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Car alarms – Buying and Comparison Guide in 2022

The protection of your family, as well as your belongings, is reason enough to worry about investing in a good security system. And in view of the large number of options offered by the current market, it is important that you take into account the benefits offered by car alarms such as the Mengshen MS-Z07, an alarm system that stands out for its compact size, which is can easily hide. In addition, this device reaches a high sound level, reaching up to 105 dB. Also, we recommend the Cobra 4693, which offers approximately 115 dB with respect to its siren. In addition, it comes with 2 ultrasound sensors, internal LED, module and other mounting accessories.

Opinions on the best car alarms 

To choose the best car alarm from the list, it is important that you take into account a series of important aspects that differentiate each product. In this way, you will make sure that you are choosing the model that best suits your needs and is among the cheapest.

car alarm without installation

Mengshen MS-Z07

If you are looking for a car alarm without installation, we recommend you look at this new and practical product, which has a sound and vibration system in a single device. In addition, it is an ideal alternative to protect bicycles, cars, motorcycles, vehicles and homes, among many others.

This device is considered by many  to be the best value for money car alarm, as it offers great features, ease of installation and is one of the cheapest on this list. The volume level that this alarm emits reaches 110 dB, so it can attract the attention of anyone who is walking nearby.

It incorporates a small on/off switch, as well as a remote control that you can use to disarm the doorbell. The central unit uses two AAA batteries and works with a frequency of 433MHZ, while the controller uses a 12V battery.

If you want to know which is the best car alarm, but you don’t know how it works, we recommend you look at the positive and negative characteristics of each model, starting with this one.


Intelligent : It has an intelligent detection and tracking system that can reduce high rates of false alarms.

Volume : In addition to vibrating, this model emits a very high sound level of up to 105 dB, which will alert anyone who is walking nearby.

Installation: It stands out for its ease of installation, so you will not need to be an expert to place this device in your vehicle.

Remote : This practical multifunctional alarm system has a remote control to activate or deactivate the system.


Adhesives : The adhesives that the product has are not of very good quality, so they tend to come off easily.

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This completely universal car alarm works great with a large number of vehicles, plus it can be installed in as little as 15 minutes. It stands out for being a simple and very efficient alarm system, in addition to the fact that the internal components are connected with a defined RFID communication technology that is simple to install, just joining two cables.

As for its compatibility, this device can be installed in almost any vehicle, so it does not represent any type of risk, thus distinguishing itself as the best car alarm for many users. This model recognizes when the remote control with XRAY technology is close to the vehicle, so there is no longer a need to press any buttons on the remote control.

In addition, this device incorporates an infrasonic sensor that gives the system the possibility of detecting any glass breakage or pressure change within the space, such as the opening of a door or the trunk. We also mention that it achieves a sound level of up to 118 dB.

If you still do not know which car alarm to buy, it is important that you take into account a series of factors, such as all the positive and negative aspects of this model.


Ease of installation: The installation of this device can be done in almost any type of vehicle, in addition to being very simple.

Sound : The high level of noise that this alarm emits reaches 118 dB, which helps to attract the attention of anyone who is nearby.

XRAY : It has proximity technology that allows the alarm to be deactivated when the user approaches with the remote.

Sensor : Includes an infrasonic sensor that detects any pressure changes in the air such as window breaks or door openings.


Sensitivity : It is recommended that you adjust the sensitivity level of this model, since in a city it can be easily activated by any loud sound.

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Vertigo kn2vdwp6u7

This car alarm system without installation stands out for having a completely independent power supply, since the alarm is not affected or consumes the vehicle battery. In addition, this model can be installed anywhere in the car, such as in the storage box or under the seat.

It is an alarm with a high volume level, being the model with the highest volume in our comparison, reaching up to 130 dB; although you can graduate and level it to your liking. On the other hand, it has five sensitivity levels, which allows you to adjust the indicated one according to the traffic and noise in the area where you live.

This model has an approximate weight of 150 grams and the receiver unit measures approximately 8 x 3.4 x 1.5 centimeters. It incorporates a practical remote control that allows optimal operation up to 30 meters.

If you are considering acquiring the best car alarm of the moment, it is advisable to take into account a series of factors such as its installation and autonomy. Next, we show you the advantages and disadvantages of this model.


Range : This product has a connectivity range of up to 30 meters, so you can comfortably use the remote from across the room.

Installation : This product can be easily installed almost anywhere in the car so that it cannot be found, such as under your seat.

Sensitivity : This product allows you to adjust the sensitivity level in five different and completely customizable levels.


