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Hands-free for car – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide in 2022

Getting a hands-free car is not about modernizing your vehicle, but about giving you more safety behind the wheel without limiting your entertainment or communication. There are several alternatives so that, without spending a lot of money, you can get a model for yourself. That is the case of Aigoss T826, for example, an inexpensive handsfree but with a modern design and excellent connectivity so that your mobile phones are always available to use. Meanwhile, models like the VicTsing Bluetooth cater to those who want a screen to keep everything in order while taking calls with ease.

The best hands-free for cars on the market

Car handsfree are so famous that they will make your choice easier due to the variety of models that exist. Each one of them has different designs and qualities so that you can acquire the one that catches your attention the most. The best thing about these alternatives is that, despite their differences, they all have good quality.

Hands free with Blueto or th for car

Aigoss T826

If, in addition to a Bluetooth car handsfree that can be used to answer calls, you want a model that can help you with other things, then this could be the best car handsfree. The small and modern device has a design that combines black with a metallic orange and has central buttons to perform different activities. The hands-free can connect to two mobile phones simultaneously, while its magnetic clip manages to adhere to any surface in the car.

This product provides the ability to interact with Siri, if you have an iPhone, or with Google Assistant, if you have an Android device. So you can call, send messages and also access addresses. In addition to all that, the device has an SD memory card slot that will allow the playback of your favorite music with external noise cancellation technology that will make the audio more stable.

This model is rated as one of the cheapest and, in addition to that, it offers several benefits that will facilitate handling by anyone.


Magnetic: The magnetic clip makes it easy to use anywhere in the car.

OS: This headset is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems.

Connection: Bluetooth is dual connection so you can pair two mobile devices at the same time.

SD: If your favorite music is on an SD card, then you can use it in the slot that comes with the device to play it.


Screen: This handsfree, unlike other more modern models, does not have a screen, therefore, it is not possible to see the settings.

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Avantree BTCK-11-TTN

Don’t worry anymore about forgetting to connect your mobile phone with the Bluetooth car handsfree, because this model, with a motion sensor, will detect your presence and automatically connect with the phone or devices, if its dual connection is used. The 2-watt speaker gives a good clear sound, both for calls and for music. It is compatible with Siri and the Google assistant so you can give voice commands to your phone.

The rotary button will allow you to adjust the volume, while the button next to it serves as “Mute” so that the handsfree stops playing sound. The lithium-ion battery is fully rechargeable and needs only 3 hours to provide up to 22 hours of autonomy and 600 hours of standby time, so many find the answer to which is the best car handsfree in this product.

If you want to be connected or enjoy your music for a long time, this is the ideal device for you. Safe, practical and easy to use.


Battery: The battery has a duration, in operation, of 22 hours, while at rest it can reach 600 hours without load.

Motion sensor: To save you from having to connect every day, the motion sensor will detect your entry into the car and connect directly to your mobile phone.

Dual Connection: This device can easily connect to two devices via Bluetooth.


Trucks: Those who drive trucks will not be able to enjoy this product, since the dimensions of the cabin together with the noise do not allow it to be heard well.

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Hands free for car without installation

VicTsing Bluetooth

When it comes to a car handsfree without installation, this model is one of the most outstanding. VicTsing is the best hands-free car brand if you are looking for a cheap but good quality product, because, despite its low price, it has a 1.44-inch screen that will show data such as battery status, title of the song, volume and even the phone number of the call.

Just by plugging it into the cigarette lighter socket and looking for the desired frequency on the FM radio, you can use the product. The device will be able to play sounds in 4 ways: Bluetooth, USB connection, connection with 3.5mm audio cable and finally with memory card. Its noise cancellation system will allow the sound to be heard clearly and without interference. The device buttons are intuitive and comfortable to use.

This VicTsing artifact is quite practical due to its ease of reproduction, connection and its comfortable visualization.


Connection: With a single connection that can be made in seconds, it will be completely easy to start taking calls and playing music.

Screen: The 1.44-inch screen makes it possible for you to have different important information regarding the device at your fingertips.

Playback: 4-way playback means you always have one way to use your device, whether it’s Bluetooth, memory card, cable or USB connection.


