the inside of the mechanism and you may have to remove a few screws; Once you access the internal ducts, you can proceed to clean the nozzles with a small and preferably non-sharp object to avoid puncturing the plastic pipe.

The most popular brands

During the summer season, nothing better than playing with water to cool off and lower body temperature. A fun way to do it is by using water guns that will shoot the liquid in different directions making the game more entertaining. Different brands on the market have created innovative designs of various sizes, according to the tastes of each person. Therefore, you should know that the most popular brands in the creation of this product are: Nerf, Super Soaker and X-Shot.

It is one of the most outstanding brands on the market today. It was created in 1969 by Parker Brothers together with the inventor Reyn Guyer, in the United States. By the year 2000, the multi-million dollar company Hasbro took the brand under its wing, offering better opportunities for customers to purchase its products.

It is known as one of the most important manufacturers of plastic, rubber and foam toys. Currently, among its most outstanding products are dart guns and water guns. The latter, belonging to its special aquatic line, will allow you to have a lot of fun. They are made of high-strength materials, with an easy-to-operate system and good liquid storage.

Over the years, Nerf has been classified as an international brand, since it has subsidiaries in all parts of the world, especially in Europe, Asia and America. Expert buyers express their agreement with the good quality of the products through reviews on web pages, which encourages novices to invest their money.

Founded in 1982 by NASA engineer Lonnie Johnson, Super Soaker is a brand dedicated to the development and design of all types of water guns that work with a pressure system. His designs are generally used in recreational activities, since they use the force of pressurized air to shoot the water with greater force.

Initially, the brand worked under the tutelage of Larami, now it works with Hasbro, registered under the Nerf brand. Its catalog includes avant-garde pistol models that adapt to the needs of each person. Among its most outstanding articles is the Super Soaker CPS 2000 pistol, since it has advanced technology in its manufacture, which makes it a good quality product, in relation to the offer price.

The brand’s items are distributed in the vast majority of countries thanks to Hasbro’s sales chains. Currently, it is one of the most recommended brands by the most experienced customers, who express their satisfaction with the quality of its products.

X-Shot is one of the main brands of the Zuru company, a leader in toys. She is in charge of creating and designing guns, darts and all kinds of throwing toys that exist. Thanks to its innovative spirit, it is among the best brands to buy, since its products have good quality, at competitive market prices.

Its main means of distribution is through its website, where it has a specialized customer service team that attends to their demands and needs. In addition, they have an exclusive department to take personalized orders from their buyers. It is an international brand, since its articles are sold in different countries of the world such as France, the United States, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Ireland and Japan.

Despite having little experience in the market, it has become popular among expert buyers who encourage novice customers to buy the products, since they are of good quality. Likewise, it is positioned as one of the ecological brands, by using low energy consumption for its manufacture.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Who invented the most powerful water gun?

This product has its origins mainly in firearms. In 1835 Samuel Colt patented the world’s first rotary pistol, which later underwent changes. In 1894 Hugo Bochardt created the semi-automatic pistol, which was called the Borchardt C-93.

Later, while the world continued to evolve, the water gun appeared as a toy for children, youth and adults.

In this way, in 1986 the ex-NASA engineer Lonnie Johnson patented the first prototype of the most powerful pistols in the world. His creation was later called the Super Soaker and in the summer of 1992 Johnson sold 20 million pistols.

In short, that was the first most powerful pistol on the market. The jet of some models reached up to 12 meters away.

Q2: How to make a homemade water gun?

If you want to make a water gun to play in carnival, you should know that with bottles it is very easy to achieve it. This time we will explain how to make a water gun with easily available materials.

You should use a manual air pump, plastic soda bottle, coat hanger, ballpoint pen head, and clear hoses. The manual pump will serve to send the air to the bottle, adding pressure to later expel the water. In addition to this, the hoses will be the ones that will lead the air into the bottle and expel it.

On the other hand, the head of the pen will serve to place it at the end of the hose where the water will be expelled. This is to make the stream of water finer, which will increase the outlet pressure of the water.

We also mentioned that the coat hook will serve as a trigger. That is, you can make the water gun with things that you already have at home or that are easy to get.

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