Battery: The battery of this device continues to be consumed even if it has not been activated for a while, so you will have to make sure that you press the off switch. 

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Cobra car alarm

Cobra 4693

If you are looking for a Cobra car alarm, this could be the one, as it will help you adapt it to various vehicle models that have central locking. When we talk about central locking, we are referring to the electrical system that allows you to lock or unlock the opening of all the doors of the car at the same time. In other words, through its wireless controls you can lock or unlock the car doors, making this task much more comfortable.

In addition to this, the siren has about 115 dB, which means that you can hear it from afar without any problem. We also mention that the package includes a module, a siren, 2 remote controls, an interior LED, 2 ultrasound sensors and the cables for its assembly.

On the other hand, it should be noted that this alarm is universal, so you can mount it on almost any car model.

These are the main advantages and disadvantages of the Cobra 4693 alarm; It may be the product you are looking for to protect your car.


Compatibility: This alarm is universal and is suitable for many types of cars, as long as they do not have a Can Bus system.

Siren: Its powerful siren of approximately 115 dB allows you to hear it from afar when the alarm is activated.

Controls: The package comes with 2 remote controls, from which you can unlock the alarm and the central locking system.


Instructions: It does not come with an installation manual, so if you want to install the alarm yourself, you must download it separately from the official Cobra website.

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Easy mount universal car alarm

kimiss 04rgnisow3

This car alarm offers a universal mount compatible with all vehicles, providing great versatility. Similarly, it has been designed with multiple layers of security to increase the level of protection of your car.

For added functionality, it’s a touch-sensitive device, allowing you to lock and unlock your car from a distance. In this sense, it offers a range between 30 and 80 m. In addition, it offers the possibility of activating the double flashing function to know the operation of the device in a simple way.

It is important to note that it is a very complete kit, since it offers 1 harness, 1 receiver and 2 remote controls so that you and another person have the possibility of activating or deactivating the alarm. On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that, if you have prior knowledge of this type of device, this can be an easy-to-assemble universal car alarm.

If you want one of the best car alarms of 2022, then this anti-theft kit can be a great option. Therefore, we invite you to review its most relevant aspects in detail.


Usage: The product is designed to remotely lock and unlock your car quickly and easily, thus providing convenience.

Distance: It offers a maximum operating distance between 30 and 80 m, which allows it to be used from a distance.

Controls: This set has 2 remote controls so that two people can control the car alarm system.


Functions: This model does not have GPS or detection function, which could be a disadvantage compared to others.

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GPS car alarm

Hangman CS905

This GPS car alarm is one of the most practical and recommended models on this list thanks to its versatility of use; since you can carry it in your vehicle, motorcycle and even in your pants pocket, so you will not miss it on any trip.

This device works as a real-time locator, allowing you to know the location of your vehicle at any time via SMS. In addition, it has great autonomy thanks to its 5,000 mAh lithium-iron battery, with which the device could last approximately 90 days in standby mode thanks to its IP58 system.

It is a waterproof device and is fully compatible with Android and iOS. On the other hand, you can establish a GEOFENCE security zone, in which the device will notify you in case the vehicle leaves that zone.

Hangman is considered by many users to be the best car alarm brand thanks to the great features of all its products, and this one is no exception. Next, we expose the pros and cons of this model.  


Compatibility : You will be able to know the exact location of your vehicle thanks to the maps of your Android or iOS phone.

Installation : Does not require a complicated installation.

Battery : Includes a 5,000 mAh lithium-iron battery that lasts up to 90 days in standby mode.


SIM Card : For this device to work properly, it will require the installation of a SIM card.

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Spy car alarm

Spy F10S 2016

If you are looking for a high-end 2-way car alarm, this is your best alternative, since it has two rechargeable controls that work with FSK frequencies, with a range of up to 5,000 meters in the open field.

On the other hand, this Spy car alarm has a microwave presence sensor module that allows the activation intensity to be fully regulated. On the other hand, it has an adjustable shock sensor, which will allow you to adjust the reaction sensitivity.

In addition, the controls include a practical LCD screen where you can see relevant information about your car such as the internal temperature and battery voltage, as well as warnings of open doors, window ups and trunk opening, among many other options..

After having seen various models of car alarms, it is advisable to look at the positive and negative characteristics of each product.


Scope : The product promises an outdoor range of up to 5,000 meters away for activation.

Control : From the remote control, you can perform various functions and be aware of them thanks to its LCD screen.

Sound : This device emits a noise under attack of up to 110 to 125 dB of sound, allowing thieves to be scared away.


Immobilizer function : This function, even though it is present in this model, is not easy to install, so you will have to find a technician for it.

