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Antifreeze – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

The proper functioning of our vehicle depends on the care and maintenance we give it. Hence the importance of monitoring the temperature of the car, so that the engine does not suffer the consequences, such as overheating or freezing of its components in the winter time. For this reason, cars need antifreeze liquid, to absorb excess heat generated by the operation of the vehicle and maintain its fluid characteristics even at extremely low temperatures. To help you choose an antifreeze, we have selected two types with the best recommendations of the moment. One of them is the Motul Inugel Long Life, manufactured with organic bases, which offers a high level of protection and is capable of withstanding the highest temperatures with solvency. Also interesting is the Motorkit MOT3535 liquid, presented in formulas with different levels of Ethylene Glycol and that adjust to all kinds of operating needs.

The best antifreeze on the market

If you are looking for a good antifreeze to guarantee optimal operation for your car, we have compiled a list of some products with a detailed analysis of their characteristics and benefits for engine protection, considering the opinions and recommendations of users.

Antifreeze G12

Motul Inugel Long Life

The Motul Inugel Long Life product is everything you need to provide adequate cooling for all types of closed circuit engines with aluminum components and with a high level of demand. This compound is formulated with a series of high-level organic bases, which make it easier to properly render the vehicle. 

The liquid can withstand temperatures of up to 145 degrees without boiling or 37 degrees below zero in extreme cold conditions. A comprehensive approach in a formula free of phosphates, amines or other unwanted components, which helps maintain the good condition of the liquid and also improves its durability. 

The end result is optimal protection for the most demanding engines, which prevents inconveniences such as pitting or fluid leaks. The product is presented in a five-liter bottle, enough for most current vehicles.

We take a closer look at all the operating parameters of this antifreeze and what it can do to protect your vehicle.


Base : This product is made with high quality organic bases, which increase the durability of the liquid.

Temperatures : This oil is capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 145 degrees in its heating, as well as -37 degrees, when the cold presses.

Aluminum : This compound is ideal for modern engines with aluminum components, in which the coolant prevents oxidation and wear.

Pitting : The oil has a composition that prevents the pitting effect, consisting of wear caused by cavitation.

Standards : The liquid complies with the most current standards, such as UNE 26-361 or SAE J814, among others.


Dilution : Compared to products that are applied without further ado, this requires a 50% dilution with demineralized water.

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car antifreeze

Motor kit MOT3535 

Motorkit MOT3535 car antifreeze is an efficient and affordable option, with which to adequately protect those vehicles that do not have special requirements. And it is that the range of this brand has both a classic cut product, which limits protection to 4 degrees below zero, as well as two organic versions that reach -34 degrees of protection. 

All these versions are presented with their corresponding colors, according to the usual standard, which makes it easy to detect possible leaks. It also offers an adequate composition, based on different percentages of Ethylene Glycol, both in the conventional and organic versions. Therefore, its durability is higher than conventional antifreeze or those manufactured with simpler approaches. 

All antifreezes are presented in 5 liter cans and, as we have been commenting, they have an adjusted and very reasonable cost.

Let’s know some more details of this product, designed to improve the performance and protection of your vehicle.


Composition : The product has an elaboration with Ethylene Glycol as a base, varying its proportions according to the level of protection of each version.

Durability : Thanks to its composition, it is a liquid that lasts longer than traditional compounds.

Color : Each version has its standard color, which makes it easier to detect possible leaks.

Presentation : The presentation in a five-liter bottle is enough for almost any vehicle.


Range : This antifreeze only has two levels of protection: one of -4 and another of -34 degrees, without any intermediate option between these two approaches.

Cleaning : If you opt for an organic version and use conventional antifreeze and vice versa, you must change all the liquid and clean the circuit.

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Antifreeze G13

Febi Bilstein G13 38201

This Febi Bilstein brand radiator antifreeze stands out for contributing significantly to the effective cooling performance of the car engine in any operating condition and adapts to all climates, offering effective protection against the effects of freezing in a proportion of down to -52ºC if properly diluted with distilled water.

