Water games

On the hottest days of the year, the little ones in the house want to spend a lot of time in the pool. However, after a few days it is possible that the games are exhausted and they feel bored, which is why it is worth reviewing some fun ideas to play with water in summer.

Water games are great fun, but they can also be especially useful during hot days, for this reason, we want to share some of the most popular among children.

1. Water horses

This is a good alternative if you don’t know water games for children and it is played as a couple. One of the children must play the horse and the other the rider. As a general rule, the big kids carry the little ones. A wide space without obstacles is necessary, being necessary that in one of the ends some empty buckets are placed, while in the opposite side they must be filled with water. When the game starts, the rider must take a bucket full of water , get on the horse and carry the bucket to the other end and use the water to fill one of the empty buckets. The winning couple is the one that manages to fill the most cubes in a given period of time.

2. Frozen!

Kids love water balloon games, and this is one of the most fun as it can be played in large groups. One of the children should be randomly selected to hold the balloon, the others will circle around it. The chosen one must throw the balloon to one of the children shouting her name. While the balloon is in the air, the other children must flee from the place. If the child manages to catch the balloon, he must shout: Frozen! Children who are escaping must stop and hold still. The player who has caught the balloon must throw it to one of his teammates to wet it. 

3. Waiters on the battlefield

Among the summer games for kids, this is one of the most exciting. The total of children is divided into 2 teams, some are the bombers and others the waiters. The latter must each carry a glass of water on a Frisbee disk, balancing with an outstretched hand, like a waiter carrying a coffee . The distance can be about 10m or whatever the available space allows to carry the glass from one end to the other. However, it won’t be easy, as members of the opposing team will be along the way, throwing water balloons to make the cups fall. Afterwards, roles are changed to see which team manages to transport the largest number of glasses of water.

4. Human pipeline

Team games for children are more fun if there is water involved. To make the human pipe, all you need is cooperation, plastic cups, buckets and lots of water. You can make 2 or more rows that will be the teams. Each child should have an empty plastic cup. At the beginning of the row there will be a bucket full of water and at the end an empty one. The first child in line must take water from the bucket with the plastic cup and pour the content over the second child’s glass, trying not to spill water. In this way, until the last child pours the water into the bucket that has been empty. The team that gets the most water through the pipe and fills the bucket wins the game.

5. Hula-hula aquatic

This is one of the most refreshing water games for summer, since it is impossible to play it without getting soaked. However, it is necessary to know how to play the hula-hula. The goal is for several children to spin their hoops while receiving and passing a water balloon. The child who drops the balloon must leave the game. If the balloon bursts in his hands, he is also eliminated. Younger children or those who do not know how to use the hula-hoop can play by passing the balloon at a distance of 1.5 to 2 meters .

6. Wet Siamese Race

This relay race for children is played as a team. Each group must have 2 pairs. The first couple carries a water balloon supported only by the foreheads of the two children. At a certain point the other couple must be waiting to take over, for this they can use their hands to position the balloon between their foreheads and follow the path to the goal. If the balloon bursts on the way, the pair must go back to get another one and start over. The team that moves the most balloons from one end to the other wins. 

7. A heavy load

The great thing about cube sets is that you don’t need a lot of materials. In this case, several teams of 3 people, some small buckets with handles and a broomstick are needed. One of the 3 children must place the broomstick horizontally behind his head, at the height of the trapeze, the other 2 teammates will place a bucket of water on each end of the stick. The child must balance the cubes to the finish line . The team that does it in less time wins the game.

8. Water tunnel

This is one of the most fun water activities to do in summer. The group should be divided into 2 teams to make two lines, facing each other, forming a tunnel 8 to 10 m wide. Each child will have a water balloon, and one of them will be chosen at random to try to go through the tunnel without being hit by the balloons.

9. The wet potato

In one round, children must pass a water balloon from hand to hand while another randomly chosen participant leads the game. The child with the balloon must look and name her partner as a warning before passing the balloon to her. The director of the game will make a sound with a musical instrument, the indicated rhythm will mark the speed with which the children must pass the balloon. Whoever drops the balloon is out of the game

10. The hidden treasure 

This game requires immersion, so it is suitable for children who have developed this motor skill. It is about throwing heavy objects to the bottom of the pool, the child who gets the most, wins the game. An alternative is to use montessori toys that float in the water for younger children. 

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