What happens at week 16 of pregnancy?

The 16th week of any woman’s pregnancy is considered a stage of great importance, since by this time the fetus is in the process of development and, for its part, the body of the future mother has begun to experience some changes on a physical level., hormonal and emotional.

Pregnancy is a stage for women that involves a series of changes in her body, so during this period of time she will gradually realize that she must assume a new identity, in which it is no longer just about her., but of the new being that is formed inside.

Studies indicate that pregnancy, week by week, can present significant advances in the development of the embryo, but also trigger other alterations in the mother. The 16th week of pregnancy is considered a period of great emotional and bodily changes for the mother, while the fetus’s organism is in full growth and its extremities begin to acquire mobility.

What happens at 16 weeks of gestation?

Certainly, the 16th week of pregnancy is highly commented on by mothers and specialists, due to the important changes experienced during this period. However, some first-time parents will surely wonder: 16 weeks of pregnancy, how many months is it? To which we must say that it is the fourth month of gestation.

By then, your belly may be a little bulging, although some women may take more months to show such a physical change, which could make them think they are not pregnant. If this is the case, the recommendation is to use a pregnancy test, which is a fairly reliable method.

Next, we mention some of the main changes that occurred, both in the body of the future mother and that of her baby, during 16 weeks of gestation.

Changes in the woman

Regarding the woman’s body, during these first four months of pregnancy, a series of stretch marks could begin to form in the abdominal area, thighs, breasts and lower back. Similarly, the vulva will change color, becoming bluish and slightly swollen, while the vagina will be more flexible than usual.

In addition, there is the issue of discharge called leucorrhoea, which could cause some infections to be treated immediately. It is a product generated by placental hormones, whose body is white and thick.

Also, the woman will experience a greater sexual appetite, because at 16 weeks of pregnancy she will be much more comfortable and with less discomfort to share with her partner.

On the other hand, there is the considerable reduction in the percentage of folate, pyridoxine and riboflavin, which are three vitamins whose absence in the body encourages the appearance of dental caries. Likewise, estrogen levels increase, being responsible for hypersialorrhea or excess salivation in women.

Changes in the fetus

For its part, the 16-week fetus also undergoes important changes, since, for example, at that time it has adequate mobility in the area of ​​​​the hands, while its face is capable of making some subtle gestures, due to the fact that the muscles of that section of the body have developed during pregnancy week by week. In fact, these aspects can be easily observed in a 16-week ultrasound.

In addition, the follicle begins to form on the baby’s skin, the thyroid gland appears on the tongue, the kidneys are just beginning to function and the nails, both of the hands and feet, are in the process of formation. Similarly, nerve cells and the digestive system are beginning to develop, while the embryo’s heart barely pumps a maximum of 23 liters of blood daily.

Also, it is important to comment on how big a fetus is at 16 weeks, since health experts assure that, by this time, the creature should have acquired an approximate size of 11 and 18 centimeters, and could weigh between 100 and 150 grams. Of course, these measurements may vary considering that the size of the fetus per week increases progressively.

Week 16 of pregnancy: Basic recommendations

During the 16th week of pregnancy, the woman’s belly is a little pronounced, which could cause inconvenience when sleeping and even driving the car. In this sense, there are some basic recommendations that could be convenient to follow.

We will start by commenting on clothing and footwear, which should be as comfortable as possible. Therefore, the ideal is for women to wear loose clothing and flat-soled shoes with a padded interior. In this way, you avoid promoting poor blood circulation.

Also, low back pain in pregnancy is usually frequent, so it is advisable to sleep with your face up and incorporate a soft pillow, just below your back, so that the pressure points generated in the uterus disappear. Likewise, you can fall asleep on your side.

When getting into a car, either to drive it or simply as a co-driver, it is necessary to verify that the seat belt has been adjusted correctly, that is, that it manages to immobilize the body of the future mother, without generating excessive pressure on the embryo..

In addition, if the woman were to suffer from insomnia, she should consult her family doctor and avoid the consumption of homemade infusions because, if she is not aware of the properties of the herb selected for the tea, this could affect the life of the fetus.

Changes and body care to have during pregnancy

The sudden hormonal change that is generated in the body of the pregnant woman brings with it a series of bodily alterations, which are quickly evident.

In this sense, we refer to a notorious dry skin, for which it will be necessary not only to consume the eight regulatory glasses of water, in order to keep the body hydrated. Similarly, it is advisable to apply an extra moisturizing cream or natural oil twice a day, which restores moisture and softness to the entire skin.

For its part, curly, wavy or straight hair could also experience dryness, become brittle and dull during pregnancy, for which you should apply a nourishing hair treatment at least once a week. Beyond the fact that it is the best hair mask, it will be enough that its active ingredients have the ability to penetrate deeply into each strand to hydrate and repair it.

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