With this G13 antifreeze you will not have problems with the oxidation of the metal parts inside the car. Additionally, it also helps to increase the boiling point, protecting the engine from the effects of overheating, making it ideal for use in the summer season, being recommended by some users as the best antifreeze.

Buying this G13 coolant is a guarantee of the most advanced protection technology for your engine, but if it also comes from a trusted brand such as Febi Bilstein, it is an almost safe bet, because many consider it to be the best brand of antifreeze.


Ecological: It is a product made from ethanediol and glycerin that is less harmful to the environment than glycol, so it is more ecological.

Presentation: This product has a purple visual appearance and comes in a practical 5-liter presentation that facilitates its dosage.

Protection: It is effective against freezing and also offers optimal protection against overheating, because it provides excellent cooling. In addition, it protects against lime deposits and corrosion.


Concentrated: It is designed to be diluted with distilled water, because it is very concentrated, but the proportion will vary according to the maximum freezing temperature you want for your car.

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organic antifreeze

Motul Inugel Long Life

If you want to know which is the best antifreeze you can find on the market, we recommend the Motul Inugel Long Life fluid, which is a long-lasting organic antifreeze, specially formulated for closed cooling circuits, thanks to the action of its anti-oxidant agents. organic type that provide greater stability to the formula, protecting the engine elements for longer.

Likewise, this blue antifreeze is recommended for those services that require severe care, as well as for open cooling circuits, since it has a high degree of concentration of components such as monoethylene glycol that ensures an optimal level of protection, both against boiling reaching a temperature of up to 125ºC, as against freezing, maintaining fluidity up to temperatures of -18ºC.

If you want to know which antifreeze to buy, you have to review the advantages and disadvantages of this Motul antifreeze, because it offers long-lasting protection and high concentration.


Uses: This antifreeze can be applied to all types of gasoline or diesel engines, being perfect for cars, trucks, motorcycles, tractors, boats and public works machinery.

Technology: Inugel Long Life uses an organic technology that is responsible for reducing the temperature of the engine, so that it remains stable and maximizes its power.

Long-term: With this product, optimal long-term protection against corrosion is ensured, it prevents lime deposits and protects the gaskets and motor circuits.


Water: To guarantee the protection and optimal effect of this coolant, you cannot mix it with other liquids, and if you add water to dilute it, it is recommended that it be demineralized.

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pink antifreeze

Repsol MQ 50%

Repsol MQ 50% antifreeze is formulated based on ethylene glycol in its composition, with anticorrosive and antifoam additives, as well as organic inhibitors, which are responsible for effectively protecting the metals of the engine against corrosion, mainly components made of aluminum and other alloys, which may be present in the cooling system.

Keep in mind that although this pink antifreeze can be used in any type of cooling circuit, be it copper, aluminum or cast iron, its use is mainly recommended in high pressure aluminum engines, where an increase in cooling is needed. the protection of components subjected to high temperatures, which is why it is among the best antifreezes of 2022.

Repsol is a brand that is considerably concerned with manufacturing important products for the protection of our car’s engine, which is why it has earned a place as the best antifreeze brand in our selection.


Stability: This product has a high stability of the organic inhibitors used in its formulation, which significantly reduces its degradation.

Ecological: This coolant does not contain amines, phosphates, nitrites, borates and silicates, so it is friendly to the environment.

Organic: It is a product with additives with inhibitors that are completely organic, providing excellent protection against corrosion of all types of metal.


Change: Although this fluid has high stability and is durable, it is recommended to change all the coolant after 5 years, even if the indicated mileage has not been reached.

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Antifreeze G12 plus

Kraffit Energy Plus 50

This G12 plus antifreeze is of the organic type and offers high protection benefits, since it is for direct use and its freezing point can reach up to -37ºC, which is why its high antifreeze level stands out.

In addition, it is a product formulated based on ethylene glycol and anti-cavitation, anti-lime, anti-foam additives, organic corrosion inhibitors, as well as a neutralizing reserve, being chemically stable which allows it to have a long period of use without deteriorating.

