Toys for 11 year old girls

Our picks for the best toys for 11-year-old girls

When girls turn 11, buying them a toy becomes really difficult as capturing their attention becomes more and more difficult. It is an age of many changes and we cannot give them a gift equal to the one they enjoyed when they were just girls, since now they are preparing to be teenagers. That is why here we leave you some options that you can consider to buy the best toys in this year 2022 for 11-year-old girls.

Science4you soap factory

Creating soaps can be very fun, especially if you can give them shapes and aromas according to the child’s preference, as well as being very educational, allowing them to learn new things outside their educational environment; all this accompanied by a lot of fun, which is a very good idea when giving a gift.

It can be used by girls over 8 years old, so if they have older or younger siblings or friends they can share the game.

That we like

This set includes a 36-page educational book and several science museum tickets, which will give the child complete enjoyment, to make it a complete scientific experience that you cannot miss for a relatively low cost. There are 8 scientific experiments ready to be enjoyed by the child.

It is important to mention that some fragrances can cause allergies, but this is only for girls who are very sensitive to them. You can still enjoy playing with it without using the fragrances it brings.

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Tomy Pop-Up Pirate

Something that you should keep in mind when purchasing this game is that it has small parts, which does not make it suitable for girls under 36 months, so if you have a baby at home you must be careful when using this game.

This game was born in Japan 40 years ago and has remained in time to be enjoyed by several generations; is definitely an option worth considering when shopping for a birthday present for an 11-year-old.

That we like

It is an entertaining game for groups, easy to understand and short games, with which the fun can be done in several rounds, which is really good when it comes to large groups such as parties and meetings. In addition to being fun, it is a cheap gift, so it is not necessary to spend a lot to give something entertaining to the child.

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Letsgocoo Karaoke Microphone

The vast majority of girls like to sing to the music of their favorite artists, so this stylish and fun handheld microphone could be a good gift for them. It is a device equipped with wireless technology and compatible with various electronic devices, such as tablets and smartphones.

It also has integrated audio and two high-quality speakers, which favors stereo and surround sound. Also, its design includes a panel of multifunctional buttons with which you can easily adjust the volume, echo and music. In addition, it includes a Lithium Ion battery with a long lifespan.


It is a karaoke microphone made of high-quality aluminum, which is why it is durable and lightweight. It also has wireless technology and Bluetooth, which allows you to connect with various devices. In addition, it is recommended for girls or adults, so anyone can become the life of the party.

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Diset Masterchef Board Game

To interact with 11-year-old girls and have fun as a family, a board game can be a good alternative. This game, in particular, is based on the hit TV show Masterchef, so you can bring the fun of the challenge home, with challenges that will give players a good laugh.

It is designed to be played by 2 to 6 people and has menu cards, 60 challenge cards, an hourglass and other accessories that will make the experience very attractive. On the other hand, it is a version that has evolved based on experience to improve itself and has achieved good references from users.


This game encourages family fun, a value that cannot be left aside. In addition, it does it in a very fun way in which everyone can participate. It is worth mentioning that the challenges have two levels of difficulty, to adapt to children and adults, making the development of the game fairer.

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lego city highway chase

Lego games are always very appreciated by girls, there are several generations that have enjoyed Legos without ever getting bored, this is just a proposal of one of the offers that they have in the market but its variety is quite wide, we are recommending this for the cost benefit it offers.

That we like

Highway Chase also offers 294 pieces of pure fun. Also includes 4 minifigures: a pilot, police officer, crook and an exclusive Chase McCain minifigure.

Police helicopter features spinning rotors, removable cockpit with canopy and mobile winch with hook. Be a box of pure creativity for children to create whatever they want. Legos are not only fun toys, they are also quite educational, which is why they are usually a safe bet when buying a toy.

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Great Gizmos Green Creativity

In this time where taking care of the planet is so important, teaching this to our girls is a necessity, which is why toys like this one become so relevant.

It is an opportunity to give the child at a low cost the opportunity to be creative and at the same time to learn to take care of the environment. This eco-friendly play kit will help her develop an interest in green science as well as allow her to create beautiful designs that she can show off with all of her friends.

That we like

This game guarantees hours of entertainment, even though it is very simple to use, which shows that a toy does not need to be complex in order to have a good time. This game has very good comments from people who have purchased it. An important thing to consider is that it does not fit all bottles, but it can be held in your hands, so it can be used without complications.

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SUSAETA The human body

This game is offered in three different versions so you can select the one you prefer: hardcover, cards and board book. In this case we will talk about the intermediate one that is cards.

This game is one of the best sellers, since despite its simplicity it captivates its players and also makes them learn about the human body at a fairly low cost. It comes in a very colorful tin that will captivate the child’s attention as soon as he sees it.

That we like

They are striking cards with questions and answers about the human body, which are quite simple, but leaving an accurate learning in those who play it. It can be enjoyed in a group where both girls and adults can have fun alike, which makes it an excellent game to share with the family.

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4M – Solar Robot Robotics

This is a toy for girls who want to have fun with something different that allows them to not only develop their skills, but also learn about electronics and what it takes to create a solar powered robot.

The girls will give movement to their creation, which can be accompanied by recycled materials to make it more eye-catching; all with good solar lighting.

That we like

The photocell it comes with is safe to handle and install. It is a toy that will allow you to share an entertaining moment with your child. It may be necessary to use some tools, which, depending on the age, the girl will require more or less supervision.

The child will feel when he sees the robot armed and working, that he has created something with his own hands that is capable of movement. The creation of him will be a complete work of mechanics and electronics rather than a toy. Definitely a very original gift.

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Little Guy Painting Kits

To relax the mind, and at the same time test the patience and courage of perseverance in girls, this can be a good gift. It is a painting that can be built little by little, paying attention to the numbers engraved in the illustration.

The package comes with all the tools that make it possible to bring the project to a successful conclusion, and the instructions that clearly explain the entire process. When the painting is finished, it can become a beautiful decorative object for the room, which will have a very special meaning, due to all the effort and time invested in its realization.


This project can increase manual skills and develop the concentration capacity of the recipient. In addition, you can choose a cute owl or a beach design, depending on availability. The method of realization is very simple and can be easily assimilated, to complete the painting without any problem.

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Lego Star Wars – Yoda’s Jedi Starfighter

This is an excellent Lego option that your child will surely love, especially if he is a fan of this saga, which is becoming more and more current since Disney acquired it a few years ago.

Many girls are captivated by these emblematic characters just like their parents, so the game can be enjoyed as a family. There are 262 pieces to assemble together with the figures of Yoga and the charming robot R2 – D2. This is definitely a very special gift for this 2022, which can be given for Christmas, birthdays, communion or simply a gift for kings.

That we like

This spaceship will allow you to soar through the space of your child’s imagination and fire ammunition from its cannons while Yoga fights with her lightsaber. With this game the child will not only develop his imagination and creativity, but will also feel part of the exciting Star Wars.

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