Best LED car bulbs

LED car bulbs – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

LED car bulbs are the latest novelty for our home, but also for our car. So all you have to do is look for a suitable model for the characteristics of your vehicle so that it shines better than ever. Something you can achieve with VINSTAR LEDPremium E4 308 bulbs. These license plate bulbs give a different touch to it, with the corresponding white tone required by law. If conventional headlights are what you need, the Easy Eagle LEDF1H7EE lights generate a brightness of 10,800 lumens at a comfortable temperature of 6,000 kelvins, equivalent to traditional white light.

The best LED car bulbs on the market

LED car bulbs are the key to keeping your vehicle up to date or giving your vehicle a new look. A task in which knowing which are the best LED car bulbs that you can find is essential. The problem is that today’s vehicles have many lights and these bulbs come in different types. Luckily, our list of the best LED car bulbs of 2022 has representation of all kinds of products, so it’s easier to find cheap options that suit your needs.

Approved car LED bulbs

VINSTAR LED Premium E4 308

If you are looking for approved LED car bulbs, which is key to avoiding problems, the VINSTAR LEDPremium E4 308 model is all you need to light up your license plate. A model whose homologation is a guarantee when driving with peace of mind, since this means maintaining the white lighting required by the current highway code.

Some lights equipped with high visibility LEDs, which leave your license plate properly illuminated with a very pleasant white touch. They also have a simple installation, so that you will not need adapters or other elements, being able to carry out the installation directly on the existing connectors, just by removing the set of old lights that you had mounted. The product includes the two necessary license plate lights, so with one batch you will have enough to replace the lights on your vehicle.

If you don’t know which LED car bulbs to buy, we are going to get to know this model in depth and everything it offers you.


Connection : Installation is as easy as pulling out your old lights and plugging in these LED car bulbs, nothing more.

Lighting : The lighting is very nice and bright, within the required technical parameters.

Compatibility : Although they are advertised for the Peugeot 3008 they are also compatible with other vehicles.

Complete set: The product includes the two lights necessary to illuminate your license plate.

Approved: Being approved, you will not have problems when passing the ITV of the vehicle.


Force: Some user comments that it is necessary to use a lot of force to connect the lights.

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Riatec HIR2 6500

The Riatec HIR2 6500 approved LED car bulbs are all you need when it comes to renewing the lighting in your vehicle. A model that has the canbus connection system, which makes it easier to assemble. These bulbs have a lighting system of 3,600 lumens and a power supply of 36 watts, maintaining a nice cold light of 6,500K temperature.

The product also has an improved ventilation system, with which to achieve an estimated useful life of approximately 25,000 hours. Something that helps its IP65 protection against moisture and rain. All this in an approved product that is close to being the best car LED bulbs of the moment within its class, so it is very interesting to see everything more clearly on the road.


Canbus system: The Canbus system makes the process of connecting the product to your vehicle easier.

Ventilation : The fan reaches 12,000 revolutions per minute, with an estimated life of 25,000 hours.

Lighting : This model has a power of 3,600 lumens, to see everything clearer


Temperature: The light has a temperature of 6500 K, maybe a little cold for some drivers.

Size : As with other models, the size of the bulbs is considerable, and you should check the space available for mounting.

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H7 Car LED Bulbs

Easy Eagle LEDF1H7EE

The presence of LED technology in vehicle lighting systems is becoming more and more frequent. We have the proof in the Easy Eagle LEDF1H7EE model, a complete set of H7 LED car bulbs with which to enjoy a lighting power of 10,800 lumens per pair. 

A brightness that represents 300% more power than traditional halogen bulbs. This beam of light has a temperature of 6,000 kelvins, equivalent to pure white light, so as not to change the color of the objects we see en route. The light distribution system generates a 360-degree effect, which avoids the presence of blind spots when lighting the road. 

It is finished off with a high speed fan, with which to dissipate the heat generated during the use of the product and thus increasing the useful life of the bulbs.

Reinforce the lighting of your vehicle with the power and quality of these high level bulbs.


Power : Its 10,800 lumens per couple generate a light of high power and range.

Duration : Thanks to their ventilation and design, these bulbs last longer in good condition.

Assembly : Assembly is extremely simple, requiring just 10 minutes to start using them.

