Travel with your baby by plane without leaving the stroller

Going on a trip with your baby for the first time is quite an adventure, from choosing the destination, packing your bags, keeping enough clothes, diapers, ointments, bottles, pacifiers and everything that the baby uses in his daily routine so that the stay outside house runs smoothly and the whole family can enjoy the trip.

For this reason, if you usually use the stroller to go out with your baby, it will be very helpful to take this vehicle on your trip, so you must know for sure what the conditions of the airline in which you are going to travel are regarding that type of luggage We invite you to continue reading so that you know the steps to follow for these situations.

Check the cart

Many airlines do not charge any additional cost for checking in the stroller, stroller or other vehicle for babies under two years of age, however you should check the conditions of your flight company. Once you arrive at the airport you can check in the cart together with the suitcases, for this you must get a label to correctly identify it with your data.

If you prefer, you can also use it until boarding the plane and then hand it over to the airline staff. If you have decided on the first option, you can either carry an additional porterage system such as a baby sling or backpack, or in any case use the loaner seat that most airports have available to users.

Security controls

If you have chosen to use the stroller while you wait to board the plane, you should know that you will have to go through the security check with it, so it is always good to have your support partner so that one holds the baby while the other folds the cart and passes it along the conveyor belt. But if you are traveling alone with the baby, do not worry about this, because the airline staff is always willing to help you in this situation.

Now, we remind you to empty all the pockets and the lower basket of the stroller before folding it so that the process is easier and it is totally compact.

chair protection

We all know that luggage in almost no type of transport receives adequate treatment, and airplanes are no exception, which is why we recommend you have a protective cover in which you can store the cart, otherwise you should not be surprised If when you arrive at your destination and remove it, it has some grease stains, is wet or even has lost a piece. If your stroller did not come with such a cover from the factory, there are hundreds of options on the market for generic protectors that will work correctly without any inconvenience.

recover the cart

Depending on the attention of your airline, there are two scenarios to pick up your stroller: the first is that it is returned to you at the door of the plane when you get off, and the other is that you must pick it up on the baggage carousel. This is complicated if your flight has several connections, since it will most likely be returned to you when you arrive at your destination, so you will have to carry the baby in your arms or in the carrier that we recommended above.

An important observation that some users make is that you check carefully if the cart suffered any damage so that you can claim before leaving the collection room, because once you leave there the airline or the staff will not take your claim seriously.

Most popular carts for air travel

Among the users there are comments that show the preference for certain carts that are very useful when traveling by plane due to their folding and compact design. For them, we suggest choosing a model that can be completely folded, including the wheels and the hood, like the ones we describe below.

Cimiva C3

With a maximum load capacity of 25 kg, this stroller can be completely folded and reduced in size to fit as hand luggage, so you can carry it in the cabin of the plane and store it in the overhead compartments.

In addition, it incorporates a retractable lever to pull it comfortably while you walk inside the plane or the airport. Likewise, the design that Cimiva offers in this product has all the European safety certifications and approvals, accepted by most airlines.

Regarding the resistance of this chair, the aluminum alloy of its structure has a solid and triangular design, while the oxford fabric of the seat and the hood increases its durability against wear and tear.

Besrey BR-C7052

Designed for trips and walks, this model has a folding and compact structure that incorporates the protective cover to easily store it in the cabin compartment, because its dimensions are reduced to 55 x 30 x 27 cm.

This stroller is suitable for babies older than 6 months and its maximum capacity of 15 kg makes it suitable for children up to approximately 3 years old. One of the best features of this product is its light weight, as it only reaches 5.6 kg, making it easier to carry it on the plane while boarding and disembarking. Also, its removable system can be used with one hand to fold and unfold it without complications.

Chicco London

With its umbrella-type format, this model is one of the cheapest and most popular among the best baby strollers, since its compact, manageable and light design make it suitable for traveling by plane, since its weight is 7.2 kg and, depending on the flight attendants, they may allow you to carry it in the cabin.

Despite being cheap, this product does not sacrifice comfort or resistance, as the backrest can be adjusted in 4 positions to give your baby maximum comfort combined with the adjustable leg rest, while its metal structure supports a load maximum of 15 kg.

As for safety, this chair has a 5-point restraint harness and a front bar to protect the little one.

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