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car alarm accessories

car alarm sticker

Autobadges DA 278

If you are looking for an unconventional alarm system that is basically a car alarm accessory, the ideal option for you is to purchase one of the innovative Auto-badges that are easily installed on the vehicle’s glass.

This car alarm sticker has the advantage of including two GPS tracking stickers that stand out for their great sticking power. On the other hand, they have dimensions of 8 x 3 centimeters. They are made of good material, which is not thick, so it does not prevent the windows from being lowered, especially if they have been placed inside the side windows.

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Guide to buying a car alarm

Car alarms are intended to protect your vehicle against any type of threat, soundly warning that the car or car is in danger. For this reason, it is very important that you know how to compare car alarms, so that you can choose the model that best suits your needs. Given so many models that the market offers, we have made the decision to help you in your choice with the following guide to buying the best car alarm, where we mention the most relevant aspects that you have to consider when making your choice.

Shopping guide

alarm types

There are users who are looking for the best in technology, which is why manufacturers have included innovative functions that allow you to open the doors of your vehicle and even start the car from the same remote control. This clearly comes at an extra cost, but if you’re not too concerned about how much the device you’re buying is worth, feel free to pick a model that has remote start capabilities. 

Given so many different models and types of car alarms, it is best to know the different types of systems that you can get. It is important to take into account that there are basically two large groups: the basic models and the advanced models. The basic models have the function of alerting people who are near the vehicle, when it is under attack. Its operation is based on the emission of an acoustic signal loud enough for nearby people to know that they are trying to break into the car.

On the other hand, you can choose an advanced car alarm model, which stands out for being a much more complex and complete system than the manual one, since, in addition to the acoustic function, it allows the location of the vehicle via GPS, disconnecting the battery from the vehicle automatically or, even, some models incorporate a practical microphone that allows you to hear what is happening around you.  

There are also innovative smart car alarm systems or two-way monitoring that include a connection module to send you a notification to your smart device in the event that the doors to your vehicle have been opened, a window has been broken or if it suffers any movement. In this case, we recommend choosing a model that allows direct connectivity with your mobile phone. Also, if for any reason you are out of your city and need to arm or disarm your vehicle, you will be able to do so with ease.

price always matters

In any comparison of car alarms, first of all, it is very important, before making your choice, to take into account if you want to acquire this device for your personal peace of mind or if you need an alarm for your vehicle due to the large number of robberies that happen where you live. The idea is that you do not spend more than necessary, especially if you have a small budget and are looking for a good and cheap car alarm. 

These items are especially important if you are living in a busy city and where theft of motorcycles and vehicles can become very common. If you do not have as much risk of having your car stolen, we recommend choosing a cheaper model. 

Use of controls

Any choice of car alarm must include a remote control with which you can deactivate your alarm from wherever you are. It is important that you know that, traditionally, car alarm controls work bidirectionally, operating with radio frequencies, which naturally can present inconsistencies in wide areas of long distances or with great use of electronic frequency such as apartments. or buildings. 

We recommend you look at the range and speed of operation of the signal between the command and the alarm offered by the product on the network. Please note that it is very likely that if the total distance is more than 400 meters between you and your vehicle, it is very possible that stable and efficient communication with the alarm cannot be maintained. You should always verify that the device works perfectly from where you need it.

Installation type

It is very important to look at the exact place where the device can be installed, since, while there are magnetic models that easily adapt to almost any metal surface, there are simpler models that can be stuck with any double-sided tape. 

On the other hand, it is also always suggested to install car alarm systems in hidden places so that they cannot be easily dismantled, therefore, try to make the device you purchase compact.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to disable my car alarm?

First, try putting in the key and trying to lock and unlock the driver’s side. The second thing you can try is to lock and unlock the door, but using the key fob, making sure you are within signal range and that the remote has batteries. Stand close enough to the vehicle and try again.

Also, you can make sure you haven’t accidentally pressed the panic button, as some key fobs include this button to help unsuspecting users find their vehicle, so pressing it triggers the alarm non-stop. Finally, try to start the car with your keys, even if the alarm continues to sound, since some manufacturers put systems that stop the action of the alarm as soon as the owner of the vehicle inserts his key.

Q2: Why doesn’t my car alarm sound?

On some occasions we may come across the fact that our alarm system does not emit any type of sound when activated. If this occurs, basically the following could be happening. It is very possible that the alarm has been programmed with a silent arming and disarming function, which some models incorporate as a security method and on these occasions the alarm will not sound. To fix this, check the manufacturer’s manual so you can adjust it again, where you will be prompted with a series of keystrokes to return the device to active sound.