Integral Beam : 360 degree technology generates light with no dead spots or dark spots.


Canbus : This bulb is not compatible with the canbus system, so if it is used connected to it, a burnt-out warning will appear.

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LED bulbs for car interior


Completely changing the lighting in your car’s interior is easy with AGLINT T10 LED interior car bulbs. These bulbs have a design compatible with the canbus system and can replace all types of bulbs of this type based on T10 connectors. This allows you to replace bulbs in the interior light, courtesy light, map light, glove box light and many others. They’re even compatible with license plate lights, in case you want to swap them out too. Something ideal to completely renew the interior image of your vehicle and gain in lighting, without glare.

By the way, this lot has 10 bulbs, so you won’t have to buy more than one lot to renew the lighting of your vehicle. Something that also converts the product is the best value for money car LED bulbs from our selection.

Ranked among the cheapest options on the market, these lights are all you need to freshen up your vehicle.


Brightness : The bulb has a lighting level three times higher than the traditional model.

T10 Wedge : The product is compatible with any connector that uses T10 wedges.

Lot : The lot includes 10 bulbs, so you can renew all the interior lighting of your vehicle.


Compatibility : Some vehicles are a bit picky when it comes to recognizing these bulbs as good.

Continuous use : Some users comment that in areas of continuous use, such as license plates, they can melt earlier than expected.

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canbus car led bulbs

LncBoc T10 W5W 

The LncBoc T10 W5W model is an interesting proposal when it comes to looking for LED car bulbs with Canbus. First of all, because of its compact size. Identical to that of a halogen bulb, so its mounting is very easy in any interior or exterior section of the vehicle. Also because of its color temperature, which ranges from 6,000 to 6,500 kelvin, generating a very pleasant white light. 

Thanks to the quality of its manufacture, the product generates a large amount of high-brightness light, so it illuminates adequately according to what you need. And you don’t have to worry about their durability either, since, thanks to their high-quality construction and aluminum reinforcement, the bulbs offer high durability.

Perfect so you don’t have to change them for a long time and they don’t lose their lighting capacity with use.

Give a new look to the lighting of your vehicle thanks to the pleasant light of these LED bulbs.


Temperature: Its temperature range generates a high quality white light in any vehicle.

Mounting: Thanks to its adjusted size, it is very easy to install the bulbs almost anywhere.

Reinforcement: Its aluminum reinforcement makes the bulbs offer greater durability and resistance.


Canbus: As expected, the product is not compatible with vehicles that do not have canbus adapters.

Connection: It is essential to tighten the connectors correctly so that the bulb works correctly.

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H4 Car LED Bulbs

Xelord 6500K 

These Xelord H4 LED car bulbs are another alternative with which to gain quality when it comes to lighting your vehicle while you drive. This model has details such as a high quality lighting beam, with an efficiency of 98%. Regarding its temperature, the bulb generates a beautiful white light, being an ideal replacement for the old xenon lights. 

It also has a pattern with the same level of alignment as a halogen light, so the light beam maintains that line, without generating glare problems or requiring subsequent adjustments or alignments in the headlight. 

And so that durability is not a problem, the bulb incorporates a fan made of high quality aluminum to dissipate the heat generated during the use of the product. The result is a useful life that can reach 30,000 hours with solvency. By the way, if you need other sizes, the brand also offers them.

Change the way you see the road with this interesting LED bulb that Xelord offers us.


Profile : The profile of the bulb is identical to the ones it replaces, so there is no need to make adjustments in the process.

Durability : The lamp is capable of withstanding up to 30,000 hours of use, without losing its light quality.

No waiting : Compared to xenon, these bulbs start to illuminate as soon as they are activated.


Assembly : The assembly process requires high precision when fitting the bulbs into the bulbs.

Size : The bulb is somewhat longer than a traditional one, so it is convenient to check the available space to see its fit.

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Guide to buying LED car bulbs

LED car bulbs have become one of the latest innovations to reach our vehicles. Some bulbs that are already part of the original equipment of numerous vehicles, although they are also gradually being incorporated into traditional vehicles, despite the cost of adapting them. In any case, whether you are looking for new bulbs for your car or if you want to reform an older vehicle, we leave you the advice of our guide to buy the best LED bulbs for cars, with the necessary guidelines so that your purchase illuminates you as well as possible.

