Toys for 4 year old girls

Our picks for the best toys for 4-year-old girls

At four years old, your little girl is no longer a baby, but a little girl who likes to play mommy and daddy. Although it still won’t be as difficult as finding good communion gifts, looking for interesting gifts can help you learn everything she needs while playing. Whether you are looking for gifts for Three Kings, Christmas or an original idea for your little girl’s birthday, take a look at our selection, designed especially for 4-year-old girls and with which you will find that special gift you want for your daughter.

FiveJoy Flower Garden

The educational toys that are promoted for this 2022 seek to stimulate children’s senses, while at the same time helping them develop their motor skills. On this occasion, we analyze a beautiful flower garden that girls can design to their liking with the 134 pieces available in the set.

The set consists of stems, leaves, pistils and flowers, which can be combined in different ways and placed on the included bases. In this way, the creation has greater stability and can be transported. In addition, the entire kit is stored in its practical case.


Fine motor skills are one of the aspects that children develop extensively with this toy. In addition, it is suitable for indoor and outdoor play, waterproof and toxic-free. Not forgetting to mention that it has no sharp edges so it is very safe.

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Tonze Puzzles 

Puzzles with basic shapes, which allow the child to design abstract figures, help develop creativity in infants, which is why they are part of the educational tools of the Montessori methodology. On this occasion, we analyze a model that consists of 96 pieces, so that the little one has enough to carry out more than one project per session. All of them are made of wood, with solid and bright colors, to make them more attractive.

In addition, help cards are included, which will allow the child to take their first steps in creating shapes. While, on the other hand, using the puzzle as a family can be an excellent opportunity to live together and enjoy playing together.


The diversified patterns of the figures make them very versatile, so the child can adapt them to their designs. However, to preserve order and keep the pieces in good condition, a tin-type case is included, where they can be stored and transported.

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Tesoky Magic Carpet


Drawing and creating are two activities that 4-year-olds enjoy. So that you do not have to buy paper and pencils frequently, a rug like Tesoky’s can be a great option. This is because it will be enough to fill the special pens with water to use it, which is also surprising for the little ones.

Another advantage of this toy is that it does not stain, it is reusable as many times as desired and, due to the fact that the materials with which it is made are resistant, it can last for a long time, accompanying the child’s motor development.



The templates included in the set will allow children to accurately make some figures. Similarly, the suction cups that adhere the rug to a smooth surface are very practical, so that it can be used vertically, if desired.

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Nancy Snow Rescue

At four years old, your little girl may start to like other types of dolls that are more like teenagers or adults. Nancy dolls, from Famosa, are a good option for them to start playing with them, since they have a manageable size, but safe.

This model includes a pretty blonde Nancy dressed in a coat and boots and includes a fantastic veterinary outfit with all the necessary accessories so that Nancy can rescue and heal all the animals she finds in the snow. It also includes a cute husky dog ​​with his sled and a puppy to heal.


In addition to a beautiful Nancy doll with all her accessories, it includes a complete veterinary set so that the symbolic game is present and teaches the girl while she plays.

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Tachan – Hairdressing set hairstyle

Another of the symbolic games that never go out of style is that of the hairdresser. Boys and girls love to play hairdressers and make hairstyles for people and dolls.

If you are looking for a cheap but complete hairdressing set, this is a good option, since it includes everything necessary for the girl to feel like a real hairdresser. A set that includes 15 accessories, including combs, scissors, hair dryer, curling iron, mirror and a practical belt so that they can carry everything they need, like a true professional.


Its multitude of accessories and its practical belt are complemented by an electric dryer that emits real sound, to make the gaming experience more complete and enjoyable.

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Boxiki kids Children’s phone

Children want to imitate everything they see their parents do. This is the principle that will allow them to adapt to the world in which they live. That is why toys that simulate a real device are so attractive to them. 

In this context, if you are looking for a safe mobile phone suitable for children, we recommend you analyze the Boxiki kids option, since it is like a small 21.4 x 13 x 2.8 cm educational tablet, with easy-to-press buttons and activities. funny. Specifically, it has 6 learning games and some melodies that the child will enjoy while learning. 


The knowledge of the alphabet and numbers in English can be developed with this device, which will be very useful to give the child some notions of this language.

On the other hand, the toy offers good ergonomics and size, making it very easy to carry it everywhere.

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Toyzey Pogo Stick

To help girls channel all their energy in a positive way, with activities that encourage healthy development, this pogo stick can become a very useful tool. Another advantage is that it is easy to take to the park or, if desired, it is also safe to use at home. 

The jumper can be chosen in different shades and, thanks to the fact that it is made of resistant materials, it can support a weight of up to 113 kilograms, being possible for an adult to use it. In addition, every time you jump with it, the base makes a sound that children find very funny and motivates them to keep jumping.


Using this toy helps develop skills such as coordination and balance, making it very useful in children’s fitness routines. Its design is ergonomic, with a soft-touch handlebar and, in general, it is defined as a very easy-to-use model. In addition, it can remain among your little one’s favorite toys for a long time.

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Pinypon – Mix Is Max cube with 5 figures

Another of Famosa’s best-selling toys are the Pin y Pon. Some pretty little dolls with interchangeable bodies and heads that have been accompanying children for decades.

This cube includes 5 exclusive Pinyppon figures with which your little one will enjoy while playing and combining them as they wish. Four girls and one boy make up this set, in addition to more than 50 accessories and accessories so that the girl can create stories and spark her imagination.


A complete set that includes 5 figures and more than 50 accessories, which you can store comfortably in the included bucket and that the girl can take wherever she wants thanks to its carrying handle.

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Ravensburger 7033 Paw Patrol

One of the typical children’s gifts for any occasion is still puzzles, which children of any age like as well as help them develop their minds.

This game is made up of 4 puzzles that advance with the skills of the little one, including puzzles with 12, 16, 20 and 24 pieces. In addition, its design is based on the Paw Patrol fashion series among the smallest, so it will surely delight the smallest of the house.


This game includes 4 puzzles in a single product that have different numbers of pieces, so that the puzzle progresses with the girl as she manages to control her assembly.

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Barbie – Doll thousand magical hairstyles

Another of the classic dolls of all time is the Barbie doll, a stylized doll that imitates a woman and is liked by both children and adults alike.

This doll, in particular, includes long hair that the girl can comb and invent on it a multitude of hairstyles and a beautiful printed pink dress. The magic of this doll lies in her brush, with which, passing it through ice or hot water and then through a strand of the doll’s hair, the girl can create streaks of colors on the hair to create up to 3 different looks.


A different Barbie doll, since the girl will not only be able to do the doll’s hair, but she will also be able to create up to 3 different looks by creating streaks of different colors with her brush.

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