All these components are responsible for protecting the different metallic elements that are in the cooling system of internal combustion engines, such as aluminum and light alloys, as well as the radiator and the water pump.

As it is a biodegradable product that complies with the standards of vehicle manufacturers, this antifreeze is especially recommended for Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda vehicles, among others, being considered by many users as the best antifreeze of the moment.


Specifications: We are talking about an antifreeze that fully complies with the safety specifications of the main car manufacturers on the market, so it does not contain amines, nitrites, phosphates or silicates.

Additives: It has various types of additives, among which we highlight anti-cavitation, anti-foaming, anti-limescale and neutralizing reserve, which together protect the engine, the water pump, the radiator and the entire cooling circuit.

Quality: This is a great quality antifreeze. because it has a 50% concentration and can be used by most Volkswagen brand cars (Audi, Seat, Skoda, VW), compatible for any province in Spain and in any season of the year.


Car tank: It is important that you are sure that your car needs this product, so if you decide to buy it, you must clean the car’s cooling tank very well.

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motorcycle antifreeze

Castrol Motorcycle Coolant

Motorcycles also need a coolant for their radiators and probably the best product for them is Castrol Motorcycle Coolant, because it is a pre-diluted fluid, formulated based on ethylene glycol, which is responsible for transmitting heat effectively and is developed to meet the specifications required by motorcycles and scooters that are powered by a water cooler.

Regarding its antifreeze performance, we can mention that this antifreeze for motorcycles can reach a temperature of -25ºC, so it is highly efficient up to that level of freezing, being considered by some as the best antifreeze of the moment.

Likewise, it is efficient in the face of corrosion problems, providing long engine life, and offers outstanding cooling and heat transfer properties. In addition, in case of spills, this product is compatible with the paints used on motorcycles.


Categories: This Castrol coolant is recommended for all categories of scooters and motorcycles, not being compatible with engines based on Magnesium alloys.

Appearance: Among the visual characteristics of this antifreeze we mention that it is a clear liquid, blue or green in color, which provides a high level of protection against oxidation.

Performance: It is a product with efficient antifreeze performance, which can be subjected to a maximum freezing point of -25ºC, maintaining its fluidity and protection.


Storage: The container that contains this refrigerant must be stored in a closed place and if you must leave it outside, it is recommended that the container be in a vertical position to avoid water ingress or deterioration of the container.

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Antifreeze 50%

Tamar 601130005 50%

Among the cheap coolants on the market, we can mention that this Tamar product, which is 50% antifreeze liquid for direct use, comes in a 5-liter presentation and can reach a maximum boiling point of up to +132ºC, avoiding overheating of the motor, as well as the problems of freezing of the fluid, withstanding up to -35ºC of temperature.

Its formula is based on monoethylene glycol and does not contain amines, nitrates or phosphates in its composition, so it fully meets the requirements of the different automotive systems, being totally organic and with low toxicity.

If you are wondering what antifreeze to buy for your vehicle, that is of good quality and at a good price, you should review the positive and negative characteristics of this product.


Protection: This coolant offers high performance in terms of engine protection, because it is efficient against overheating and against the effects of freezing, as well as having great anti-corrosion properties.

Use: It is a yellow antifreeze, which is used directly in the car’s cooling water tank without having to dilute the product.

Temperature: This coolant fluid has the ability to withstand extreme temperatures of +132ºC/-35ºC, thus providing a high level of protection for all the components of your vehicle’s cooling system.


Cleaning: For an optimal result, it is recommended to clean the tank before adding the product.

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Krafft antifreeze

Krafft Professional 30

If you are looking for the best quality-price antifreeze for your car, you have to review the characteristics that this Krafft product brings, because it is a 5-liter container at a price that easily fits any budget, and it is also a fluid of Highly efficient cooling, which is why many users recommend it.

