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Reflective vest – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

Reflective vests have been designed from the beginning to cover the torso of a person while carrying out some activities, whether work or day-to-day, in order to avoid some incidents or risks, since due to their composition they provide a high level of safety. visibility. In this sense, there are several models on the market, among which the BJ Global JK22-GR stands out, characterized by its design equipped with a safe and comfortable zipper, as well as a breathable and resistant polyester mesh fabric. For its part, the Cartrend 50130 model is available in size L and is supplied with a practical carrying bag.

The best reflective vests on the market

During the search for the best reflective vests, you should take into account each of the characteristics that they could offer you so that you can confirm if any of them would be useful for you. It should be noted that this product is considered an ideal security element to avoid different types of inconveniences, therefore, below we will present some options that may be to your liking.

motorcycle reflective vest

BJ Global JK22-GR

If you are looking for the best reflective vest, you should consider the JK22-GR model, characterized by its manufacture with polyester mesh fabric, which is capable of providing resistance to wear, as well as an appropriate level of breathability.

In this way, the reflective motorcycle vest would provide you with an excellent ability to eliminate sweat for your comfort. Best of all, this model is equipped with protective pads that are also removable and are located right on the back.

As for its color, it is fluorescent green, so its structure is more than striking and modern. On the other hand, so that you can enjoy a good fit of it, you will have at your disposal a quality zipper, as well as a waist with an adjustable and elastic drawstring.

To buy the best reflective vest of the moment, you must take into account the level of adjustment or the manufacturing material that it has.


Manufacturing: This vest is made of polyester mesh fabric. Therefore, you can enjoy a resistant and durable product.

Breathable: Thanks to its manufacturing material, this model is breathable and has a great ability to eliminate sweat during use.

Comfort: The vest is equipped with removable padding on the back for added comfort.

Adjustment: The product has an adjustable drawstring waist. In addition, it includes a zipper for closure.


Size: Some users mention that size L is a bit short, so they recommend taking precautions before buying.

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Nerve 1512070528_03

During the search for the best reflective vests of 2022, we recommend you look at the 1512070528_03 model sponsored by the Nerve brand, since it has a lot to offer you, starting first with its manufacture.

In this sense, this model has two 100% polyester layers, in addition to a PU coating. Similarly, the inner lining is made of polyester and is capable of offering you an adequate level of breathability to prevent the appearance of sweat during each use.

As for its design, the motorcycle reflective vest guarantees optimal visibility at all times, thanks to the reflective elements available in its structure, which are reflective trims located both on the front and on the back of the product.

For its part, we are talking about a light and easy-to-use model since it weighs 998 grams, while its adjustment system does not leave much to be desired.

If you want to know which reflective vest to buy, you should look at each of the details that are capable of guaranteeing functionality and practicality for each use.


Manufacturing: The vest is made of 100% polyester. In addition, it has a quality PU coating.

Inner lining: Its inner lining, in addition to being made of polyester, offers you a good level of breathability at all times.

Optimal visibility: This vest offers you optimal visibility by having reflective trims both on the front and on the back.

Weight: We are talking about a light model with a weight of only 998 grams.


Price: To mention one drawback, this model is the most expensive on our list of recommendations.

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LeatherTeknik CV-002

If you are wondering which is the best reflective vest. Then we present you the model CV-002 of the LeatherTeknik brand.

It should be noted first that you can enjoy an appropriate level of adjustment thanks to the side straps available in its structure. In addition. This reflective motorcycle vest is made of nylon and mesh fabric, so you can have adequate resistance, as well as a special level of breathability.

For its part, this model guarantees you optimal visibility by having reflective straps just on each side of the vest. Likewise, you can buy it in a striking fluorescent green color combined with a shiny black that makes you stand out among many.

Best of all, it is equipped with a pocket located right on the back, while its design, available in sizes S, M and L, is designed for use by motorcyclists and cyclists.

LeatherTeknik is considered by many to be the best brand for reflective vests, as it offers quality and resistant products.


Fit: This model allows you to enjoy a good level of fit thanks to the side straps it has.

Manufacturing: It is made of nylon and mesh fabric, making it a breathable model.

Visibility: Thanks to the reflective straps available on each side of the vest you can enjoy optimal visibility.

Color: This vest is available in fluorescent green with shiny black.


Use: It is important to consider that its use is aimed only at men. Therefore, if you want a unisex model, you should look at other options.

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Approved reflective vest

Cartrend 50130

There are many options available in the market regarding the approved reflective vest that you could purchase. Among them, the 50130 model stands out with much to offer, starting with its manufacture available entirely in polyester. This means that you would be opting for a quality model, comfortable and practical to use, capable of providing you with the durability and resistance you need for a considerable time.

For its part, it is equipped with two Velcro strips, as well as two high-quality reflective strips so that you can enjoy the best visibility. Likewise, its structure is designed and available in fluorescent yellow, while its size is L.

Finally, we must not forget the fact that it is a model approved according to the DIN EN 20471 standard and for greater comfort it is included with a practical special zipper bag for its transport and, of course, to be able to keep it in optimal conditions.

If you want to carry out the purchase of a good reflective vest you will have to take into account every detail available in its design.


Fit: It should be noted that this reflective vest has two velcro straps ideal for a proper fit.

