What should you know about your second pregnancy?

Pregnancy is an unforgettable and very special experience, which involves a series of physical, emotional, mental and social changes. Which are numerous, diverse and individual, that not only the woman lives, but also all those who surround her. In the second pregnancy the woman is more prepared, but many things will be new.

Many mothers agree that when they become pregnant for the second time, the question arises whether everything will be the same as the pregnancy of the first child. The reality is that the gestation of each woman is unique and unrepeatable, but some coincide in differences with respect to the first pregnancy.

Physical differences

  1. The belly . In first-time women, this becomes evident until the fifth or sixth month, while the belly in the second pregnancy can begin to be noticed in the third or fourth month, since the muscles of the abdomen are more relaxed and adapt quickly to the growth of the baby.. It is wonderful to show how the body changes from the first months of pregnancy and as the pregnancy progresses.  
  1. The movements of the baby . Many women feel the baby earlier in their second pregnancy. In the first pregnancy the movement is perceived between weeks 18 and 22, while in the second between weeks 14 and 18. This is because the mother has already experienced this sensation and easily recognizes it.
  1. The contractions . It is common for first timers to not know the difference between labor contractions and non-labor contractions, such as Braxton Hicks contractions . Later, mothers already know how to distinguish the signs of labor in the second pregnancy.
  1. The childbirth . Although it is impossible to predict, the second labor usually lasts less. Statistics indicate that if the first one lasts around 8 hours, the time of the second one is reduced by approximately half.
  1. The breasts . It is possible that the experience with the second child will be different than with the first, not only in the decision to breastfeed or not; some mothers have less tenderness in their breasts and do not increase in size as much.
  1. symptoms . It is appropriate to point out that some discomforts can become more acute in the second pregnancy, as is the case of back pain and pelvic pressure. For this, it is recommended to carry out some activities such as yoga or meditation and the use of a pregnancy belt.

Differences at the emotional and mental level

  1. Greater clarity . This is one of the advantages of having a second child, because in general the second pregnancy is experienced more calmly, since its perspective is not the same as in the first, and it is usually more positive. The experience is useful to them at the time of childbirth and breastfeeding.
  1. Greater enjoyment . Each experience is different, but many women enjoy their second pregnancy more, since although there are fears, these are usually carried with greater serenity, thanks to knowing the process and the sensations as the pregnancy progresses. New moments will come that will be unforgettable, such as when the arrival of the baby is announced to the older brother or when he speaks to him through his belly.
  1. New fears . Even if you already have previous experience, it is normal to have fears related to the health of the second child, its proper development inside the womb, and the time of delivery . Another factor that usually occurs is related to the firstborn, how she will receive and feel about the new member of the family. Likewise, you may have thoughts about your ability to love and care for both of them. Don’t worry, along with the baby comes strength and love, and if you don’t feel that way, don’t get frustrated, ask for help.

New changes

With the second pregnancy there are a series of changes in the routine and even in the way of seeing and experiencing pregnancy. When you already have a child, this is the one that determines in part the rhythm of day to day, according to her activities and needs, which results in the months of pregnancy passing faster.

Likewise, you have less time for yourself. It is possible that in the first pregnancy you have enjoyed relaxing activities such as aromatic baths, reading a book in a quiet environment or massages, but the reality is that in the second you do not have much time for that, since the eldest child is present and demands attention. Hence the importance of planning and asking for help, so that you can set aside time to connect with the little one within you, and also relax.

On the other hand, age is another factor that determines changes in the measures and recommendations given by doctors. Currently, women decide to be mothers at an older age, so it is possible to have a second pregnancy at 40 years of age, which will require greater control and attention during pregnancy .

You may also be interested to know that the symptoms of the second pregnancy in the first days may or may not be similar to those that occurred in the first pregnancy, such as morning sickness, food cravings or refusal, frequent urination, fatigue, changes in humor, swelling, constipation, headache, nasal congestion, among others.

A second pregnancy is a new experience, a good choice may be to focus on what we can control, such as our thoughts, taking care of ourselves, just as we take care of the family, and above all, enjoying ourselves as much as possible. each stage, not only to treasure it in the heart, but also to support other women who experience the miracle of life.

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