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5W30 Oil – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

When it comes to taking care of our engine, oil is one of the most important and cheapest elements that we can use to give it better performance. This oil must have specific properties according to our engine, with 5W30 oil being one of the most common on the market, especially in high-demand engines. Oils that offer us good properties, such as Castrol Edge Professional LongLife III. A quality product, with a reinforced film that improves the level of lubrication and cooling of any vehicle. Something similar is offered by REPSOL ELITE LONG LIFE 50700/50400 oil, specially designed for Volkswagen group vehicles and which also has a good value for money.

The best 5W30 oils on the market

5W30 motor oil is one of the most used, especially in modern vehicles of a certain power. That is why it is not surprising that many users are interested in knowing which is the best 5W30 oil that they can find on the market. We are not going to give you a definitive answer, because it depends on many factors. But what we can offer you is a list of the best 5W30 oils of 2022, so that you are clear about what each manufacturer offers.

Castrol 5W30 Oil

Castrol Edge Professional LongLife III

When looking for the best 5W30 oil of the moment, the Castrol Edge Professional LongLife III product is one of the usual ones. A third generation oil with long life properties, so that it has a longer change period than other similar oils.

This Castrol 5W30 oil also includes an improved formula, in which the Titanium FST film is incorporated, capable of doubling the resistance of the lubricating layer. A product designed specifically for VW engines, but which is suitable for all types of high-level vehicles and demanding operation, being close to being the best 5W30 oil on the market today. It comes in a five liter can, also having a 1 liter can, for when you have to top up the oil level.

If you don’t know which 5W30 oil to buy, all you have to do is see the properties of this product, which we detail below.


Reinforced film: The reinforced film of this oil is ideal for better lubrication.

Long life: We are talking about a 5W30 Long Life oil, with which to extend its maintenance interval.

VW Standard: This 5W30 car oil meets the standards of the VW group, as well as other high-performance brands.

Ecological : The product has a neutral carbon footprint in its manufacture, to be more ecological.

Can design: The can design makes it easier to fill the car’s crankcase more cleanly.


Labeling: Labeling may vary from can to can, although the quality of the oil is the same.

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Oil 5W30 Repsol


REPSOL ELITE LONG LIFE 50700/50400 5W30 oil is another interesting product and comes from what is, for many users, the best 5W30 oil brand on the market. A synthetic base oil that has been developed to successfully meet the demands of any modern vehicle.

More specifically, we are talking about a 5W30 oil for diesel and gasoline engines, which complies with the standard established by the Volkswagen group for its vehicles. In addition, it is also a product belonging to the Long Life category, which means extending the oil maintenance interval, saving you money in the process. The oil has been optimized for operation in vehicles with particulate filters, reducing fuel consumption and vehicle pollution levels.

And as an extra, the product is among the cheapest, so it could well be the best value for money 5W30 oil of our chosen ones.

This 5W30 motor oil is one of the most recognized by users, for reasons such as those listed below.


Standards: This oil meets the standards of the VW group for its vehicles.

Long Life: It is a long life oil, with change intervals that reach 50,000 kilometers.

Particle filter: The oil adds extra efficiency to vehicles with a particle filter.

Price: Despite its multiple properties, the product is among the cheap oils on the market.


Seal : It is advisable to check the seal when the product is received, although more for possible shipping damage than for any other reason.

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Oil 5W30 Total

Total Quartz Ineo ECS

Within our selection, the 5W30 Total oil is another one that could not be missing. The chosen one has been the Total Quartz Ineo ECS oil, belonging to this new line of products from the French manufacturer, with which it updates its range to have what the most modern engines need.

Something that is perceived in the efficiency of the product, especially in regard to its operation with modern particulate filters, as well as other fundamental aspects of the lubrication and performance of any vehicle. Something that contributes to a cleaner operation of the engine, reducing polluting emissions during circulation.

