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Main advantage: 

The best thing about this product is that it has quite a variety of activities to adapt to different ages and provide an appropriate difficulty for each child. In this way, the toy can be used by children of different educational levels.

Main disadvantage: 

The screen on this VTech toy is considered a bit small compared to other kids’ electronics. However, it is large enough to be able to see all the letters and drawings correctly.

Verdict: 9.8/10

With the VTech seal of quality, this toy is equipped with everything necessary to be of benefit to children. With the artifact they can have fun and learn in a comfortable and practical way.

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Main Features Explained

educational fun

The reason why this product can be considered as one of the best educational toys is because it is designed for children to learn different subjects simultaneously and with ease. That way, while the little ones are having fun, they will be absorbing valuable information.

This toy comes with various educational activities divided into different subjects: language, mathematics and science. In addition, it also brings some games that are divided into skills: logic, creativity, and mental challenges. In total, there are 80 games that will cover different skills. Children will be able to learn how to spell, expand their lexicon, improve their math skills, train their memory and also draw as much as they want up to the product capacity limit of 350 creations. In addition to all this, the toy has a translator function and this will allow children to be exposed to English to learn a second language in a fun way. 60 English words are available to memorize.

In addition to all this knowledge, children will also begin to develop their coordination and fine motor skills. When using the keyboard, the agility of the fingers will improve and typing will be faster. By playing with this product, older children will expand their knowledge and younger children could take advantage of these teachings for their start to school.


Among the most common opinions of parents when expressing what they are looking for in educational toys for their children, versatility is always a relevant characteristic. Children usually want to take their favorite toys with them, for example, and that is why it is advisable to buy a product that can be used anywhere. At the same time, families with several children may want to buy a toy at a good price that works for everyone, even if they are of different ages.

Fortunately, in this case, VTech has taken all of this into consideration. For this reason, the toy meets these requirements. Weighing only 1.14 kilograms, taking the product everywhere will not be difficult and this portability is complemented by the fact that the device can be used in two ways, as a tablet or as a laptop, offering you comfort when moving. the toy.

On the other hand, this versatile and multifunctional toy will be able to adapt to the requirements and interests of children of different ages. Thus, everyone can entertain themselves with the product. The recommended age to start playing is 3 years old, however, children up to 8 years old can have fun with this device. This is possible thanks to its varied activities and its three levels of progressive difficulty.

Technical specifications

When it comes to electronic devices, the technical specifications of the product are very important aspects that can influence the purchase decision. These characteristics can be responsible for the functions of the toy to be executed properly, and can even determine the comfort when playing.

For this reason, VTech is a brand that stands out for providing the best in educational games to its buyers and, in this case, this product stands out for its quality. Dimensions of 30.8 x 6.6 x 40 cm give children the comfort they need to use this product, which is powered by 3 AA batteries. The screen comes in color to offer images with good details and around it you can find eye-catching drawings about the different activities available.

In addition to that, the toy comes with a QWERTY keyboard with the right size for children and this is quite intuitive, since its functions are written on each key. The keyboard has 10 numbers and 27 letters and, being the Spanish version, everything is configured in that language so that its use is easier for the little ones. Finally, the instruction manual included in the purchase will allow you to quickly familiarize yourself with the toy.

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