This Krafft antifreeze is a fluorescent yellow liquid, for direct use and formulated based on ethylene glycol, which in turn has in its composition a package of corrosion inhibitors that are very efficient in protecting the different metals of the vehicle.

Likewise, this product contains a series of additives to improve the level of protection of the cooling system, the radiator and the water pump, as they are anti-limescale, anti-cavitation, neutralizing and anti-foaming.

Among the cheapest coolants on the market, we selected this product to analyze its pros and cons.


Leak: This fluorescent yellow product contains a leak detector so you can tell if your vehicle’s engine cooling system has a crack or leak.

Price: Krafft coolant comes in a cost-effective 5-liter presentation at a very affordable price that fits many budgets.

Compatible: Thanks to the fact that there are no amines, nitrites or phosphates in its composition, this antifreeze is compatible with the technical specifications of the main car brands on the market.


Temperature: Although it is a good quality product, you should know that this refrigerant only supports -16.50ºC as its lowest point of temperature and reaches the boiling point at 104ºC .

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Guide to buying antifreeze

If you were interested in any of the products listed above and want to take one of them, before making any decision, it is important that you know that there are general characteristics that you should check at all times when you think about buying an antifreeze for the protection of your car, that’s why We have made a guide to buy the best antifreeze, taking into consideration the basic aspects that this fluid must contain to obtain better protection results.

Shopping guide

Formulation and composition

When we make a comparison of antifreeze, we realize that there is a wide range of products on the market, which are differentiated between organic and inorganic fluids, depending on the components found in their formulation, but both fluids use ethylene glycol as a base, a type of alcohol that has been used since the late 1930s, because it is an element that provides a low freezing point and a very high boiling level, being very important in the effective operation of the vehicle.

In this sense, you should know that organic coolants have a high durability, widely doubling the mileage of inorganic fluids and have distilled water in their composition.

They contain in the mixture a series of additives such as preservatives, antioxidants, defoamers, corrosion inhibitors, which help to protect the parts of the engine and the cooling system of the car more efficiently, since they are free of chemicals such as nitrates, phosphates or silicates, and elements such as calcium or magnesium do not accumulate, generating fewer solid deposits that are harmful to the vehicle; while the inorganic ones tend to evaporate and are more polluting.

temperature levels

The main function of the coolant is to maintain an adequate temperature in the engine, which helps its optimal operation, since it prevents it from overheating. Accordingly, the coolant must have an effective heat capacity and a very low freezing level, with a freezing point below -20ºC being recommended for Spain. This temperature prevents an increase in the volume of the fluid and damage to the circuits during its circulation.

Likewise, the coolant must offer a high level at the boiling point that prevents the evaporation of the fluid as a result of the heating of the engine when it is running, the maximum being about 140ºC. Remember that the perfect temperature for the engine is 90ºC.

coolant color

Among the different types of refrigerants on the market, you will notice that they all come in different colors, namely pink, purple, blue, green or yellow, these colors are not indicative of properties or characteristics, but are effective in detecting possible leaks that could occur in the cooling system.

Another aspect that you should check in the antifreeze is its pH level, because this is indicative of the anticorrosive capacity that the fluid has on metals, as well as the proportion of alkaline inhibitors and the amount of residues.

On the other hand, it should be noted that antifreeze can have different prices and come in different presentations, from 1 liter, 2 liters, 5 liters or even 60-liter containers, and depending on the amount found in said container, this will affect How much does coolant cost?

In this sense, it is likely that you are looking for a coolant that is good and economical, but if it is about protecting the engine of our car and giving it a longer useful life, it is necessary to invest a little more money and buy a quality antifreeze, with a good concentration of ethylene glycol, so that it can provide our vehicle with a lasting protective effect, which reaches about 2 years or a mileage of 40,000 km for its replacement.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Where is antifreeze poured?

Antifreeze, or coolant, is poured into the water tank of the car’s cooling system. But it is important to review the user manual of your vehicle, so that you know the indicated mileage to change the coolant.

Q2: Is it normal for a car to consume antifreeze?

