Yesterday today and always Harry Potter and his legacy

Through the books, movies, and marketing, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter has become a worldwide phenomenon. Currently this saga continues to be on the lips of all its followers with the new sequels and prequels that expand this fantastic universe.

For many, Harry Potter has become a classic of current pop culture that cannot go unnoticed. From the publication of the first novel in 1997, to the premiere of the first film “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” in 2001, many children, young people and adults have grown up simultaneously with this wonderful story, in which they delve into a world of magical adventures and secrets. And it is that this franchise has evolved to such an extent that in the market we can find everything from the agile golden Snitch, used in Quidditch matches, to Harry Potter legos inspired by different scenes from the film.


His books and the social context of history

As we have mentioned before, many users first discovered the wonderful story of Harry Potter when they were just a child, and grew up reading how their characters also matured over the years. In many bookstores, the saga continues to be the best-selling of this literary genre, being completed with another series of books that expand this magical universe, such as the “Hogwarts Library” collection, which is divided into three books, and the script for the play Harry Potter. Potter and the Cursed Child.

Now, believe it or not, the entire history of Harry Potter from the first to the last book, has a background where it touches on social and political issues, such as classism, slavery, defense of weak people and plurality of creatures, homosexuality (includes a homosexual relationship in the Fantastic Beasts sequel), racism, and death; as well as, it alludes to historical facts such as Nazism and its ideology of blood cleansing. When analyzing each book written by JK Rowling, we can realize that this author made multiple references in the books to her important social contexts, with a magical and fanciful touch; For this reason, this franchise is so popular, because it is intended for any type of audience, regardless of age or gender.

Movies and marketing

The Harry Potter books became enormously popular in the market, thanks to the fact that they were adapted to the cinema. The importance of these films today allows many children or young people, who did not grow up with the saga, to join as new followers of it. Most of them first get caught up in this magical universe through the movies, then delve into the pages of their books for more details and stories about their characters.

On the other hand, we must note that this saga does not go out of style, since with the premiere of the latest prequels the number of followers has increased exponentially, to the point that today more products, articles, games, video games have been created. for different consoles and amusement parks with this theme. Many companies have bet on this story, and have profited from it, creating endless objects related to Harry Potter. The demand is so overwhelming that in 2019 the Hogwarts castle considered the best lego Harry Potter won the title of best product at the Toy Fair convention held in London. 

Harry Potter at home

The Harry Potter franchise has developed a special free platform with which it seeks to spread a little magic in the daily lives of many children, young people and adults. The author of the books JK Rowling has launched a website called Harry Potter at home, in order to entertain fans of this magical universe, through articles, contests, activities, videos and puzzles. 

The platform also has a very popular section among users who are fans of the saga, where they can see how some of the actors, who gave life to different characters in the movies, such as Daniel Radcliffe, who played our favorite magician; and other famous artists in the film industry, such as Whoopi Goldberg, read different chapters of the books.

New adventures, new followers

In recent years with the release of the prequels “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” and “Fantastic Beasts and the Crimes of Grindelwald”, the Harry Potter universe has expanded its origins by creating stories that precede the life of the popular wizard we all know.. For this reason, more people have become hooked on this adventure, taking up the old stories of our favorite characters again, increasing the number of sales of their books, products, games, costumes and movies.

Harry Potter sparks curiosity and imagination

The Harry Potter books and movies introduce us to a fantasy world full of mythological creatures and spells cast in Latin, which arouse the curiosity and imagination of its readers. With recent movies, many children have wanted to learn classical languages; as well as knowing a little more about the Greek mythological beings and British and Scandinavian folklore that appear in them, such as the centaurs, the hippogriffs, the basilisk, the bicorns, the boggart, etc. We must also highlight that throughout history children will be able to learn values ​​such as friendship, loyalty, hope, courage, trust, and teamwork. 

In addition, we can say that Harry Potter is a franchise that does not discriminate against race, sex, or age. If you analyze each part of her books you will find scenes that refer to social, political and historical issues with which JK Rowling wants to make the reader aware. 

Finally, it must be concluded that this massive phenomenon is still in force today, becoming a literary and cinematographic classic that you will not want to miss. In addition, the saga promises to continue this legacy for a long time, leaving a positive mark in the hearts of its fans.

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