Volume: The volume of calls is not very high, however, the volume of music is. Therefore, this mismatch can be problematic and quite uncomfortable.

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Patiszon SP09

This car handsfree without installation is not only one of the cheapest alternatives on the market, but it is also considered the best value for money car handsfree. Small in size, this product has extensive compatibility with various devices and features auto detection so you don’t have to manually connect your phone to the handsfree every day. Additionally, it works with a distance range of up to 10 meters.

Work up to 10 hours continuously with only 2 hours of charging, while in standby it can last up to 500 hours without needing a charge. The product is fixed to the car by means of a rear clip that it comes with and that can be placed on the visor. It comes with dual connection and with two microphones so that your voice is heard clearly. Also, if you have no experience with these devices, you can use the user manual.

Although it is one of the smallest and cheapest, this product has several excellent qualities that continue to make it one of the first purchase options.


Distance: This device can be used at a distance of up to 10 meters, so if your phone is far away, you can still receive and make calls.

Battery: The battery is long-lasting, as it has a range of 10 hours and only 2 hours of charging are needed to use the product.

Instructions: The user manual will make the use of this device easy, since you will obtain all the necessary information to use each function that it includes.


Voice commands: This product can only connect to the iOS assistant Siri for voice commands, which will be inconvenient for those who use the Google assistant.

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Bluetooth hands-free car radio


It is not surprising that the best car handsfree of the moment is a Sony device, as it is a brand that always surprises. This product is specifically a hands-free Bluetooth car radio that, with its extra bass, makes any sound clear, both calls and music. You can play from any installed app or through a Bluetooth connection, you can even use its USB port to use an MP3 player. It manages to execute simple voice commands for a better and easy use.

This device allows the connection of two smart mobile phones simultaneously to give you more convenience. Its 10-band equalizer includes karaoke mode for when you want to have fun, and it also offers an incredible signal connection so that the stations sound clear at any time. It is removable to make it difficult to steal, you just have to remove it from the board.

This hands-free is one of the most complete on the market, as it offers the radio function together with its mobile compatibility. In addition, it allows a good resonance and clear sounds.


Removable: To make it more difficult to steal the radio, it can be easily removed from the dash and stored away.

Extra bass: The extra bass gives a better stability and clarity to the sound and dulls the noises of the car, such as the engine, for example.

Voice: Voice commands make it unnecessary to manually interact with the device to make it work, since you can perform different activities with your voice.


Bluetooth: The Bluetooth connection is not so simple, since it is necessary to do it every time the product is to be used. Sometimes it even needs to be done multiple times.

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Parrot hands free for car

Parrot MKi9100

By buying a Parrot hands-free car kit you are acquiring modernity and quality, so if you are wondering which hands-free car kit to buy, this is a good option for you. With universal compatibility, this product automatically adapts to any car and mobile phone, synchronizing the contact list, call records and even voice recording to recognize it. The ultra-bright display shows the caller’s full name along with their number. In addition, you can also view information about the artifact.

This product can be used with MP3 player, USB memory or other devices to listen to your favorite music. It is possible to connect two mobile phones at the same time to always be connected. Its microphone is also dual so that your receiver can pick up your voice, regardless of the sounds of the car. Its Virtual SuperBass technology will also mitigate these noises when you listen to music.

This product is small, however, it is a modern, practical and quite useful gadget for anyone who drives daily.


Identification: You won’t have to answer unwanted calls, because the screen will show you the number and name of the person trying to contact you.

Compatibility: The compatibility of this device is completely universal, both in mobile phones and in cars. Therefore, anyone can make use of this hands-free.

Noise: The dual microphone and Virtual Superbass technology are responsible for minimizing the noise of the car both in recording and playback to offer better sound.


Installation: Manufacturers recommend professional installation, therefore this requires additional expense.

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Hands-free car kit

GRDE Upgrade

This hands-free car kit will be your best road companion, as its 7 colored lights will make the trip more entertaining. It is suitable for all types of vehicles and works with any mobile phone that has Bluetooth. Its dual connection system allows two mobile phones to work simultaneously and, in addition to that, it also has two fast-charging USB ports to keep your electronic devices with battery.

