ALPINE SXE-1350S Reviews

Main advantage: 

The unique design in white with a striking contrast to the black border is the highlight, along with the fact that the system comes with 4 individual pieces instead of 2 like most of these products.

Main disadvantage: 

One drawback for this speaker system is the fact that its power rating is 25W, which is less than most similar products on the market.

Verdict: 9.7/10

This Alpine model, despite having been manufactured in 2010, still continues to speak for its sound quality and its resistant structure.

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Main Features Explained

excellent sound

When you decide to buy the best car speaker, surely the first thing you will notice will be the sound produced by the system that catches your attention. Knowing what the noise that comes from the speakers will be like without first hearing it is possible if you know what details you should pay attention to. 

Starting to read about the different powers of car speakers can confuse you, since not all of them refer to the power of reproduction in common situations, which is the data you should look for. This type of power is called nominal and, in this case, the model has 25 W, an adequate amount for systems made for cars. The peak power is what indicates the maximum power that can come out of the car speakers. This level can only be achieved for short periods of time, otherwise the speakers may be damaged. This power reaches 250 W in this product, but it is not recommended to reach it in normal or exceptional conditions, to preserve the useful life of the audio system.

The electrical power is 250W too, and this only refers to the audio input power supported by the speaker, which you don’t need to worry about.


The first thing you will notice, especially if you make a comparison of car speakers before making your purchase, is that, unlike models that only come with two pieces, this product works with 4 of them. If you decide on this model, your purchase comes with two woofers and also two tweeters separated from each other. This makes the system much more complete and can be adapted to different cars, without any problem and in a short time. 

Its structure not only stands out in its different style, but also in the audio it produces, since this is only achieved thanks to all the components working together. The frequency response has a range that goes from 60 Hz to 20 kHz and, in addition to that, the product has a sensitivity of 90dB, an appropriate amount for speakers of this type.

Its structure is two-way, like most car speaker systems, and, additionally, it has a passive type amplification. This means that, when amplifying the sound, the system will use a single path that makes use of a passive filter in order to separate the frequencies correctly.

As for the dimensions, the diameter of the largest speaker is 13 centimeters and, for its installation to be simple, it needs a mounting depth of 4.6 cm.


Despite being a product of the year 2010, this speaker system is still valued with good opinions due to details such as its good price, its excellent quality and its unique design that will make any car stand out. This Alpine model does not seek to integrate quietly into the vehicle, on the contrary, it seeks to stand out so that everyone notices that it is there. 

The first thing you can see, even from a distance, is that the inside of the woofers of this set of speakers is completely white. This style is complemented by the logo and the brand name in the central part, with a slightly darker color. The outer edge is black, which makes the contrast quite noticeable. On the contrary, the small tweeters are completely dark, except for the lower part, where the brand name is written in white. Large speakers do not have a grill. 

The materials used also contribute to the quality of the design, as this determines the quality and durability of the product. This model combines a natural fiber pulp cone with polymer foam for the woofers, along with Mylar-Titanium soft dome tweeters. 

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