Toys cars for children

What is the best toy car for children?

Scale cars are one of the most popular toys for children. Currently, it is possible to find sets of various cars with a lot of detail, which makes them more similar to real cars, therefore, they are not only products to play with, but also can be collected. However, it is normal to feel overwhelmed by the variety of toy cars available, so we invite you to review this list with 10 of the most outstanding sets of 2022.

1. Hot Wheels Pack of 5 Mattel 1806 Vehicles

Precautions: This set is recommended for children 3 years and older, since the cars have very hard structures that could hurt the little ones in the event of a bad movement.

Main Features: Hot Wheels is known by many as one of the best toy car brands of 2022, due to the strength of the structures and the attractive designs. In this case, it is one of the cheapest sets, made up of 5 cars in random colors that have multiple details on the surface to increase realism.

Functionality: It is important to note that the wheels of all the cars can turn for greater functionality and each car has a different design, so they can be collected by both children and adults.

Educational value: The theme of this set is a police chase, which allows the child to create stories of action and bravery. Plus, it helps encourage team play, as kids can share cars and team up during cops-and-robbers races.

Maintenance: To remove the dust from the smallest areas, we can use a cotton swab slightly moistened with a little water to help us with cleaning. However, it is not recommended to submerge the cars in water, as this could damage the stickers.

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2. Joyin Truck Cars Toys 10 in 1 Die Cast

Precautions: It is indicated for young children, since its materials are not toxic. However, it has parts with sharp edges that can cause accidental punctures. Therefore, it is advisable to play under the supervision of an adult.

Main features: It can be a good option to give to a child on his birthday, since it is a set with a police and rescue team theme, which has 10 small cars, 6 blue soldier figures, 1 transport truck of large size and 1 helicopter. Among the car models there are ambulances, jeeps, fire trucks, among others. Similarly, the entire set offers an attractive blue, black and white color scheme, which provides added appeal.

Functionality: The cars can be stored in the truck, since it has individual compartments on each side. Similarly, the front part has a secret hiding place to put a car or action figures. It is important to mention that the cars have a Push & Go mechanism for greater versatility.

Educational value: Helps improve children’s spatial awareness by allowing them to distribute the pieces in such a way that they can create combat strategies. It could also encourage them to release negative emotions and relax their minds.

Maintenance: Some cars have stickers on their structure, so it is necessary to dry clean them. In this sense, you can use a slightly damp cloth to help you remove the most embedded dirt.

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3. KandyToys Kids Die Cast Metal Toy Cars 36

Precautions: Despite offering good resistance, the cars have very small parts that could cause suffocation if they detach from the structures. Therefore, the most appropriate age to play with this set is from 3 years.

Main characteristics: It is a good purchase offer to give to the smallest of the house, since it is a set with 36 cars in the colors yellow, red, white, blue, orange, green and black. In addition, it offers different designs, including convertibles and Formula 1 racing cars. Likewise, each piece has a different illustration on its structure to provide greater appeal.

Functionality: These cars can be placed on the ground so that the little ones can play with their parents or friends. On the other hand, it is important to note that each car has smooth-rolling wheels to provide faster movement.

Educational value: This set can be used for children to learn to differentiate colors. Likewise, it encourages their associative capacity by grouping the cars according to their similarities in terms of their shapes and colours.

Maintenance: Cars can be immersed in a container with a solution of water and vinegar, indicated to disinfect the parts correctly. Afterwards, it is possible to clean each element with a soft bristle brush to remove dirt.

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4. Matchbox Pack of 9 Toy Cars

Main advantage: The vehicles have a resistant metal construction and other quality materials, including all kinds of details in their decoration. In addition, many models reproduce real cars, which we can find driving down the street.

Main disadvantage: It is important to know that the packs are sent randomly, so it is not possible to know what type of vehicles you will receive once you order them.

Verdict: A set of nine vehicles, coming from another leading brand when it comes to children’s toy cars.