Q3: How to know if a car has an alarm?

There are several really simple ways to find out that your car has an alarm or, at least, that it works correctly. One of them is making sure that the red or blue light that alarm systems normally have are flashing in a common way. If you can’t see any lights in your car, you can try locking yourself inside the vehicle and then try opening the door from the inside to see if the alarm goes off.  

Q4: How to install a car alarm?

All battery models usually have at least two cables to make this type of connection, in addition to the fact that they usually come in a standard color to avoid any type of problem or confusion in the connection. Keep in mind that the color red is always used for the positive and the color black for the negative cable. The red cable, which is always connected to the positive of the battery, always has a protection fuse. Some manufacturers integrate a third yellow cable, which is responsible for the ignition of the vehicle. This connects to the ignition switch output.

Q5: How does the car alarm that warns you on your mobile work?

Car alarms that have a mobile phone notification function are because they usually have geopositioning systems or connectivity modules similar to WiFi, with which, in case your vehicle suffers any threat, they either try to open it move it, you can automatically receive a notification in the corresponding application of your smart devices.

How to use a car alarm

The importance of having an alarm system for your vehicle that works perfectly is very important, especially if you live in a city that tends to have a high rate of thefts. If you have considered purchasing a new alarm for your car and are eager to learn how to use it, we recommend that you pay attention to our advice, so that you can make optimal use of your new protection system for your vehicle. Faced with so many alternatives on the market, we want to help you install and use your new system correctly so that no failure occurs, so we recommend that you continue reading the following section before continuing on your own.

open the package

The first step you should do when you receive your new alarm system is to open the package; then, distribute all the content on a previously clean and clear surface to avoid losing or misplacing any compact-sized piece. Take the time to review the instructions and make sure you follow the manufacturer’s installation guidelines. Also make sure that all the contents of the package are present and that you are not missing any component.

Proceed to install the system

The first thing we must do before making the cable connections is to design a wiring diagram, since each car has a slightly different current distribution, so there may be some slight variations and how these systems are directly connected to certain important parts of your vehicle, it is better to have that aspect in view.

Remove the panel cover

In this process, you will need to open the hood and you will notice that at the bottom there will be a siren system installed, as some vehicles have their own siren system. That part of the vehicle is where you are going to connect the new car alarm system. It should be noted that this installation is done in a private place such as a workshop or garage and not on public roads.

Direct connection to the battery

Car alarms must be directly connected to the battery, so that they can have the necessary energy they will require to be activated and in case the vehicle suffers an attack or in the event of any type of emergency. In addition, the fuses must be connected to the central power cable, so that it can have the necessary power to fulfill its functions.

test the system

Finally, you must press the alarm’s power button to verify that the connection has been correct and that it emits a sound. If you have followed the manufacturer’s instructions and our suggestions carefully, you will hear an audible indication and you will see how the door locks are armed or disarmed. In case your system controls the ignition of the vehicle, you will be able to start the car from your remote control.

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Cobra A4138

Este modelo de alarma para coche Cobra cuenta con dos mandos a distancia muy compactos y fáciles de guardar, los cuales tienen un sistema de inmovilizador con una novedosa tecnología ACE. Los mandos a distancia funcionan con tecnología de ultrasonido, además de que cuentan con una conexión para botón de pánico que te permite instalar sistemas de emergencia extra.

Cuenta con la salida para una segunda sirena en caso de que la primera falle, además de que incluye un sistema de bloqueo automático que se activa en cuanto el sensor del dispositivo detecta algún movimiento. Por otra parte, integra un sistema antisecuestro como la principal característica de seguridad.

Este sistema de alarma para coche Cobra ofrece una advertencia en alerta que indica peligro al frenar de emergencia, además, cuenta con un sistema muy práctico que avisa sobre el límite de velocidad. Para su instalación requerirás un poco de conocimiento en electrónica y mecánica.

Indicada como una de las mejores alternativas de alarmas para coche, este modelo ofrece grandes prestaciones y ventajas.


Mandos: Incluye dos mandos a distancia de tamaño compacto que podrás utilizar para activar y desactivar la alarma a cierta distancia.

Automático: Este sistema destaca por contar con una tecnología de bloqueo automático de las puertas en caso de que el sensor sienta alguna amenaza.

Alerta: Cuenta con un sistema de alerta que indica cuando el usuario se desplaza a una velocidad muy elevada.


Instalación: Para realizar una instalación eficiente de este sistema de alarma para coche, necesitarás un pequeño conocimiento en electrónica y mecánica.

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