3 ways to link your iPhone to an old car radio

If you have an old radio and a very modern iPhone, it is not necessary to make very drastic changes to be able to connect them both. The only thing you really need is information on how to take advantage of the qualities of the two products by connecting them easily.

Many years ago, when cars began to be sold, the only objective that manufacturers had in mind was to create a suitable means of transport to get people from one place to another more easily. However, with the advancement of society, cars have had to adapt to modern needs that appear over the years.

Air conditioning in a car is essential today, but before it didn’t even exist. The car radio is also an additional device that was not added to cars for some time and now its use is so standardized that it has been adapted to new technologies, allowing you to connect other devices via Bluetooth and USB or AUX cables.

Having a good car radio connected to your mobile phone could turn monotonous hours of driving into a pleasant moment with your favorite music and can even help you drive better, making use of certain applications, for example. However, there are people who, despite having a state-of-the-art iPhone, do not have a suitable radio to use with it and miss out on the experience of driving with their mobile phone connected.

If this is your case and the old radio of your car makes compatibility with your iPhone impossible, there is no need to despair or buy a new radio to place in the console of your car, since there are solutions for this situation that will allow you to do the connection easily and without spending a lot of money.

Why is it a good idea to have a connection between radio and mobile?

Many people feel that it is not necessary to connect a mobile phone to a radio system, because, at the end of the day, a radio is for listening to music or stations. However, although it is not really mandatory to have this in your car, this simple additional complement can bring quite a few benefits when driving.

By having the radio linked to your mobile phone, you won’t have to settle for music from the stations or from a CD, because you can easily access YouTube or Spotify and listen to what you want on your car’s speakers. In fact, in this famous era for podcasts, you will also be able to access them and hear the interesting things that are really meaningful to you. However, this connection not only works for playing multimedia content, but could also keep you safe while driving when you need to do certain things.

You will be able to answer calls and talk with friends without being distracted from the road and without having to hold the phone in your hand, and, in addition to this, you will also be able to connect with applications such as Google Maps to be able to use the GPS when driving your car, avoiding getting lost.

These little things can make your time behind the wheel more enjoyable and, although they are not completely necessary when driving, they will make it a better experience.

How to connect your iPhone to an old car radio?

If you’ve already decided that you don’t want to get rid of your car radio, even though it’s old, but you still want to enjoy the benefits of connecting your iPhone to your radio system, then there are three things you can do to get there. One of them is to use a Raspberry Pi, and others are to buy an FM transmitter or a Bluetooth cassette tape.

The first is exclusive if you have prior computer knowledge or if you are going to hire someone who knows about the subject, well, if you have no idea about this little device, then you could have problems doing the installation. The Raspberry Pi is very versatile, as it works to complement computers, emulate games and even mount ISO images. It also serves as FM radio transmitter and Bluetooth receiver. Purchase this product and make the necessary connections to be able to link your iPhone to the radio. The product is the size of a small card and by doing a command line, while connecting via SSH to the local network remotely you can do the configuration.

The FM transmitter is an easier and cheaper method of connection. In your car’s cigarette lighter, regardless of the year and model, you will find a connector that, in addition to serving as a cigarette lighter, manages to transmit electricity inside the car to other devices. This transmitter, when connected, will allow you to link your mobile phone to the FM frequency of a station and this will work as a platform for playing the content of your iPhone. This includes music and also calls, as FM transmitters also have microphones.

Lastly, the Bluetooth cassette tape really is one of the most ingenious and creative inventions on the market. Despite being a little more expensive than other options, this small-sized product will make everything easier for you and will be your best ally on every trip. His structure has a receiver and a cassette tape, however this last piece is completely fake.

It is not a real cassette, although it seems, because it actually has a computer inside it that will process the connection of your iPhone to the radio. By inserting the tape, it will allow audio transmission when you connect the mobile phone to the corresponding port. This method will also allow you to receive calls, as it has a built-in microphone, just like other FM transmitters with more common designs. It is necessary to charge the appliance in order to give continuous use to the product. 

You will not need to look for which car radio to buy, because with these methods it will not be necessary to replace anything when driving. The only thing you will need is to adapt modern technologies to ancient artifacts. All in a short time and with incredible ease.

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