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5. M zimoon Friction Powered Monster Toy Car

Precautions: The manufacturer recommends its use for children from 3 years old, since some of the parts of this set can be very rustic for the little ones, so they could get hurt. Also, it is necessary that there is an adult during the game for greater protection.

Main characteristics: It can be an original idea to give to the smallest of the house on a special date, since it is about 2 Monster-type cars with large wheels in red and yellow colors. In addition, the upper structure of the car features urban designs for added appeal. Also, you can get them in the version of 3 Monster cars with wheels of different colors. It is important to mention that they measure 8.5 x 7.5 x 9 cm, so they are large toys.

Functionality: Just like the real thing, these cars can be airdropped and maintain their structural integrity as they are made from hard ABS plastic. In addition, they offer an impact-proof chassis and have non-slip wheels to promote better grip on the ground.

Educational value: Helps children sharpen their motor skills. In addition, children can play in the company of their friends or parents to promote good social interaction.

Maintenance: The chassis is made up of some metal parts that could rust during use, so for maintenance you can use a dry cotton swab or a disused toothbrush to help remove dirt.

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6. Lbla Cars Toy for Children 2 Years 3 Years

Precautions: It is important not to wet the pieces during use, since the set includes several stickers to place on the different structures. Also, children under 2 years of age should not play without adult supervision, as some of the parts may be very small, posing a choking hazard.

Main features: It is a great alternative to give as a Christmas gift to a child who is a fan of construction games, since the set is made up of 7 small vehicles, including a helicopter, a sand truck, a tractor, a backhoe, among others. In addition, all the pieces have a yellow structure with black details that is attractive to children.

Functionality: It has a large truck that, when unfolded, becomes a base for greater functionality. In addition, it offers articulated pieces that the child can place in the position that he most prefers depending on the game. On the other hand, the big truck has secret compartments to store cars.

Educational value: It is suitable for children to create realistic construction scenarios, so it is a simulation game that encourages imagination and helps strengthen hand and finger dexterity.

Maintenance: To favor the durability of the set, it is advisable to prevent the pieces from falling from great heights. In addition, it is recommended to dry clean at least once every 3 months to remove dirt and bacteria.

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7. M zimoon Car Transporter with 12 Mini Cars

Warnings: The box indicates that the recommended age to play with this set is from 3 years, since some parts of the transporter truck could be damaged with improper use. Also, it is important that parents are present during the game for greater safety.

Main Features: It can be an eye-catching gift for a child who is a fan of cars, as it includes 12 mini cars stored in a large transporter truck measuring 36 cm in length, 12.5 cm in height and 6.6 cm in width. As for the vehicles, they have designs in colors, blue, black, white, red, green and yellow, which favors the attractiveness.

Functionality: Not only does the transporter truck have two individual lids and compartments to store the cars, but it also has a secret structure on the front to place the cars in and shoot them out for added functionality.

Educational value: It helps develop intelligence, foster interest in professions and improve motor skills in children, as it is indicated for them to control the direction and speed at which cars move.

Maintenance: Cars can be washed with mild soap and water for maintenance. However, it is advisable to dry clean the transporter truck to prevent moisture from accumulating in the interior structure. Similarly, it has stickers that could lose durability when in contact with water.

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8. Joyin Military Diecast Kids Metal Truck

Precautions: Some cars can have a slightly delicate structure, so this set is suitable for children from 2 years old. Also, it is important to know that it has very small parts that could cause choking if accidentally swallowed.

Main features: If you are looking for a good online option to give to a child, then this military truck set may interest you. In this sense, bring 10 mini trucks, 8 soldiers and 2 helicopters. On the other hand, the whole game offers a combination of shades of green, gray and beige, which provides greater appeal for the little one.

Functionality: Several of the cars have arms on the top that can rotate at an angle of 360 °, in this way, the child can aim where he needs. In addition, the transporter truck has a secret area in the front where the cars can be inserted.

Educational value: As a set inspired by soldiers, children can create battle strategies, which encourages their imagination and creativity. Likewise, it helps improve their motor skills and hand-eye synchronization.

