Urban Trike Soft tricycle: an educational toy for the little ones in the house

Acquiring a baby tricycle is not a task that can be carried out lightly, since it is a product that, more than a toy, is a means of pedagogical and psychomotor development for our little ones. For this reason, we cannot base our purchase criteria solely on the aesthetics of the structure, so it is necessary to delve a little deeper into the benefits offered by the manufacturer through said product.

A company dedicated to the production and marketing of children’s tricycles with high quality standards is Moltó, which has a long history and a strong position in the market.

This is because their tricycles are more than just toys, since they have been developed by a specialized team, in charge of studying the main needs of the child, with respect to this transition stage that they experience in the first years of life.

Let us remember that in this period of time they begin to explore the world that surrounds them, for which they need an adequate means of transport so that they can have fun outdoors, feel safe when moving around, exercise their bodies, socialize with other children by playing with their tricycles, create a closer bond with their parents, among other aspects.

Moltó Urban Trike Soft

Moltó’s shopping catalog is quite extensive, but today we will review a model that is generating great comments among users. Urban Trike Soft is a tricycle with an anatomical design, safe and with a modern aesthetic, which will allow the little one to enjoy a pleasant and fun ride. Its positioning in the market for children’s items is notable, obtaining a series of positive comments from those who have opted for products with the Moltó quality seal. But let’s know a little about this product:

Age range

This tricycle has been developed to adapt to the body of the child from 10 months of age and up to a maximum of four years. Of course, everything will depend on the weight of the infant.

Format and manufacturing

The structure has a format of 87 x 49 x 98 centimeters and its weight is only 5.5 kilograms, making it easy for the child to manipulate, as he does not have to make a great effort when pedaling. Likewise, it will not inconvenience parents when transporting the structure or storing it, since it is compact and does not take up much space.

For its manufacture, high-end raw material was used, such as 20% iron with anti-oxidation treatment and 80% robust polymer in shades of grey, black and red. This last material stands out for its pleasant soft touch, resistance to impacts and for being respectful of the environment, as it does not contain any type of toxic agent, which is quite convenient, since it will be in direct contact with the delicate skin of the infant.

Elements that make up the tricycle

Among other peculiarities of this model of the best baby tricycles of 2022, we cannot fail to mention the incorporation of an innovative steering mechanism, which will allow it to turn very smoothly when driving.

Similarly, its handlebar with plastic grips and chair with headrest stand out, offering both parts an ergonomic design that fully adapts to the child’s anatomy.

The pedals are removable and the three wheels have been made of silicone, so the child will be able to move on any surface with total confidence, since said material adapts correctly without suffering marked deterioration.

Also, attach a tray for placing some small toys and a polyester textile storage bag, in which you can carry some items for the child’s personal use such as his bottle, pacifier, wet wipes and a pair of diapers.

Security system

With regard to safety, you will find on the chair a practical harness with closure at the crotch and waist level. This piece is adjustable, depending on the child’s build and will prevent any type of unexpected slipping due to the constant movement of his small body. In addition, the tricycle has a fixed polymer part that surrounds the seat, designed to reinforce the safety system.

At the back of the tricycle is attached a control structure with a telescopic mechanism and its respective rubber grips, arranged so that the father can guide the trajectory of the little driver and block the turning system, so that he only pedals in a straight line.

Assembly and cleaning

This tricycle certainly requires a small assembly process, but for this it has been provided with its respective instruction manual, which details the step by step to carry out this task without major inconvenience.

It is an intuitive task, for which you will only need a screwdriver and some extra screws, in case there is insulation when screwing it in. For its part, cleaning is quite simple, being necessary to pass a damp cloth to remove dirt and dust accumulated after each day of play.

Benefits of the Urban Trike Soft tricycle

This tricycle offers quite specific benefits such as being able to promote the general motor skills of the child’s body when pedaling, holding the handlebars and being in constant visual contact with the environment in which it moves. It also allows you to intuitively coordinate each of your movements, a learning that is recorded in your memory for future experiences.

As if that were not enough, being able to drive the tricycle increases your confidence level and helps you integrate into the environment. With so many positive features, you should not hesitate to add this product from the Moltó house to your shopping list.

If you want more information about how to order this tricycle at a national or international level, the payment method by bank transfer or PayPal and to know how your data is protected, you should access the official website of the brand or subscribe to its newsletter, to know the monthly promotions and discounts applied.

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