If you notice your coolant level dropping after 4-5 months of use, you can consider it normal, but if it happens sooner, you should consider other possible causes. One of them could be the proportion of water and coolant, because if you put more water than coolant, the product tends to evaporate more quickly. Also, it may happen that there is a failure in the mechanism that limits the pressure in the expansion bottle cap, which allows the fluid to evaporate through that route. Another cause can be a possible leak in a hose or in a connector, which in some cases is more difficult to detect.

Q3: Is coolant the same as antifreeze?

In principle, we must clarify that the coolant is a fluid that is used in the vehicle’s cooling system with the purpose of absorbing excess heat and also fulfills an anticorrosive function of all the metallic elements of the system, and the antifreeze comes to be a property that this fluid possesses, in order to prevent engine mechanisms from freezing at extremely low temperatures.

Q4: What is antifreeze made of?

The main component is a type of alcohol, called ethylene glycol, which is a fluid with essential properties for the cooling system. Its main characteristic is to have a high boiling point, which prevents the evaporation of the fluid, as well as a very low freezing point, so that the possibility of the product freezing is reduced to a minimum. Other components are additives that inhibit corrosion, foam and cavitation.

Q5: What happens if I add water instead of antifreeze to the car?

In principle, we could say that it is not bad, because water can also function to dissipate heat, but it has three adverse factors: its boiling point and freezing point, which make water unstable to function properly, and it is also highly corrosive to all metal components of the cooling system, so its use is not recommended.

Q6: When should I add antifreeze to the car?

It is generally recommended to change the coolant of the vehicle every 40,000 kilometers or in a period of 2 years, but this varies from one manufacturer to another, so it is convenient that you check the user manual of your vehicle. Likewise, the refrigerant you choose and according to its concentration, in its instructions for use indicates the time required for replacement. In any case, check the coolant level weekly, since there are other causes beyond the normal consumption of this, such as faults in the cooling system.

Q7: Why is oil mixed with antifreeze?

When this situation occurs, there are two possible causes: the first could be a product of the oil cooling system, which in one part of its system shares space with the cooling system; The other cause, which is even more serious, could be the result of a failure in the cylinder head or in its gaskets, which is the part that seals above the engine cylinders.

Q8: What happens if the car runs out of antifreeze?

It would be very serious, since the engine could be damaged due to overheating, burning its internal parts, which translates into a very high cost for the repair of the car. Also, there could be the possibility of low temperatures that affect parts of the mechanism, which freeze, blocking the functionality of the engine and you would not be able to start the vehicle. Therefore, it is important that you periodically evaluate that the coolant reservoir contains the fluid between the minimum and maximum marks.

How to use antifreeze

Antifreeze is a liquid that performs several functions in your vehicle ‘s cooling system. First, it is responsible for absorbing excess heat that could be generated by engine operation, to maintain an ideal temperature of 90ºC, inhibits corrosion in its metal parts, and prevents the formation of steam bubbles and foam. And in low temperature climates it has antifreeze properties. Next, we will explain in a few steps the procedure to use this product properly.

Time to change antifreeze

It is important that you check in the user manual the time that must elapse before you can replace the coolant in your vehicle, since the times may vary from one manufacturer to another. But, generally the estimated time is 2 years at 40,000 kilometers, the first of the events to be fulfilled. Also, you can take as a reference the time recommended by the manufacturer of the chosen product, where the time that guarantees the properties mentioned in its characteristics is estimated.

Preparations for replacement

Place the vehicle on a level surface, which does not have any type of incline. Wait as long as necessary for the vehicle to be completely cold, so that you avoid any type of accidental burn. Place a bucket under the petcock, which is located at the bottom of the radiator. Make a first measurement of the refrigerant fluid in the expansion bottle.

Bleed the cooling system

Uncover the expansion bottle and then proceed to release the petcock located at the bottom of the radiator. When you do this procedure, wear protective gloves to avoid any contact with the fluid, since it is highly toxic. After the old fluid is completely drained from the cooling system, you can close the petcock.

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