It is also possible to use memory cards or AUX audio cables for music playback, if you wish. In addition to this, the handsfree can also connect to Google Assistant or Siri to send messages, make calls or receive directions. The stand is quite comfortable to use and can be adjusted to different angles. Meanwhile, its microphone is responsible for suppressing noise to provide a better voice recording.

This product can make a difference in your travels, as the lights and music will keep you entertained, while Bluetooth keeps you connected at all times.


Charging: Its double USB port allows fast charging of various electronic devices, simultaneously, while, in turn, they play music or connect via Bluetooth.

Assistant: Both Siri and Google are compatible with this handsfree, therefore, its use will be easier and more practical.

Functions: This product can be used to receive directions, calls, send messages, listen to music, etc.


Calls: Calls can suffer from momentary connection failures from time to time, therefore, the mobile phone must always have the best signal to avoid interference.

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Hands free for car with installation

Besign BK03

One of the best car handsfree of 2022 for those looking for something with a simple design and a good price can be this product. Although it requires installation, this process is simple and will allow you to use its qualities in a short time. Its multiple connectivity allows several devices to be used through Bluetooth, while the noise isolator allows the reproduction of voice or music without any interference.

As soon as you turn on the car, this device will automatically connect to the last mobile you used, regardless of whether it works with an Apple operating system, Android or if it’s a Blackberry, for example. It is possible to charge the battery of two devices if they are connected to the USB, no matter if this car handsfree with installation is playing music or in the middle of a call. The device only has 4 very intuitive and easy to use buttons.

Although you need to install the device to use it, this will take a short time and in minutes you will be able to enjoy all the qualities of hands-free.


Charge: Two phones can be charged simultaneously with this device, so your devices will never run out of battery.

Noise: The product has a noise isolator so that it does not interfere with voice playback or recording, in the middle of a call.

Connection: The connection of this product is automatic as soon as it recognizes the last mobile phone it was paired with.


Buttons: The buttons do not respond without a little effort, therefore, it is necessary to make a good pressure and wait for the response of the device.

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Buying guide for car handsfree

Although not interacting with your mobile phone while driving can be boring, it is absolutely necessary to avoid accidents and fines. However, entertainment and communication can stay with you while using a car handsfree.

Shopping guide


In your car hands-free comparison, the most important thing you should notice is not how much it costs, but whether the device that catches your attention is compatible with your electronic devices or with your car. Not all manufacturers create their handsfree with the same parameters and therefore a purchase with bad information could cause you inconvenience when you want to use the product.

Most car handsfrees work with any device that uses Bluetooth, however this is sometimes limited to smartphone use only. Additionally, there are even more exclusive gadgets that can only be paired with mobile phones that have come out in recent years. Please pay attention to this before you make the purchase.

Other things that can cause compatibility issues is the phone’s operating system. Some hands-free don’t just need Bluetooth, but a specific OS. For example, certain qualities are reserved for iOS and others for Android. Although, fortunately, most models work with both. As for other OS like Sony or Blackberry, the options are more limited and require more research.

On the other hand, not all headsets come equipped with support for the phone’s assistants, ie Siri and Google. This may not be very important in certain cases, however, this type of interface makes it easier to use voice commands when driving. Pay attention to this, especially if you need to use apps like Google Maps to guide you.


If you want to recognize a good and economical option in your guide to buying the best car handsfree, you should always prioritize those models that come with multifunctionality. The main purpose of this type of device is to be able to facilitate the reception of calls, however, it is not necessary to settle for this when you can obtain different qualities that will improve the driving experience.

For example, the most modern hands-free devices have extra communication functions such as receiving and reading messages so you don’t have to look at the phone. In addition, you can also order a call just by saying the name of the person you have in your contact list.

To add to these qualities, the Google Assistant and Siri support feature will also allow for a better experience. Since this type of system makes voice commands easier and, in addition, through voice you can access other types of functions such as mobility applications so you don’t get lost while driving.

Entertainment should not be left out either and a modern model, even if it is cheap, should offer the possibility of listening to music whenever you want. A good device allows audio playback by connecting MP3 devices, audio cables, memory cards, and via Bluetooth.