Shopping guide

bulb power

The first thing we have to take into account when buying one of these bulbs is their power. This power varies according to models, so we have different levels and designs regarding this parameter.

Starting with conventional or front lighting bulbs, there are many options that we have, famous for including the denomination H and a number: H1, H4, H7, etc. This number determines the type of conventional manufacturing of the lamp and also the power level of the lamp, which is around 55 to 60 watts approximately.

However, in LED models for cars, as in conventional bulbs, they have a lower level of consumption, around 5 to 10 watts approximately. In this case, the important thing is to verify the equivalent level and the degree of illumination that they offer, which should always meet the necessary standards to see everything clearly, depending on the bulb we are talking about.


As important as choosing a good product is that it is approved. Some non-approved LED car bulbs may be cheaper, but they will end up giving us a lot of headaches, both in the form of fines and problems when it comes to passing the ITV.

This aspect is important when it comes to replacement car LED bulbs for which our vehicle came as standard, but it is even more important when we are reforming our vehicle, in which we are going to be forced to present the homologation documents. because without them we will not be able to legalize the corresponding reform.

Therefore, when buying good and cheap LED car bulbs, it is key to have said approval. But it is also essential that it be legal, given that many manufacturers of low-cost light bulbs “simulate” the approvals, which then are not such and end up causing problems. Dedicate the time you need to evaluate said homologation and its veracity. Saving us how much a cheap and poorly approved bulb costs in the end will be a problem.

Each space has its light bulb

One of the advantages of the current market is that there are LED car bulbs for everything. As proof, if we take a look at any comparison of LED bulbs for cars, we will see that there are bulbs for lighting, for position lights, turn signals and even for interiors. Therefore, it is essential that we bet on the correct bulb for each place.

Someone will think that we are talking about the obvious, but the truth is that some light bulbs could be connected in the same place, due to their size and connector. That is why it is key that we have the correct bulb in each area of ​​​​the vehicle. Verifying it is as simple as reading its instructions.

In addition to what has been said, it is essential to verify that each light bulb has the corresponding technical parameters, in regard to the way in which each of them illuminates. As an example, the lights we use for the license plate must always be white, while the lighting lights can be white or yellow, but never blue. So all these aspects must also be taken into account when buying suitable light bulbs.


As a final step, a little extra for your search, we talk about the importance of refrigeration. LED car bulbs, mainly those for headlights, have a high demand level of operation that generates a high amount of heat when operating. If that heat is not evacuated properly it can reduce the life of the bulb.

For this reason, it is essential that the LED car bulb we choose has an efficient and quality cooling system. It is something in which the products usually fail us, but given the operating temperatures of the light bulbs and also the high temperatures that we usually have in summer, it is key to verify that the light bulb ventilates correctly.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: What are the advantages of approved LED car bulbs?

Approved car bulbs have passed an inspection and control procedure that verifies that their functions are adequate in accordance with what is established by law. This has the advantage that the bulb is safer and that it will not give us problems when it comes to passing the ITV, since its adaptation to the regulations is correct. In this regard, it is always a good idea to keep the packaging or documents that come with the bulb, in case there are problems during the inspection process.

Q2: Is it legal to use car LED bulbs for car license plate?

According to current traffic regulations, there is no reason why LED lights cannot be used to illuminate the license plate of our vehicle. However, the code does establish certain limitations regarding the type of bulb to use. Specifically, said light bulb must necessarily be white, which eliminates those light bulbs whose color temperature can tend towards blue or yellow. However, this is something that manufacturers have already taken into account when offering their products, so it is not usually a source of problems.

Q3: Can I use car LED bulbs in the car dashboard?

As long as the corresponding connectivity allows it, in principle there are no more inconveniences when using this type of bulbs. There is also no legal limitation in this regard. What is important is that these LED car bulbs have certain characteristics, since the high brightness of these bulbs can be a problem in dark situations, such as those that occur in the cabin of our vehicle.

Q4: Are there car LED bulbs that can be used for position and brake?

