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Car speakers – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

The intention when buying car speakers, in addition to listening to music, is to have a system that can accompany you for a long time and allows you to enjoy clear, crisp and powerful sounds. Buying good speakers is an investment that will give your car a better look and allow you to enjoy quality sound on any journey. Buy a model like the JVC CS-J620X, characterized by its cheap price and small size, it may be what you need. However, if you prefer a Pioneer TS-R1750S because of the brand, you will not regret it, as it is of quality and has a beautiful design.

The best car speakers on the market

Get ready to have great sound for your car by evaluating the speaker options that the current market has for you. Here you can read about the most outstanding models and any of them will surely give you the sound you are looking for.

cheap car speakers


Among the cheap car speakers on the market, you can find this JVC model. These are two-way coaxial speakers that will allow you to enjoy a mix of bass and treble without the need to purchase more speakers. This product has an electrical power of 300 W along with an RMS that reaches 30 W maximum, so it offers a decent sound, especially suitable for small cars.

The speakers are quite light, which will make the installation process easier for you and this has been praised by buyers who report that installing them in the car is extremely quick and easy. They have a frequency response of 35 to 22,000 Hz, therefore, they capture a wide range of sounds, both bass and treble. The mounting depth is 4.3 cm. The product comes with mounting screws and clips, plus speaker cables.

This is one of the cheapest alternatives, however, it has a quality suitable for people who want to enjoy good music.


Weight: These speakers are lightweight which makes installing them easier.

Frequency: The frequency range is wide, which allows the reproduction of various sounds.

Accessories: Everything necessary for assembly is included in your purchase.

Installation: The installation process is quick and easy, according to the opinion of the buyers.


Bass: Being coaxial, the level of bass is not very noticeable, therefore, if you enjoy a good woofer, this is not your best option.

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Belson BSS-425FB

This may be one of the best value for money car speakers, considering that it is part of the group of cheap car speakers on the market and has a good RMS power of up to 40W, allowing for clear sounds. This is a 2-way coaxial speaker system, so both drivers handle bass, treble and mids. Their electrical power is 80 W and they come in a beautiful black design that contrasts with their bright red background.

The speakers have an impedance of 4 ohms. These speakers are cone and the tweeter is piezoelectric type, with high sensitivity. The frequency response is between 120 and 17 kHz, while the acoustic pressure remains at 87 db, an adequate figure in systems of this type. They come with protections and grids for your safety.

This speaker system has a striking design that will stand out in your car. It offers clear sound quality and brings adequate power for small and family cars.


Complete: The product comes with grills, screws and cables. Ready to install.

Design: The black and red design gives the speakers a great contrast that will stand out.

RMS: A power of 40 W is more than enough for cars if you don’t want to listen to music at full volume for a very long time.


Sound: This system has noticeable mids and highs but, like many budget speakers, it suffers from a lack of bass.

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Pioneer Car Speakers

Pioneer TS-R1750S

In your search for the best car speakers of the moment, you need to run into some Pioneer car speakers at some point, as this brand always gives something to talk about for its quality, as is the case with this model. This coaxial system gives you 50W max RMS for powerful sound while enjoying a wide frequency range from 36 to 31,000Hz.

The maximum power is 250 W so you can enjoy your music to the fullest with these 16.5-centimeter speakers, ideal for any car. The woofer is made of a resistant multilayer mica matrix, while the tweeter, being piezoelectric, is responsible for giving you high sensitivity, with a minimum resonance frequency of 82 Hz. They are lightweight speakers to facilitate assembly and have a depth of 4.7 cm, which will make it easy to fit them into any car system.

Like all Pioneer speakers, this model stands out for its quality and good design. That is why it has received good reviews on the brand’s sales platforms.


Colors: The black background with the red details makes these speakers stand out, on top of that they have a modern design.

Frequency range: The range between 36 and 31000 Hz allows more sounds to be reproduced.

Power: The 50 W RMS power will allow the speakers to play at high volume without distortion.