All this in a synthetic-based product, so that the integrity of the oil is stable during the corresponding maintenance interval, from 15,000 to 20,000 kilometers, depending on the pattern of vehicle use.

We leave you some details with which it will surely be easier for you to know what this oil offers to your engine.


Renewed version: This renewed oil improves its lubricating properties and the performance of the most demanding engines.

PSA Standard: The oil has the standards of the PSA group, with brands such as Citroën or Peugeot.

Low emissions: The oil has a low emissions approach, which reduces fumes and pollution from the vehicle.


Packaging: Some user comments that the shipment could be improved, which may affect the integrity of the can.

Long Life: This oil does not have long life properties, and should be changed more frequently.

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Oil 5W30 Ford

Ford 14E9EC

Ford 14E9EC 5W30 oil is one of the best options to equip the engines of this manufacturer. Among other things, because this is the oil that is included as standard in the brand’s engines, and is also designed by the manufacturer itself, in accordance with its specific requirements.

This guarantees the user an oil suitable for what Ford engines need, giving better performance in any use of the vehicle. Something that can be seen in improvements such as reduced fuel consumption, less pollution when driving or a longer useful life of all engine components, thanks to high-quality protection. This synthetic base oil presented in a 5 liter can can be used in both gasoline and diesel engines, compatible with this 5W30 standard.

Give your Ford the oil it needs with this specific product, the characteristics of which we analyze below.


Own brand: We are talking about an oil manufactured by Ford itself, adapted to what its engines need.

Compatibility : The oil is compatible with all types of diesel or gasoline engines that use this standard.

Properties : The oil keeps the engine clean and reduces fuel consumption efficiently.


Cold start: Some users comment on problems with cold start, although due to its properties it is not something very frequent.

Use: In vehicles with a high thermal level or in very hot areas, it is necessary to replenish the oil more frequently.

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Oil 5W30 Elf

Elf 194910

We advance in our selection with the 5W30 Elf 194910 oil. An oil that belongs to the Evolution range of this French manufacturer, with which to have a high quality and performance lubrication. To do this, this product has a synthetic formulation with a long life and improved performance, in which everything necessary to squeeze the performance of your engine is not lacking.

An oil that has been specifically designed for Renault group vehicles, both conventional and those equipped with a particulate filter. It is also an oil that withstands high demands, whether in the city, on the highway or on the highway, reducing both the pollution generated and fuel consumption. A product presented in a traditional 5-litre can, which makes it easy to pour it into the crankcase.

Give your Renault an oil specially designed for its engine, the characteristics of which we analyze below.


Renault Standard: If you have a modern Renault vehicle, this oil meets the Renault standard.

Pollution : The oil reduces the level of pollution generated and is very efficient for vehicles with a particulate filter.

Compliance : This product complies with EURO V and VI standards, for further pollution reduction.


Engines: As an exception, it cannot be used in Renault 2.2 dCi engines, according to the manufacturer.

Long Life: The oil does not have Long Life characteristics, and must be changed every 20,000 kilometers at most.

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Oil 5W30 Motul

Motul Specific 504 00 507 00

Among the specific products for vehicles from certain manufacturers, we find Motul Specific 504 00 507 00 5W30 oil. A synthetic-based oil designed specifically for Volkswagen group vehicles such as Audi, Skoda, Seat and Volkswagen itself. An oil designed to keep the operation of the vehicle under control, as well as to comply with the EURO IV and V pollution standards, thus reducing the polluting emissions of the car.

It is also suitable for those engines that require lubricants with low ash, phosphorous or sulfur content, which also contributes to better care for the environment and the engine itself. This oil offers some flexibility when it comes to maintenance intervals, saving you money in the process. As for its presentation, it is made in a 5-liter can, in line with the other products we have on the market.

Give your engine everything it needs with this specifically formulated oil made by Motul.


Formulation: This product is specific for Volkswagen group vehicles, such as Audi, Seat or Skoda.