LED car bulbs are now being introduced in all parts of the vehicle, so it is already easy to find bulbs for position and brake lights. In any case, when buying these bulbs it is essential that we buy that they have been designed for each area of ​​the vehicle. Mainly because each light bulb has a specific size, type of connector and lighting parameters.

Q5: How can I change the halogen bulbs to LED car bulbs in the car?

The change from halogen bulbs to LED car bulbs in our vehicle is considered a major reform. Therefore, it will require authorization from the ITV after inspection and delivery of the corresponding documentation. On a technical level, the process requires changing the lighthouse structure for one that is compatible with each type of light. It is key to remember that the optics of the headlamp, the area where the light is reflected, varies between the different types of light generated. This is where this obligation comes from.

Q6: Can LED car bulbs be put in the car?

LED car bulbs have become an interesting accessory for our vehicle, and there is no problem in using them legally. However, it is essential that these bulbs are approved, or that they comply with the established legal requirements, regarding connectivity and the luminosity they offer, in order to avoid glare. A somewhat complex legal process that, for now, is not particularly cheap either.

Q7: Is it recommended to use car LED bulbs for car turn signals?

The LED lights for indicators are other interesting elements to give a different touch to our vehicle. However, as far as their recommendation is concerned, there is no special approach in this regard. Mainly because this type of light does not consume a large amount of energy and does not make a considerable difference in terms of light generation. Therefore, if you want to change them there is no problem, but it is not something essential or that involves a considerable change.

Q8: Which is better, use halogen or led car bulbs?

The old halogen lights have a lower efficiency than LED lights, so that in terms of energy consumption and the amount of light generated, it is more interesting to have an LED bulb compared to a halogen one. Additionally, these LED car bulbs also have a longer useful life than halogen, as they have several light emitters compared to the single halogen filament. So it is more interesting to use these LEDs, if possible.

How to install LED car bulbs legally

Given the rise of modern LED technology, many users are wondering if they can use this type of more modern lights legally. Leaving aside the technical aspect, which must always be managed through a specialized workshop that knows what it is doing, we are going to see what is the legal procedure that we must follow to legally install our LED lights in our vehicle. Obviously, this does not affect vehicles that already have LED lights as standard, since they would be legal.

choosing the lights

The first step is to choose lights that are duly approved, since if they are not, it will be impossible for us to legalize them. Therefore, the product must be approved, have the corresponding certification and have adequate quality. Something that automatically rules out poor quality bulbs at cheap prices that we find in some establishments. Do not forget that these bulbs must be accompanied by the corresponding certificate of conformity, since you will need it in the rest of the process.

changing optics

As we have mentioned, in the case of wanting to change from halogen lights to LED lights, it is essential to completely change the optics of the vehicle. This involves changing the entire headlight, both the reflector and the bulb. A task for which it is advisable to put yourself in the hands of a workshop specialized in this type of reform. First, because these professionals know how to do everything to avoid inconvenience during assembly. But also for the workshop to issue the corresponding installation certificate, which will be essential for legalization.

laboratory process

Once we have proceeded to the installation, it is necessary to go through a specialized laboratory, which issues the corresponding conformity report. For this, the laboratory will proceed to check the certificates of the lamp and the installation, as well as to see the state of the same, as an expert opinion. This step is also essential for the legalization of the lights.

Passing the ITV

As a final step, we will have to make an appointment at our ITV station to execute the final legalization of said reform. The technical process is the same as for a conventional inspection, with the operator proceeding to verify that the installation has been carried out correctly as well as to see that it complies with the technical parameters required for this type of light. If everything is in order, the station registers the reform in the ITV file and it is officially legalized.

other lights

Everything we have discussed mainly affects the vehicle’s headlights, as they are the most important ones we are talking about. In case you want to change other lights there will be no such problem. As an example, there is no inconvenience in the interior lights, as happens with the position, brake or intermittent lights, as long as they comply with the legal requirements. The same happens with the registration plates, although with the exception that these must be white.

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Las bombillas LED para coche H7 son las más habituales para su uso en los faros de nuestro vehículo. Una zona en el que el modelo ONEWELL H7 tiene mucho que decir. Estas bombillas ofrecen un sistema de alumbrado de 6000 K de temperatura, en línea con otros modelos de este segmento. En lo que sí destaca es en su eficiencia luminosa, que llega a los 7.600 lúmenes por cada par de bombillas, ofreciendo un haz de luz eficiente y sin puntos oscuros a la hora de alumbrar.