Coaxial: Being a coaxial speaker, the sound is not as detailed as split-way speakers.

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Pioneer TS-G1730F

Pioneer, due to its years of experience, is still considered by many to be the best brand of car speakers, as they offer solutions for all types of customers and all of them are of quality, such as this 17 cm diameter speaker system that will be seen excellent in any car and will give you a fairly clear stable sound. These are 3-way coaxial speakers, so the treble, bass and midrange will have better distinction than with 2-way products.

The RMS power is 40 W, while the maximum electrical power reaches 300 W without problems, which is ideal considering the system of 3 that the speakers have. The frequency range goes from 36 to 18000 Hz, which combined with the coaxial system and the power will offer you more details in the sounds. They are light to be installed easily.

Amongst the budget range, these Pioneer car speakers might be the best car speakers you’ll find, as they’re well-rounded and from a trusted brand.


3-way: Being a 3-way coaxial system, the distinction between high, mid and low is more noticeable.

Measurements: The 17 cm diameter speakers are ideal for any car, as they adapt easily.

Sound: The sound is more stable due to the 3-way system and the wide frequency range it has.


Materials: Some buyers have commented that the external materials are not of the best quality, therefore, it is necessary to treat the speakers with care.

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JBL car speakers

JBL Car GTO 609C

This JBL car speaker system is one of the most complete you will find. It comes with a pair of 16.4-centimeter woofers, a pair of tweeters and a crossover filter, the latter to optimize the frequency bands. If you don’t know which car speakers to buy, this is one of your best alternatives. The sensitivity is 92 dB, therefore, even at low volume you can have a clear sound.

The RMS power is 100 W, so you can enjoy clear sounds with minimal distortion. In addition, the electrical power complements the RMS with 270 W maximum. The impedance is 3 ohms and the frequency response is from 53 HZ to 21 kHz, to have a greater sound range. The installation depth is 5 cm, with a diameter of 12.9 cm, common measurements and suitable for easy mounting on the car.

These JBL speakers will give you a wide range of sounds in one place, with clear, crisp and powerful tones.


Crossover: The included crossover filter will cause each sound to resonate independently and crisply.

Speakers: The 4 speakers will give you a wide range of sounds, both in treble and bass.

RMS: The power of 100 W makes the sound louder and without so many distortions, despite listening at high volume.


Space: Having more components, this system takes up more space than normal, therefore, it is not recommended for very small cars.

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JBL Club 9630

Among JBL car speakers, this model is one of the best car speakers of 2022, as it is durable and resistant. The product has an incredible design that combines the black background color with orange details that stand out in a good way. The speakers are made to withstand heat and humidity, so music can go with you everywhere without a problem.

Dispersion is noticeable due to the dome-shaped tweeters and you will be able to enjoy crisp and clear sounds. Both bass and treble will be noticeable and detailed due to the modern 3-way structure. It is not necessary to change the radio, as the system works with low power equipment without any problem. The speakers have an RMS power of 80 W, an impedance of 3 ohms and protective grilles. Bring mounting parts and a manual to help you with the installation.

It is not one of the cheapest JBL products, but it is one of the most sought after for its quality. The positive characteristics will make any car enjoy great sound.


Radios: It does not matter if the car radio is low power, it can still be adapted to the speakers.

Tweeters: Having a dome, the tweeters offer a more stable and clear sound.

3-way: The three-way of this system makes the sounds to be heard in a detailed way.


Cost: Despite not being a multi-speaker system, it has a high price, so it may not be the best alternative for those who want something cheap.

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Car speakers 13 cm

MacAudio 1104723

If you are looking for 13 cm car speakers and want to know which are the best car speakers, then this Mac Audio product can answer all your questions. These lightweight speakers stand out for working with a separate pathway system, which makes the bass and treble have independent frequencies, which, in turn, allows the sounds to be more detailed and noticeable. It has 60 W of RMS power and an impedance of 4 ohms. The maximum level of noise and sensitivity is 90 dB, a suitable figure for those who enjoy music at full volume.

