Traveling with children to Canada

From the beautiful landscapes that can be seen when traveling any of its roads, to the imposing Niagara Falls, Canada is a destination that can surprise both adults and children. If the project has been proposed, do not forget some essential procedures, such as obtaining the eTA. 

Vast, beautiful and nuanced, Canada offers tourists an incomparable destination, with activities that both children and adults could enjoy. Flower shows, theme parks, beautifully decorated streets and friendly and quiet towns are distributed throughout the territory, connected by a large number of turquoise colored rivers and large lakes that appear everywhere. 

Another important aspect that makes it one of the main places to travel is that it is a country considered one of the safest, with a fairly low crime rate. Therefore, it can be one of the most suitable places to travel with the whole family, including small children or babies. 

As if that were not enough, unlike the United States of America, Canada does not request a visa for Spaniards who want to visit the country for a period of less than 6 months and whose purpose is tourism or business, something that facilitates the procedures of considerably. It is only necessary to obtain an eTA travel authorization. 

Procedures to travel to Canada 

The eTA is a verification system established as a requirement by the Canadian government, which is required for foreign citizens who are exempt from visas. As we have mentioned, Spain is one of the countries that falls into this category, so the electronic travel authorization or eTA is the only document that is requested, in addition to carrying a valid passport, in order to enter the country. 

Actually, it is a procedure that does not involve queuing, going to an office or appearing for an interview. It is a very simple process and only takes a few minutes.

In addition, the form that you will have to fill out is in Spanish, for your convenience. On the other hand, to simplify the process when traveling with your whole family, you should know that it is possible to request the eTA for several travelers at the same time, through a single form. 

In the case of minors, it is important to know that children also need their own eTA, so if you are traveling with your children, even if they are babies, you must request it for each one of them. 

Another advantage of this type of procedure is that it offers a very quick solution. The request is processed immediately after it has been submitted and the response is obtained by email. In fact, on many occasions it is granted on the same day, with few cases in which said response could be delayed and require a period of approximately 72 hours. 

Once the authorization is obtained, it is linked to the passport. Hence, it is not necessary to attach other documents when traveling and they will not be requested when boarding the plane or going through inspections. Also, once the eTA has been granted, the airlines are able to verify it within just 15 minutes after the resolution, so you will not have any setbacks to acquire your travel tickets. 

If you make the decision to travel to Canada at the last moment, it is also possible to request an urgent eTA, you just have to check the box that is attached to the normal form for these cases and pay the difference, since this type of procedure has a cost additional 17.5 euros. 

If you need more information about the authorization and how to obtain it, you can find it at the following link eTA Canada.

Some places of interest in Canada 

Now, if you need some options to visit Canada, we present some of the most attractive alternatives that you could enjoy with your family. 

Theme parks

 –Fort Edmonton Park 

This place offers a real trip back in time to see what life was like for pioneers in Canada 150 years ago. 

Its steam train ride is one of its main attractions. In addition, you can live the experience of baking bread and watching traditional games. 

 – Canada’s Wonderland 

For those who prefer to spend a few hours enjoying seasonal attractions and some mechanical games, this may be the ideal place. It is open from May to the end of October and is one of the most visited parks in North America. 

 – Butchart Gardens 

Regardless of whether or not you like flowers, you will surely find this place to be one of the most charming. In summer it is also possible to enjoy musical and visual shows. 

Natural parks 

 – Jasper 

This park offers views of waterfalls, lakes and glaciers, as well as beautiful trails through the forest. When visiting in winter you can also ski and slide down Marmot Basin. 

 – Banff 

Among snowy rocky mountains, this park is one of the most beautiful and attracts the largest number of tourists. An unmissable stop is Louise, with its beautiful Fairmont Chateau. 


In Vancouver, Toronto, Quebec and Ottawa there is much to see. These cities concentrate a large number of museums, picturesque avenues and also places of contrast that allow you to compare the modern style with the wonders of Victorian architecture.

We hope that this information has been of interest to you and is useful for planning your next vacation. 


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