Top 9 useful objects for pregnant women

The happy news of a new life in gestation, makes us all happy equally. However, in this process not only your body changes, but also your needs; so if you are expecting the arrival of your child, it is important to do some things that are of great benefit to deal with the different stages of pregnancy.

For a pregnant woman there are many things that are complicated and the simplest task can become an effort; from tying shoes, sleeping and sitting, to traveling. That is why you should know some products that will help you deal with the discomforts of pregnancy, since they are specially designed for the mother-to-be.

The pregnant woman needs endless things, some functional and others that will make you feel better, regardless of the stage of pregnancy in which you find yourself. Thinking about this, here are some of the things that as a future mother you need and that will make your pregnancy easier.

1. Maternity pillow

A pregnancy pillow is an excellent alternative to replace your conventional pillow while the sweet wait takes place. Since, during pregnancy, the future mother is unable to acquire a comfortable sleeping position, these pillows turn out to be the perfect ally to get the restful sleep you need right now. For this reason, do not hesitate to choose the best pillow for pregnancy, making sure that it is a model with a soft and washable cover, that offers adequate support and preferably has a full-body design.

2. Maternal safety belt

It is a belt specially designed for pregnant women and is very useful if you have to drive, either to go to work or to go shopping. Its design allows the lower band to be located below the belly and the upper band above it, in such a way that at no time can the belt exert pressure on the fetus. In terms of safety, it is an accessory that is just as efficient as conventional belts.

3. Maternity bra

The breasts are one of the parts of your body that generates the most changes, so as they increase in volume and sensitivity, traditional bras will no longer be useful. For this reason, another of the main things to feel comfortable is to get a pregnancy bra. In this sense, the most recommended models are those made of 100% natural cotton, seamless, with wide straps, easy to wash and breathable; The idea is to provide optimal support to the mother’s breast, without neglecting comfort.

4. Comfortable shoes

Just as there are progressive changes in your body, the feet are also affected by pregnancy. Remember that the axis of gravity has been displaced by the growing uterus, which compromises stability when walking. For this reason, it is essential that you have low-heeled shoes, wide, preferably without laces and with anti-slip soles. There are designs and models with these characteristics that will make you look attractive and comfortable.

5. Pregnancy girdle

As your baby grows you will notice that the weight of the uterus greatly affects the muscles of the back; so that in order for you to be able to carry out your activities with greater comfort and freedom of movement, the use of a pregnancy girdle is essential. These products are generally used as support underwear and their design is designed to provide support to the abdomen, prevent weight from falling on the pelvis and relieve back pain, typical of pregnancy.

6. Creams and lotions

Although being pregnant is a reason for happiness and we know that as a mother you think that your child is worth all the effort and you are willing to endure all the changes in your body; It seems that your skin does not like this transformation at all. Therefore, you will notice that from one day to the next you have the presence of stretch marks, blemishes, cellulite and even acne. Given this, the best option is to take care of your skin with care and dedication from the first moment, so you should always have moisturizing body lotions and nourishing skin creams on hand. Being pregnant does not mean that you will stop being beautiful.

7. Appropriate clothing

Although the first weeks of pregnancy do not represent great physical changes in your silhouette, approximately from the third month you will notice that you are losing your waist and also your clothes. As your child’s development progresses, you will find that your clothes fit tighter and that it becomes more and more difficult to wear jeans. For this reason, it is time for you to start renewing your wardrobe and get comfortable, wide clothes made of fresh fabrics. The idea is that you do not press or adjust the area of ​​the abdomen where your baby is. Luckily, today there are many maternity clothes that will make you feel not only comfortable, but attractive.

8. Elastic band

If you’re on a budget and can’t afford to spend on new clothes for your pregnancy, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to buy elastic tape and make your clothes bigger without too much trouble. In this sense, you will be able to use an elastic adjuster in order to enlarge the waist in all your pants and once your baby is born, you will be able to recondition the clothes and continue wearing them as before. However, it may happen that like many mothers, you gain more weight than expected; in which case, it becomes necessary to have to buy clothes. But don’t worry, you can opt for garments in neutral colors, so that they can be easily combined.

9. Some remedies

Among the discomforts that most overwhelm the future mother, we have nausea. If you were one of the pregnant women who suffer from them, do not ignore the importance of buying a good remedy to alleviate this unpleasant moment. Nausea occurs mainly during the beginning of pregnancy and among the things that could mitigate its symptoms we have ginger, gelatin, crackers, apples, lemon water, etc. Remember that you should not take medication without your doctor’s approval.

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