The price is cheap for its features and this makes it more affordable. The response frequency ranges from 36 Hz to 26 kHz and the system can work with up to a maximum power of 240 W. The woofer has a size of 13.3 centimeters, while the tweeter measures 2 centimeters.

This German speaker system is one of the most outstanding for its quality and also its price. With it you will have hours of musical fun.


Separate Paths: Unlike coaxial speakers, this separate path system allows bass and treble to be independent for clearer sound.

Price: The cost of this product is lower than that of some coaxial speakers of equal quality.

Sensitivity: Sensitivity will allow you to hear music at high volume without distortion and loss of detail.


Structure: The exterior part is somewhat delicate, according to the report of some buyers, as it can easily break in certain places.

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Ferrite and neodymium magnet, natural fiber pulp and polymer foam are the materials used in the creation of these 13 cm car speakers and they are also what make the structure strong, durable and of high quality. This system comes with two pairs of speakers, some woofers and other tweeters so you can enjoy the low and high tones with the same intensity. Since the tweeters are dome, the sound dispersion is greater, offering surround sound.

The RMS power is 40 W and, in addition to the clear sound, the speakers are also easy to install so that you can enjoy them in a few moments. The design is original because these are white and have a black border, giving them a contrasting appearance. Its sensitivity is 90dB and it comes with a frequency response of 60Hz to 20kHz.

It is possible that this model is one of the best car speakers, for what you need, since it is simple, economical, but of very good quality.


Design: The contrast of white on black makes this product stand out from the rest and look amazing on cars.

System: The two tweeters and two woofers will make you enjoy your music to the fullest, with a wide range of sounds.

Materials: The elements used in the manufacture of these speakers are of high quality, to offer strength and durability.


Bass: The bass is not as noticeable, therefore, it is not the best option for the most demanding.

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Buying guide for car speakers

Enjoying good sound depends on many things that we probably don’t even notice on a day-to-day basis. So knowing what to look out for is the first step in making a great purchase. Here you can get familiar with car speakers and what they need to be excellent.

Shopping guide


When thinking about speakers, the first thing that should cross your mind should be the sound quality of these. Surely you do not want to listen to your favorite song with an annoying noise or a very low volume, for that reason, it is necessary to pay attention to the power and sound that the speaker you want offers you.

Speaker power is determined in W, and the more power the speaker has, the better the songs will sound. The RMS power is what will tell you how clear and loud the sounds will be, as it indicates the amount of power that the speaker can receive from the amplifier. If the amplifier puts out more power than the speaker can handle, the sound will be distorted and the wiring could burn out. For that reason, it is preferable to buy a high RMS power range to avoid that.

The electrical power, for its part, will indicate the compatibility of the speaker with the source, since you will be able to identify the maximum power level with which it works. A power input greater than the maximum electrical power capacity of the loudspeaker may damage them. The power source must always be equal to or less than the power limit of the loudspeaker.

If you respect these levels, both in RMS power and electrical power, then PMPO power, also called Peak, will never be a problem for you. This power is the one that indicates the maximum time that a speaker can work at its limit before being damaged, however, it is imperative that you do not take your sound system to this point if you can avoid it, as it could be completely damaged and require greater expense and weather. In addition to being able to affect other components.

Following these indications between the compatibility of your car, your radio, amplifier and speakers you will be able to enjoy clear sounds, with good resonance and details.

Materials and size

When making a comparison of car speakers, keep in mind the materials used in the electrical systems and the external parts of these. It does not matter how much it costs or if it is the cheapest speaker if it will be damaged with a short time of use. For this reason, it is better to buy those products that, despite not being the cheapest, offer you very good quality.

Quality connectors will give you good sound transmission, making what you hear quite clear. On top of that, these better withstand high volume and frequent use, so they won’t be damaged as easily. Additionally, the elements used on the outside must also be good, to prevent the parts from deteriorating, such as quality rubber rings, resistant plastic edges for the screws, etc.

