Alpinestars GP Pro Reviews

Main advantage:

This model has an improved design and is capable of performing optimally both on and off the track. Something that is perceived both in the structure of the product and in its manufacturing materials and the comfort they offer you when driving.

Main disadvantage:

As with almost all real leather gloves, this is a product that requires a certain process of adaptation to the hand, although they are not excessively rigid in their approach.

Verdict: 9.9/10

A high-quality product, as befits a top-level brand, designed not only to protect you during the route but to give you greater mobility and comfort.

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Main Features Explained

Manufacturing materials

When it comes to looking for the best motorcycle gloves to ride, the truth is that we have to start by talking about the manufacturing materials. An aspect in which these Alpinestar motorcycle gloves stand out for an efficient and very interesting combination of materials, as we are going to see in this first section of our analysis.

The first of these “ingredients” is cowhide, which is found in most gloves and is also combined with goatskin inserts, in order to achieve a pleasant and comfortable protection environment. Something that is finished off with the parts made of kangaroo leather, which add extra flexibility to the piece when taking curves or better controlling your motorcycle.

All these materials are combined with a comfortable and pleasant textile interior, so that the gloves fit comfortably on the hand and do not pose a problem, even in the face of common problems such as sweat, heat or cold. Although we will talk about these issues a little later in detail.

hand protection

That Alpinestar gloves have favorable opinions among users is nothing new. Something in which the protection that gloves offer to the hand has a great influence. In this specific model, we are talking about a protection suitable for riding on the circuit as well as on the road, versatile and effective.

Specific protection begins with a rigid reinforcement on the knuckles, which offers high performance in the event of an impact. Something similar to what is provided by the lateral reinforcement of the glove and the slider on the palm, which protects you and prevents friction and abrasion, which are problems typical of falls or friction with the motorcycle’s fists.

But for you to enjoy maximum protection, which only the brand can offer, there are also other elements, such as the bridge between the 4th and 5th fingers, patented by the brand. It is finished off with TPU inserts on the fingers, for additional protection, as well as the DFS closure in the cuff area, to complete a product with which the rider’s own risks are not a problem.

glove comfort

Every good biker knows that gloves that are not comfortable are useless. For this reason, this model offers us a design with elements of high comfort and designed to improve your sensations. Something that is in line with the price level of this product and that is the third key point of it.

Among the elements that these gloves have to give you greater comfort, there are strategically located perforations to give you good internal ventilation and reduce the presence of sweat on the hand. It also has elastic inserts in the form of an accordion, both on the fingers and on the back, designed to better support the maneuvers you have to carry out during your route.

On the other hand, the glove incorporates an elastic panel in the palm area, with which to enjoy greater comfort and complete freedom of movement. Finally, the gloves include a Velcro strap on the wrist, which is therefore ideal for preventing the glove from moving while driving and causing any problems in this regard. In addition, this tape makes it easier to achieve adequate tension while driving your motorcycle.

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