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Main advantage:

It is a product that has a wide variety of interactive games. In addition, it is very colorful and versatile, so its level of functionality is appropriate to allow the smallest of the house to enjoy moments of fun and happiness.

Main disadvantage:

To mention a downside about this product, it should be noted that the wheels could have better grip, since they are very smooth. What could be a small inconvenience when using it.

Verdict: 9.7/10

It should be noted that with the purchase of this ride-on your baby will be able to enjoy several educational aspects that will help him with his development significantly.

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Main Features Explained



Ride-ons have always been manufactured with the fun of the little ones in the house in mind, which is why at the time of purchase you must take into account many special characteristics to acquire the best among all, starting with its design, since This should be striking and of quality, so that your baby feels attracted to said toy.

In this sense, the Baby model sponsored by the Vtech brand has been specially designed to accompany your little one from his first steps thanks to its unique design, which will allow him to play in many ways while always having fun.

It is important to mention that this ride-on has dimensions of 53.3 x 13.3 x 38.4 centimeters, so it is considered a model with a special size so that your baby can use it without any inconvenience. Likewise, we are talking about a product with a total weight of 2.8 kilograms, therefore, it can be considered light and therefore easy to handle.

To mention other details about this ride-on, you must take into account that for its operation it requires the use of two AA batteries, which in turn are included in the package so that you do not have to incur additional expenses. It can also function as a ride-on and as an activity center, making it very versatile.

As for the manufacturing material included in this product, it is of great quality and resistance, being 100% plastic that, in addition to having a good finish, will provide your little one with a long useful life. According to its manufacturers, the ride-on is recommended for use by children aged from 9 months to three years.

educational aspects

There are different types of ride-ons available on the market, each with a different price as well as variable functions that ultimately make it very functional and practical. Some models even have educational aspects that are highly valued by mom and dad. In this way, if you are looking for a toy that, in addition to being fun, helps your baby with her development during growth, then you will have to verify very well the type of advantages offered by the model that most attracts your attention.

It should be noted that the VTech brand stands out among many for the variety of educational aspects that it includes in its models, since it has always focused on providing the customer with the highest quality products.

In this sense, while using this ride-on your little one will be able to enjoy proper motor development, since the ride-on facilitates the child’s gross motor development and additionally helps him with regard to taking his first steps. Likewise, the fact of having large keys in its design provides your baby with a considerable improvement in his motor skills.

On the other hand, there is the development of language, this being very important since your little one could learn new words, as well as voices and sounds that they will undoubtedly be encouraged to imitate and repeat over and over again. We cannot ignore sensory stimulation, this advantage being of great importance since the child will be able to sharpen their ears with fun melodies, voices and sounds, as well as bright lights and colors that, in some way, tend to attract attention, thus stimulating their vision..

Finally, with the use of this ride-on your child will be able to discover and learn many colors, as well as numbers, shapes and animals easily.



Among so many details, we must not overlook the functionality that a toy can offer your little one, since it will depend on it that said product can be of great educational and fun value for your little one.

In this sense, due to the level of functionality offered by the VTech brand Baby model, it could be considered the best ride-on available on the market. Well, first of all, your baby will be able to enjoy the activity panel mode, which has a multitude of special objects to manipulate and explore. Likewise, it is removable so you will only have to slide the closure button available on the structure of the ride-on and it will come out easily.

Another way to use this ride-on is the walker style since it has 4 wheels that can be used as your little one grows once they gain confidence as well as gaining the necessary strength to start walking. In this way, this model can serve as a support for your baby, being present in her first steps.

Finally, it is important to mention that this ride-on has an appropriate speed control system to keep your little one always protected from any incident that they may experience using this toy.

This system has a speed control mechanism on the rear wheels, so it is recommended to use the number one position for those babies who are just beginning to take their first steps, since the wheels will not turn quickly. Now, position number two is aimed at those little ones who already have a considerable level of dexterity, since they will be able to use the ride-on and move freely.

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