Un planteamiento que se presenta en un formato todo en uno, de modo que no es completo cambiar las bombillas ni proceder a su instalación. Finalmente, el producto ofrece una carcasa de aluminio y un ventilador con capacidad para mantener el alumbrado en buen estado durante unas 50.000 horas aproximadamente.

Veamos algunos datos más de las que son, para algunos usuarios, las mejores bombillas LED para coche actuales en su tamaño.


Iluminación: La bombilla ofrece una luz de 6000K y alta calidad, de modo que el alumbrado es muy eficiente.

Durabilidad: Según indica el fabricante, las bombillas tienen una duración estimada de 50.000 horas.

Ventilación: La refrigeración de este modelo aumenta la vida útil del producto y evita su deterioro prematuro


Montaje: En algunos vehículos puede que la bombilla no encaje bien si el guardapolvo del faro es rígido.

Ventilador: El ventilador solo gira a 7.000 RPM, aunque el cuerpo de aluminio ayuda a evacuar mejor el calor.

Sealigth AT10A1-10P-ES

El sistema canbus hace fácil conectar las bombillas a tu vehículo. Es el sistema que encontramos en las bombillas LED para coche canbus Sealigth AT10A1-10P-ES, pensadas para la iluminación de interiores, placas de matrícula y otros elementos. Unas bombillas de alta calidad, de un fabricante que, para muchos, es la mejor marca de bombillas LED para coche del momento.

Esto permite que las luces generen una iluminación de alto nivel en cualquier zona en la que se monte, al tiempo que te ofrece una amplia durabilidad. Tanto como para que el fabricante te ofrezca hasta 5 años de garantía en estas bombillas. Además, cuenta con detalles como un sistema canbus sin polaridad, de modo que no tendrás problemas con la centralita del vehículo, siempre que el coche sea compatible con este sistema de las bombillas.

Dale un nuevo aspecto al interior de tu vehículo con este completo juego de bombillas LED para coche de interior.


Canbus: El sistema canbus hace mucho más fácil el proceso de montaje e instalación de las bombillas.

Luz blanca: Las bombillas generan una agradable luz blanca, idónea para los interiores.

Garantía: Las bombillas tienen 5 años de garantía, que son un interesante extra que refleja su durabilidad.


Compatibilidad: Es clave verificar la compatibilidad de las bombillas, para evitar problemas posteriores.

Durabilidad: Como pasa con algún modelo similar, el producto tiene una duración ajustada si se usan continuamente.

Kimood LED H4

Si tu vehículo utiliza bombillas LED para coche H4 entonces el modelo Kimood LED H4 es lo que necesitas. Estas bombillas cuentan con una potencia combinada de 72 vatios, de modo que no tendrás problema para exprimir al máximo la iluminación de tus faros en cualquier situación.

Un modelo que nos ofrece una conexión canbus, de modo que el proceso de instalación es mucho más fácil, a lo que también ayuda contar con un tamaño idéntico a las bombillas halógenas de siempre. Esto no afecta a su durabilidad, pues la bombilla cuenta con un ventilador de alta calidad, que evita el sobrecalentamiento del faro. Por si fuera poco, el producto cuenta también con una carcasa íntegramente fabricada en aluminio, lo que permite al fabricante ofrecer una durabilidad estimada de 30.000 horas.

Dale un toque diferente al alumbrado de tu vehículo con este completo kit de bombillas LED para coche H4.


Potencia: Las bombillas ofrecen a 72 vatios de potencia y una luminosidad de 10.400 lúmenes por cada par.

Durabilidad: Las bombillas duran en torno a 30.000 horas, gracias a su eficiente sistema de refrigeración.

Dimensiones: El producto cuenta con las medidas justas para reemplazar las bombilla halógenas de serie.


Cambio de bombillas: Aunque se indica que es un kit completo de cambio sigue siendo necesario homologar las mismas en la ITV.

Color: Como pasa con casi todas los faros LED, su luz es más bien blanca, así que si te gusta más amarilla deberás buscar otro modelo.

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