Size is another feature that must also be taken into account, as not all cars have the same space for speakers. There are very large products that do not fit in small cars and, if they did, they would require complicated modifications to be used.

To avoid this, measure the depth, diameter and length to avoid purchasing speakers that are not compatible with your car model. If you’re not sure, check your car’s owner’s manual or remove the factory speakers to measure them and get an idea of ​​the size.

speaker types

In the guide to buying the best car speakers you should pay attention to a very important aspect. Despite being similar to each other, not all speakers are suitable for what you need. Some are bass, some are treble, and some are mid, so if you don’t take this into account and just buy the first good, cheap option, then you could be in trouble.

There are 3 types of famous speakers that are responsible for reproducing different frequencies. The tweeters, the mids, and the woofers.

The first ones stand out for being high-frequency speakers, therefore, they take care of the treble. They are the most delicate and smallest, as well as being the ones that have the ability to reproduce the most noticeable and superficial details.

The midrange, as its name implies, reproduces all the midrange frequencies, those that are between what a tweeter and a woofer pick up. They provide balance and stable sounds.

Woofers are the largest and most robust speakers, responsible for all low frequencies and bass. They stand out for having enough sensitivity due to their size and are responsible for capturing sounds in frequencies between approximately 200 and 70hz.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to make a car speaker box?

The first thing to do is measure the speakers. Cut four pieces of MDF, using material that is a minimum of 12mm thick. With this make a rectangle, following the measurements of the speakers and adding 5 centimeters.

Cut two more pieces, appropriate to the measurements of the previous ones. Measure the radius of the speaker and trace it on the material, then proceed to cut it. In another sheet, make a hole of 5 centimeters and cut. Do this process with a jigsaw for a neater finish.

Arrange each piece and proceed to join the parts of the box with a drill, glue and silicone sealant. If you wish, make thin strips of wood to reinforce the interior.

Place the speaker in the hole and mark the place to screw it in just right. Remove it and pre-drill each hole. Wait for the inside of the box to dry for a full day before doing the work.

After that, connect the speaker cables through the hole you left open, and if you want to have a clearer sound, then fill both the bottom and top with polyethylene.

Insert the speaker and fix the connectors. Proceed to screw the fixture down, then seal the openings so the sound doesn’t escape. Wait again one day.

Q2: How to repair car speakers?

It all depends on exactly what needs to be repaired. If you do not have any knowledge in this, it is better to take the speakers to an expert to guide you and indicate if the speakers are repairable, as there are some cases in which the artifacts are burned and cannot be restored.

If you try to repair them without knowing the problem, it is likely that you will end up damaging them even more and this will cost you time, money and, in addition, can lead to other problems in the car.  

Q3: Why do the car speakers vibrate?

The speakers may be loose, and in that case they need to be adjusted until they are in the correct position. There is also the possibility that some component has been damaged and now causes this constant vibration when using them.

However, one of the most common reasons is the electrical current, because some radios do not have the same power as the speakers and may not be adequate to reproduce sound of the quality you want, causing that, when you turn up the volume, the speakers vibrate or rumble.

Q4: How to connect an MP3 player to car speakers?

The mp3 should not be connected directly to the speakers, but to the radio linked to the speakers. This is because the impedance is different between mp3 players and speakers which can cause the mp3 to burn up.

Modern car radios offer MP3 plugs or AUX cables so you can listen to your music on your car speakers by controlling everything from the radio. In this way, you can enjoy the speakers but in a safer way.

Q5: How to connect speaker wires to car radio?

Keep in mind that the thicker terminal is the one that serves as the positive and the thinner the one that serves as the negative. If you are using speakers of equal power to the ones you had, you just need to remove the old speakers and respect the wiring, placing it the same with these new speakers.

Use the correct polarity to avoid sound loss and speaker deterioration.

Q6: How to measure car speakers?

Using a tape measure, first measure the depth of the speaker, from the top to the back where the connection is made. Then, just proceed to measure height and width, so that, when finished, you can measure the diameter of the speaker that will indicate the necessary opening to install it.