Pollution: The oil reduces the pollution levels of the vehicle, for better operation.

Performance: The product performs considerably in all types of vehicles under the Long Life standard.


Standard: The oil does not comply with the EURO VI standard, although it is not yet mandatory.

Consumption: Some user comments that the consumption of this oil is higher than that of other brands.

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5W30 Shell Oil

SHELL Helix Ultra

SHELL Helix Ultra 5W30 oil is another common product in any selection of this type of product. A high-quality synthetic-based oil, designed to protect all types of engines, both gasoline and diesel. This oil offers you a highly fluid protection system and a low level of ashes, so that the pollution generated by the engine is reduced.

It also has a high level of protection for the most sensitive elements of the engine, such as the EGR valves or modern particulate filters. In all these elements you will enjoy stable protection, within the operating parameters of the engine. Finally, we cannot forget its ability to keep the engine clean of residue deposits, through a powerful detergent function, which is already common in the brand.

Let’s see some more characteristics of this oil and everything it offers you when it comes to protecting your engine.


Post-treatment: The oil improves the treatment of gases, to leave your engine even cleaner.

Ash: This oil has a low ash content, making it ideal for vehicles with a particulate filter.

Smoothness: The quality of the lubrication generates better engine performance, smoother and more efficient.


Replacement: It is necessary to check the oil frequently if you circulate in very hot areas.

Intervals : As it is not long-lasting, it is necessary to carry out maintenance more frequently.

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Synthetic 5W30 oil


Synthetic 5W30 oil is very common in today’s vehicles. Among the existing offer, we find the CEPSA CESY5305 5W30 oil. A product that drinks from all the experience of the brand in the manufacture of this type of lubricants, adapted to the demands and requirements of the new times. A synthetic base oil with a reduced level of friction, thus offering an adequate level of lubrication and fuel savings during the route.

A product suitable for both gasoline and diesel engines, also serving to reduce the level of polluting emissions in any vehicle. Thanks to its synthetic base, the oil adequately maintains its properties over the kilometers, without excessive deterioration. Regarding its presentation, it is made in a traditional five-liter can, ideal for a complete oil change in your engine.

Let’s learn more about this oil and what it can offer you when it comes to protecting your engine.


Base: The synthetic base of the oil maintains the useful life of the product and its properties for longer.

Reduced friction: Thanks to its lubricating power, this oil reduces friction and slightly reduces fuel consumption.

Economic : The oil is situated within the economic products of the current market.


Standards : It is a general type oil, without meeting any specific standard beyond the mandatory ones.

High demand: Some users comment that it is not the best oil for high power and demanding vehicles.

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Oil 5W30 Petronas

Petronas Selenia WR Pure Energy

In our selection, the 5W30 Petronas Selenia WR Pure Energy oil could not be missing. This line is the one that this manufacturer offers to the highest power vehicles, giving the engine the necessary support to avoid problems during its operation.

An oil that maintains adequate stability at the different temperatures at which it works. A process in which engine parameters are also improved, with details such as 10% more power and torque support, 60% less NOX and particulate emissions, as well as 40% less carbon monoxide emissions.. In parallel, the oil maintains the strength and durability of the engine, significantly extending its useful life, no matter how much performance we demand of it and no matter how harsh the weather conditions are.

Give your engine maximum protection with this efficient 5W30 oil, manufactured by Petronas.


Pollution: Oil reduces the level of pollution in the vehicle by almost half.

More power: This lubricant adds 10% more power to the engine, also improving torque.

Fiat specifications: It is the product recommended by the Italian manufacturer Fiat for its vehicles.


Labeling: The labeling may differ from the usual, although this does not affect the quality of the product.

Can design: The design of the can does not help much to be able to pour the oil into the engine.

