What happens in the first month of pregnancy?

There are many doubts about when pregnancy is noticed in women, since each organism is different and, therefore, the symptoms suffered throughout pregnancy may vary. Nausea, fatigue, aversion to aromas or foods and the peculiar pregnancy belly, are only part of the physical changes.

A woman’s pregnancy period might seem uncomplicated, since day after day, for several months, the belly begins to grow and, in turn, the future mother will experience some bodily changes and other emotional ones. 

However, from the moment of ovulation, a long path begins inside, in which the cell nuclei of both the sperm and the egg unite, giving way to the creation of a new genetic code, to develop the life of another being. human. This occurs from a cell or zygote that, from the second day, will begin to reproduce until it reaches a complex cellular structure.

In addition, the 1-month-old fetus experiences a migration process, in which it must go from the fallopian tubes to the uterus, to give way to the nesting stage. This is a decisive process for the embryo, because it leaves the initial membrane that covers it and tries to penetrate the mucous membrane until it is completely surrounded.

By then, the egg will be four weeks old and the cellular system responsible for the progressive development of its organs should already have formed. Likewise, the growth phase of the placenta would have to be completed, which will allow the baby to enjoy the oxygen and nutrients necessary for feeding through the umbilical cord, which is directly connected to said membrane.

With regard to the placenta, it is worth noting that it is one of the first organisms to form around the embryo to protect it, and this arises from the action of the female hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, also known as the glandular product detected by the pregnancy test, to determine if you are pregnant.

Experts assure that, after 1 month of pregnancy, the embryo could measure an average of nine millimeters and even weigh approximately 0.5 grams. For its part, the weeks following the fourth, the fetus will grow its limbs and vital organs such as the brain, heart, spinal cord, lungs, among others, until it fully develops and its body reaches a length of 50 centimeters by the time it is born. moment of birth.

Know the symptoms of the first month of pregnancy

Beyond knowing how long a pregnancy lasts, it is important that the woman first knows the difference between period symptoms and pregnancy, since, sometimes, they can be similar, creating a bit of confusion. For example, some women in both cases often experience mood swings, sudden cravings, breast pain and nausea. 

However, these are mild and common symptoms, caused by the different hormonal changes, that is, the woman does not necessarily have to be pregnant to experience the signs mentioned above.

On the other hand, there are those who comment that there are symptoms of the first day of pregnancy and they are very noticeable, since the woman may have a small and unique bleeding, which occurs after the implantation of the egg in the uterus. Of course, this does not always happen, since we must bear in mind that each woman’s body is different, so some of them could have symptoms of pregnancy in the first month, symptoms in the first trimester of pregnancy or, on the contrary, have a quiet and asymptomatic pregnancy. However, the body has reactions that cannot go unnoticed. Next, we explain them.

excessive fatigue

Due to the increase in progesterone in the body, the woman will begin to feel tired and sleepy, which is considered the first sign of pregnancy.

Missed menstrual period

The loss of the menstrual period is another common sign, although it can sometimes be misleading, since it could be an irregular cycle due to a hormonal alteration and not a symptom of the first month of pregnancy.

larger breasts

The increase in the volume of the breasts, as well as sensitivity, are usually basic characteristics of a pregnant woman, since the hormones from conception undergo several alterations, which cause the body to change.

Inflammation in the nasal passages

The production of blood, together with the hormonal alteration in the woman’s system, cause a slight inflammation in the nostrils, which leads to dryness in that area and subsequent rupture of the blood vessels.

vaginal discharge

In the first months of pregnancy, white and dense vaginal secretions, known as leukorrhea, are common. This is a flow in the first days of pregnancy that, although it is common, must be treated quickly, because it could cause infections.

Slowing of the digestive system

If you are wondering how to know if you are pregnant from the first day, there are symptoms that are constant in 99% of future mothers. This is the slowing down of the digestive system, which will cause constipation.

food aversion

Food aversion is completely normal in any pregnant woman, since, once again, the hormones will generate alterations in her body, so that the sense of smell is sensitized, as well as that of taste. Thus, preparations that the future mother liked before could make her nauseated or, on the contrary, foods that she generally did not like, will become her favorites.

For this reason, it is not enough to know when the symptoms of pregnancy begin to be noticed, because sooner or later a dietary supplement will have to be incorporated into the daily intake, which is responsible for strengthening the defenses of both the child and the future mother. In this sense, folic acid and vitamin complexes are widely prescribed by obstetricians. It is also common for some to recommend the best spirulina in Spain, whose algae-based composition will strengthen muscles and provide a high percentage of fatty acids, minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins.

The entire process and symptoms described above are part of what any pregnant woman experiences, added to the growth of the belly of 1 month of pregnancy and changes in mood. However, not all signs and symptoms may appear in the same period, since many factors associated with the mother’s lifestyle influence it.

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