Maintenance: Most of the pieces of the set have stickers, so it is recommended not to wash them with water to promote durability. Instead, you can use a toothbrush slightly dampened with a vinegar and water solution to remove dust and bacteria.

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9. Atopdream Pack of 20 Toy Vehicles for Kids

Precautions: It is recommended that the parents be present during the game, since if the child puts the cars in his mouth he could acquire some bacteria. In this sense, it is indicated for children from 2 years of age.

Main characteristics: It is an attractive option to give to the smallest of the house on a special occasion, since the set includes 20 cars of different colors; red, yellow, green, orange, blue and black. In addition, it has cargo trucks, backhoes and Formula 1 cars, which provides greater versatility.

Functionality: Both the backhoes and dump trucks have articulated structures for added functionality, allowing kids to perform realistic construction tasks. Plus, all the cars have Pull Back & Go starters, so kids just have to pull back and let go and the cars move on their own.

Educational value: It can stimulate fine motor skills and help the child to better control the pressure they exert with their hands and fingers. Also, you can develop your aim when the child thinks about the direction in which he wants to throw the car.

Maintenance: It is necessary to dry clean the pieces to guarantee the durability of the stickers on the structures. It is possible to use a cotton swab or an unused toothbrush to remove the dust.

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10. Forrizon 10 Pcs Mini Cars Toy Cars

Cautions: On the box, the manufacturer recommends this game for children ages 3 and up, as it has hard frames that could hurt. Similarly, it is best that children play supervised by an adult for greater safety.

Main Features: This is a new set of mini cars with 10 pieces of different designs and color patterns, including red, yellow, green, gray, orange, blue and purple, which enhances the attractiveness. In addition, the parts are made of ABS plastic, a material that is resistant to impacts against the ground.

Functionality: The set offers the Hold & Pull Back system, where the child only has to pull back and release so that the cars move on their own, which provides greater functionality. In addition, each vehicle has an alloy frame, which allows the cars to roll over without diminishing durability.

Educational value: It is a good choice for children to develop their mental and manual skills in a safe way. In addition, it stimulates the imagination and encourages curiosity.

Maintenance: To promote the durability of the cars, you can clean them with a damp cloth and a little liquid soap to help remove the most embedded dirt. Afterwards, it is advisable to use an absorbent paper to polish the surface.

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Buying Guide – What is the best children’s toy car on the market?

Toy cars are among the most interesting gifts for our little ones, with which it is very easy to hit. If you want to buy one of these cars, we will tell you everything you need to know, so that finding the perfect vehicle will not be a hassle for you.


This is one of the most diverse sections if we take a look at any comparison of toy cars for children. However, it distinguishes two main groups. The first is the most realistic vehicles. These cars can be miniature versions of the cars we see on the street or similar, realistic-cut designs. 

The other is fantasy cars, so to speak. We have all kinds of vehicles here, ranging from animal-shaped ones to the most imaginative and ultra-tuned. When choosing the most suitable car, it is convenient to see the design that our little one likes the most. However, given the enormous variety that exists, it will be difficult to choose just one.


When it comes to looking for vehicles of this type, there are two main materials. One of them is plastic, which belongs to cheap cars. This offers light cars, although they are not always the most suitable for the game, due to their adjusted resistance.

In these cases, metal cars are always better, as they have greater strength and durability. It is true that this construction influences how much the chosen car costs, but it is worth the expense, due to its greater durability. A separate chapter deserves certain cars made of fabric or wood, designed mainly for the smallest of the house.

Other aspects of interest

We close our guide to buying the best toy car for children with some details to consider. One of them is the size of the vehicle, which we must adapt according to what the user requires. If we are looking for vehicles for car parks or for circuits, their thing is to opt for models with the right size for that purpose.

Another aspect is the recommended age of the toy. In general, the vast majority of these cars are designed for children 3 years of age or older, especially the smaller ones. However, babies and children under that age also have their own cars, as we have mentioned before.

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