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Mobil 1 5W30 Oil

Mobile 1 151060 ESP

Mobil 1 5W30 151060 ESP oil is another of the classic products in today’s lubricant market. An oil designed to properly meet the basic requirements of this type of product, which helps you maintain the proper protection conditions for any compatible engine. We are talking about an oil manufactured with a fully synthetic base, so that the product maintains all its properties in a stable manner within the maintenance periods recommended by the manufacturer.

Properties that include a high detergent capacity, to remove dirt from the engine, or its ability to reduce the pollution emitted, as it works properly with modern injection systems and vehicles with particulate filters. Ideal therefore to improve the performance of the vehicle and help the environment when driving.

Know in detail everything that this oil offers you, within the usual quality of Mobil 1 products.


Detergent: The detergent properties of the product make it easy to maintain adequate cleanliness in the engine.

Pollution : The product helps improve the smoothness of engine operation and reduce pollution generated on the road.

Fuel saving: Thanks to the stability of the film and its performance, this oil reduces fuel consumption.


BMW Standard: This new oil no longer meets BMW requirements, and it is necessary to resort to the Super 3000 line.

Antiquity : Some users indicate that they have received an oil with a fairly old manufacturing date.

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Guide to buying 5W30 oils

Oil is one of the vital elements to maintain the good condition of our engine. This liquid keeps the engine well lubricated, reduces the friction of the metal parts, cools the engine and eliminates the remains of combustion. Such an important fluid that it is worth taking a closer look at a comparison of 5W30 oils before choosing a specific product. However, with the advice in our guide to buying the best 5W30 oil, it will be easier for you to find the perfect oil for your engine.

Shopping guide

Checking what we need

The first step we must take to buy one of these oils is to verify that it is really what we need. Something for which we can resort, first of all, to what the vehicle owner’s manual tells us. In general, 5W30 type oil is used in vehicles of a certain power and level, so if you have a modern and powerful vehicle, it is likely that your car will use it.

However, it is also important to take into account the conditions of the environment in which the oil is to be used. In Spain it is usual for temperatures to skyrocket in summer, so it is possible that the oil falls short in protection on the hottest days in the south of the country.

As a reference, this oil works at temperatures of up to -30 degrees, which is not a problem, but the maximum ambient working temperature reaches 30 degrees, which probably falls short in this summer season. So it would be convenient to verify if the product is suitable for what we are going to do with the car. In any case, this must be verified by a workshop professional, in order to know exactly what suits us.

manufacturer standards

Since we are talking about a high-quality motor oil, designed for vehicles with considerable demands, several vehicle manufacturers have decided to go beyond the standard and establish an additional standard for the oils they use in their vehicles. Something that is essential to fulfill considering how much your vehicle costs and the positive advantages of using the correct oil.

Among these brands are those of the Volkswagen group, which in their different variations establish certain models for which the use of an oil with a certain standard is required. Something similar happens with BMW, Ford, General Motors, the PSA group (Peugeot and Renault), as well as many other brands on the market.

The best way to know if your vehicle requires one of these more specific oils is to take a look at the manufacturer’s instructions. In any case, if your car is modern and has a particulate filter, there is a good chance that it will be. Especially if it is among the brands that we have previously mentioned.

special properties

In addition to the manufacturer’s standard and the oil itself, it is also a good idea to check what the oil offers us as an extra, since some products have specific properties that improve engine performance.

Among these functions we have those that include some oils to work better with vehicles equipped with a particulate filter. These oils remove more dirt and make that filter’s job easier, so they only have to remove the smaller particles. Something similar to what high detergent power oils do, which remove more dirt from the engine.

Another additional effect of these oils is the option to reduce fuel consumption, through less friction and smoother engine operation. Finally, some oils reinforce conventional thermal properties, so that in higher power engines, overheating is avoided on the road. They are little extras that can be interesting.

can format

As a final step, one aspect remains to be covered. We refer to the format or the amount of oil to buy. In case you want to completely change all the oil in your vehicle, it will always be cheaper to buy a whole 4 or 5 liter can than to buy small cans.