Q7: Why don’t my car speakers sound?

It is very likely that a connection failure is causing the problem. This may be because they have deteriorated, burned from excessive use, etc. This would require a wiring change.

However, they may simply not be connected correctly. Check.

Q8: How to put car speakers to computer?

It is not recommended to make the connection directly to the PC source, since magnetic links can cause problems in both the hard drive and the motherboard of the computer.

To minimize the risks, it is advisable to purchase an amplifier that helps you connect the speakers to it, while the device makes the connection to the computer. Make sure the voltages, power and impedance are compatible and adequate to avoid damage.

How to use car speakers

Having a good sound in the car to enjoy long trips listening to your favorite music is the dream of many, therefore, buying speakers that allow you this may be the best purchase to improve your days. Using them is easy, however installing them can be a bit tricky if you don’t know how to get started. By gathering a few common tools and spending the time to do so, you can have your speakers up and running in no time.

Disconnect the battery

To be safer and avoid any type of short circuit, it is necessary to disconnect the battery when doing the installation process. This will not only protect you but also keep all the parts of your car safe, avoiding inconveniences.

Organize the tools

Find your screwdrivers, measuring tape, spacers, and drills to keep your tools organized and by having them close at hand, you won’t have to go looking for them when you need them.

Remove old speakers

Remove the grille that covers the old speakers, if they have one, to gain access to them. Use the right tools to work like a little lever to lift it up.

Unscrew the old speakers and separate them, but don’t pull too hard, remember that these are connected. Do all this carefully to avoid damaging the cables, as these will serve to make the new connection if you have not purchased very different speakers. Otherwise, you will need another wire connection.

Pay attention to the speaker connection and remember it. Also, try to save the screws, because you will need some at the end of the process.

make the connection

Identify the correct polarity, positive and negative cable as a first step, because if you make a reversed connection, you can risk the speakers not sounding or being damaged in a short time.

After this, bring the new speaker closer and make the connection in the same way as the previous device to have an adequate sound and not present problems.

Today’s cars come with woofers and tweeters, so if your rig comes with these, then go through the same swapping process. If not, then you need to make room, either in the doors or in the back of the car. You can also install them separately, that is, since the woofers are larger, it is more practical to place them in the rear while the high frequency ones are in the door.

try the product

When the speakers are installed, test the product by connecting the car battery and turning on the radio. Check that they sound good at all volume levels and let them run for a few minutes to notice if there are any changes or distortions. If everything is ok, turn off the radio and finish the installation.

Place the protective grid

To finish the process and enjoy the sound, put the protective grill back so your speakers are safe. You’ll just need to add pressure and screw in with the same screws you took out.

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Las cuatro mejores canciones para optimizar los altavoces de tu coche

Cuando se trata de mejorar la calidad del sonido de nuestro vehículo, siempre podemos recurrir a unos altavoces de calidad. Pero si no optimizamos la configuración de ese sonido, es probable que estemos perdiendo matices. Por suerte, si contamos con canciones que tengan una especial calidad, nos será mucho más fácil sacarle el máximo partido a ese audio.

Si quieres disfrutar de un sonido de extrema calidad en tu coche, seguramente te veas tentado a recurrir a los mejores altavoces para coche que puedas encontrar. El problema es que esta compra no es suficiente para disfrutar de ese sonido, dado que cada coche es un mundo y cada usuario tiene unas preferencias concretas a la hora de disfrutar del mismo. Algo parecido a lo que ocurre con los Smart TVs 4K, en los que también es necesario configurar adecuadamente esa imagen. Pero a diferencia de los televisores, en los equipos de car audio no contamos con una referencia que podamos tomar como base para esa configuración.

Para solventar este problema, vamos a presentarte cuatro canciones muy actuales, con las que contarás con todo lo necesario para optimizar ese sonido y disfrutar de una mayor calidad. Piezas que, cada una de ellas, tienen sus particularidades y puntos álgidos, a fin de tener esas sensaciones a mano y servir como base para la optimización de tu sistema.

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