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Knowing how to type on a computer keyboard seems like a daily activity that anyone can do, but not all of us are as fast and precise as we should be, which is why typing games and programs for children are interesting, since they allow them to develop a skill that will be useful throughout life.

During the last years, we have witnessed a discussion between experts who have not reached a consensus on whether children should continue to learn to write by hand or instead learn to type. In fact, Finland and Norway are two European countries that we can mention as examples, since some of their schools are completely digital, so they do not teach manual writing.

There are those who think that writing texts by hand is obsolete, therefore, it is not worth all the time and effort required for children to learn to use pencil and paper, while learning to type is much easier. and computers are attractive to children.

However, Professor Audrey van der Meer, a researcher at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), has carried out studies in this regard, expressing concern that at some point there will be entire generations of people unable to write to hand.

In light of these conflicting scientific opinions, it is possible to infer that both forms of writing are important. Although handwriting represents a milestone in the communication systems of the human race and is crucial for the development of fine motor skills in children, it is also true that today we use the computer much more than pencil and paper.

Educational games to improve writing on the computer

It is well known that native children in the so-called digital age are more skilled with technological devices compared to contemporary adults. However, this does not mean that they type better or faster than their parents on a computer keyboard. On the contrary, the same children who manipulate the computer keys very quickly when playing online, are also unable to write quickly a task for school, so we can see them typing with only one finger and observing each letter with fear of making a mistake..

Learning to write on the computer may be easier, but the school system does not always include a specific subject for children to develop this skill. Many times, educational centers are limited to sending children home with a lot of activities that they must write on the computer, assuming that nowadays all children know how to do it.

This is where educational toys acquire a fundamental value in the training of the little ones in the house and for this we adults can help them look for typing games, where children have access to an explanation of the computer keys and improve their technique to speed up writing in digital media. Here are some apps and courses that can help you fix the problem.

1. Rat type

This is a typing course that is useful for both teachers and students. Access is through a small test to determine the child’s level according to the number of correct words they can write per minute. In addition, it explains different movement and posture techniques, as well as tips and tricks to improve. It is divided into three levels; Silver, Gold and Platinum, that is, low, intermediate and professional.

2.Scary Witch Typing

If you want your child to learn to type on the computer with a free online typing game, this could be a good option. It’s very simple, you just have to hunt some witches that come flying, for this you have to press the letter that each witch has. As you progress, this game demands increased finger agility.

3. Typing Club

If you are looking for typing for kids free, this can be a good option, although there is also a paid version that offers more options. Typing Club allows children to learn to use the keyboard and has a very friendly interface where each lesson is explained in detail. In addition, the classes are full of typing exercises and games that invite you to practice what you have learned.

4.Alpha Attack

This is a very fun game to practice typing, since it is about some bombs that fall from the sky and must be detonated by the child before falling to the ground, to do so he must press the indicated key, but quickly, since the time play against. 


This typing course for kids consists of a sci-fi adventure story, so it’s a video game at the same time. It is made up of 20 modules and at the end students must pass a test to see the level reached.

6. Mechanet

It is a typing program that has several lessons in which the level of difficulty increases. In addition to timed tests and interactive games, it also offers many basic typing exercises to learn which finger to press each letter with.

7.Rapid Typing

This program to learn typing is indicated to help the little ones of the house to improve the precision when typing on the computer. It consists of combining groups of letters, then forming syllables and later increasingly complex words.

8. Moon Type

If your child asks how to learn typing, you can offer him this simple game. It is about some ships that intend to invade the moon, each one has a name, so the child must write it quickly and press the Enter key before it is too late.

9. Speedactile

This game is for children, youth and adults, it consists of typing texts to make a dinosaur ride forward, mistakes make the dinosaur stop, so it is necessary to correct quickly. In addition, it allows you to compete online with other users.

10. Type the tone

This game combines music with writing. The child must press the letters that appear on the staff to help the guitarist find the correct pitch. It is divided into 3 levels of difficulty, so it is suitable for different ages.

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