These smaller cans have a capacity of one litre, making them suitable for carrying in the car and refilling the oil as we go along. Among other things because these small cans are more manageable for filling and they are also interesting for not spending so much on a large can that, with the fillings, we are not going to take advantage of. Especially if we take into account that, once opened, the oil loses its properties.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Every how many km is the 5w30 oil changed?

The change interval for a 5W30 oil is not something that is measured by the type of oil itself, but rather depends on the base used. In general, this type of oil usually has synthetic bases, whose change is recommended around 15,000 kilometers.

In the event that said base is semi-synthetic, the oil should be changed every 10,000 kilometers, although this type of oil is used less and less. Finally, we have the so-called Long Life or long life oils, whose change reaches 30,000 or even 50,000 kilometers. In any case, we are talking about theoretical assumptions, since the real mileage will be given to us by the conditions of use and other parameters of the environment in which we use the vehicle.

Q2: Which oil is better, 10w40 or 5w30?

Well, the actual answer depends on many factors. On the one hand, the use of a certain oil, as far as the SAE scale is concerned, is given by the manufacturer. Therefore, this should be the reference to use. It is true that the 5W30 oil has a better cold start, but it has a higher consumption when hot, so that in summer it will surely spend more than its comparison partner. On the contrary, this is denser in summer, but it also makes starting a bit more difficult compared to 5W30, so in the end it all depends, as we have said, on what the manufacturer recommends and the surrounding temperatures.

Q3: Who makes Ford 5W30 oil?

Ford 5W30 oil is normally manufactured by Motorcraft. This company is a subsidiary of Ford created precisely to supply parts and spare parts to both Ford factories and its workshops, also offering these spare parts to the general public, through different channels. Since they are oils created specifically by the manufacturer, they are a great option to keep Ford vehicles in good condition, although any other oil that meets their standards can obviously be used.

Q4: Which oil is thicker, 5W30 or 5W40?

Following the SAE scale itself, obviously 5W40 oil will be thicker than 5W30. In fact, this 5W30 oil is the one that is usually recommended to use when the 5W40 oil is too thick due to the environmental conditions of the environment in which the vehicle circulates. Although this change should always be done after consulting the manufacturer or a specialized workshop.

Q5: Where to dispose of used 5W30 oil?

The 5W30 oil that we have removed from our vehicle should be deposited either in a clean point or in the place where we buy the new oil, which has the obligation to receive it so that it can be treated properly. It is key that we do not throw the oil in the conventional garbage and even less in the environment, since it is an extremely polluting waste.

Q6: What is normal 5W30 oil consumption?

5W30 oil has the drawback of being very fluid at high temperatures, so a high consumption of it in summer is reasonable. However, we are talking about no more than a liter every 10,000 or 15,000 kilometers. In the event that this oil is consumed a lot in winter or in a quantity greater than that indicated in summer, it will be necessary to review the vehicle system, as well as verify that the oil is adequate, it being perhaps advisable to consider changing to a 5W40, more dense and less fluid in the heat.

Q7: How to know if a 5W30 oil is in bad condition?

In general, there is no way to tell if a 5W30 oil is bad beyond what it looks like. If the oil is in its can, the appearance of an oil in poor condition is different from the normal honey color, presenting cloudiness, residues and a different color. If it is an oil that is in a vehicle, in general, it will be more or less blackish, although it will retain honey tones depending on its age. However, if the appearance is earthy, excessively sticky or a different shade, it may be in poor condition.

Q8: Why does water appear in 5W30 oil?

The presence of water inside the 5W30 oil that we have in our engine is a serious problem, since it shows the existence of a leak or communication between the cooling circuit and the lubrication circuit. The most dangerous option, because it is the most expensive, is that this mixture has occurred in the head gasket. In this case, it is necessary to disassemble it for its revision. The other option is for mixing to occur in the oil cooling zone,

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