Finally, one of the best qualities that a handsfree can offer is the possibility of charging one or more electronic devices via USB. Thus, in addition to enjoying all the functions mentioned above, you can also prevent your mobile phone from being discharged due to use.


When you have already looked at all the technical aspects, then it is possible to pay attention to superficial characteristics such as appearance. The structure of the hands-free changes from one model to another, for that reason, you will have many alternatives when you want to acquire yours.

Those with a screen and small in size are the most recommended, as they will allow a good display of all the necessary information without taking up much space in your car. One of the best advantages of having a hands-free with a screen is being able to read the name of the caller, in case you don’t want to answer them.

On the other hand, a design feature that you should also consider is the ease with which you can interact with it. There are times when it may be necessary to manipulate it and this should be easy, fast and without the need for distractions. For that reason, look for gadgets with large, smooth buttons and intuitive operation.

If, instead of this, you want a car radio that fulfills all the functions of a hands-free, then buy a complete model that is connected to the car’s speakers and that serves as an FM, as well as a Bluetooth content player.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a car handsfree?

Using a handsfree is quite simple, no matter what type it is. This must go in a safe place in the car and, via Bluetooth, it will connect with the mobile phone you want to use.

From that moment on, the hands-free will take care of receiving calls, messages and directions without the need for you to check the phone, making its use completely safe. You can also listen to music or receive directions so you don’t get lost on the road.

Depending on its type, the handsfree may have its own speaker, however, there are models that connect to the car radio. These are usually cheaper and to do so you only have to adjust the frequency until you reach the indicated one, while the device is connected to the cigarette lighter socket.

Q2: How to connect the mobile to the car handsfree?

The vast majority work with Bluetooth and to achieve the connection, it is enough to turn on the hands-free and the Bluetooth of the mobile until they are recognized. By pairing them, you can now hear everything through the handsfree.

However, if you are looking to connect to another device that does not have Bluetooth, then you will need to use alternative methods that some hands-free devices offer. These are, for example, the AUX audio cable input or a USB port.

In case you want to connect the mobile but to charge it, some products offer fast charging in their USB connection ports.

Q3: Is it legal to use a car handsfree?

Yes, as long as they are Bluetooth handsfree specifically for use in the car. Portables, those that require installation or car radios with Bluetooth are completely legal alternatives that you can use while driving. This is possible because the connection is automatic and you are not required to touch the mobile phone at any time if you want to use the device.

If you plan to use a mobile support to take calls on speakerphone as “hands free”, then you are about to make a mistake, as this is illegal. You cannot interact with the mobile if you are driving. On the other hand, if you have a headset that goes directly to your ear you will also be facing a fine, as it is illegal to have your ears covered while driving.

Q4: How to call hands-free from the car?

If it’s an older model, you may need to press the call button and listen until you get to the contact you want to call. However, modern headsets work completely under voice commands to avoid having to manually interact with the device, as this could lead to an accident if you were distracted.

Currently, it is only enough to mention the name, the phone number or interact with the Google assistant or Siri by saying “Call” and the person’s name.

Q5: Where to install a car handsfree?

Hands-free phones that come with an installation kit or need to be mounted to use, most of the time, find a place on the car’s dashboard. This is an area of ​​easy access and viewing.

However, those portable headsets that have fixing clips are usually attached to car visors or air conditioning vents. Others go directly on the cigarette lighter socket, due to their connection.  

Q6: How to connect a car handsfree?

If installation is not required, the hands-free connection is made through the cigarette lighter socket. After that, the frequency indicated on the FM radio will need to be selected to play the sounds.

Q7: How to install Bluetooth handsfree in the car?

If you don’t want to pay for a professional technician, the first step you should do is find the tools. Pull out the radio and disconnect all cables. Pay attention to the connections. You must make the iso connection for the power supply and the speakers of the interface box, between the connection of the car and the radio.

If it has a screen, it is necessary to make the connection through one of the car’s panels, preferably the one that regulates the heating. The cable must have an exit to the outside. Carefully remove the panel and make the connection, inserting it through the car radio space and removing it through the heating area. Attach the mics to the frame and gently drop everything, if already attached, through the radio gap. Enter this again in its place. Put the panels in place and with the cable loose from the bottom panel make the assembly of the screen.

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