Visibility: The vest offers you two special reflective strips to give you good visibility.

Manufacturing: Regarding its composition, this model is made of 100% polyester.

Color: It is available in fluorescent yellow and in size L.


Size: You should consider that some customers complain about the fact that it is a very short vest that would not work for very tall people.

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M-Wave Polyester

If you are looking for an approved reflective vest with a much simpler design compared to the rest of the models available on the market, this could be the one for you, since we are talking about a product made up of two elastic bands on each side to guarantee you a good fit.

Likewise, it is equipped with two reflective tapes so that you can have optimal visibility before each use. It is also available in neon yellow.

On the other hand, speaking of its manufacture, this vest is made of 100% polyester, which means durability, resistance and quality at all times. Likewise, for greater safety, it is approved in accordance with European standard 1150 for reflective clothing.

In this way, there should be no doubt that you would be opting for a reflective vest capable of satisfying your needs just when you need to use it. In addition, it offers you a considerable level of comfort.

The search for a good reflective vest will depend largely on the model you decide to purchase, as well as each of the advantages it has to offer you.


Adjustment: The vest has two special elastic bands on each side to give you a proper fit.

Tape: This model has two special high-quality reflective tapes in its structure to offer you a good level of visibility.

Manufacturing: Regarding its composition, the reflective vest is made of 100% polyester.


Sizes : It should be noted that some users comment that the sizes in which these vests are available are very wide.

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bike reflective vest


If you usually ride a bicycle through the streets of your city, it would be ideal if you could have a quality reflective bike vest with which you can stay safe even when you are in those areas of low light, since it would guarantee an appropriate level of visibility. when the headlight of a car illuminates you.

On this occasion, the ZREAL brand has a very practical and comfortable model for you to use, since it should be noted first that it is made of polyester fabric, so we are talking about a warm and special product to prevent sweat.

Likewise, it is available in a combination of fluorescent yellow and black colors, therefore, its design is quite striking and practical when using it.

For its part, it has two reflective strips at the bottom of the vest and for greater comfort you will have at your disposal some pockets in which to store your belongings.

Making a good choice between the different reflective vests available on the market will depend primarily on the material available in the structure and the design of the model that most attracts your attention.


Manufacturing: This reflective vest is made of high quality polyester fabric.

Colors: It is available in a combination of the colors fluorescent yellow and black.

Reflective tapes: This model has two reflective tapes located at the bottom of the vest.

Comfortable: You will have at your fingertips a comfortable and cool reflective vest with an appropriate level of breathability.


Size: The sizes in which this vest is available are a little smaller than normal.

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WiSiRi Yellow

Below, we present the best value for money reflective vest, characterized not only by its practicality and functionality, but also for being one of the cheapest models available on our list of recommendations.

This being the case, it is important that you take into account that it is made of polyester fiber, so its use is special for those people who are used to running, exercising in the morning or afternoon, even for cyclists, since it is of a totally breathable and light product.

Likewise, it is available in fluorescent yellow while its dimensions are 48.5 x 16 centimeters. On the other hand, its fastening system depends on two velcro closures located one on each side in the lower part of the product.

The best of all is that you will have at your disposal a quality reflective bike vest, capable of offering you the visibility you deserve thanks to the different reflective strips that it has in its structure.

This time you will have the opportunity to opt for a good reflective vest at a very affordable price, this model being one of the cheapest on our list of recommendations.


Manufacturing: It should be noted that this product is made of quality polyester fiber.

Fastening: This model has a fastening system using two velcro closures located at the bottom of the vest.

Reflective tapes: This vest has several reflective tapes available in its structure.


Size: Some users mention that this vest is usually very large, so its use is somewhat uncomfortable.

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Buying guide for reflective vests

Reflective vests are considered individual protection equipment that could be very functional in intermediate risk situations. These same ones are available in the market in different sizes, colors and designs, so carrying out the purchase of the best among all could be a difficult task in case of not having the adequate information before the election. Thus, we have decided to make a guide to buy the best reflective vest where you will find each of the characteristics that you should take into account before buying.

Shopping guide


Although for some people the color of the vest seems unimportant, the truth is that this characteristic has a lot to do with enjoying an appropriate level of visibility, especially at night.

In this sense, according to experts in the field, they recommend leaning towards those yellow vests, since these are capable of giving you a contrast with the equipment, the vehicles or even the environment in general, so you could always be visible either day or night. Another color that could also be considered is neon green since in the end it ends up being very striking and practical when it comes to its use.

Thus, the main thing when using a reflective vest is about the fact of always being visible even when the amount of light available in a place is very little, since with the help of color and other reflective elements you can be seen. without inconveniences being able to avoid any type of incident.

fluorescent material

The use of a special vest to preserve your safety would not be the same if it did not have the appropriate materials in its structure to provide you with quality visibility in each situation.

In this way, it goes without saying that said product must have fluorescent material in its structure in order to reflect light during its use during the day. That is precisely why most are supplied in fluorescent yellow or fluorescent green to guarantee quality, functionality and, above all, practicality during each use.

This characteristic is usually one of the most important when making the purchase, since, like other details that we will mention later, they are the special determinant so that you can enjoy appropriate individual safety equipment to use during any type of situation..

Reflective tape

During a comparison of reflective vests available on the market, you should also consider that it has reflective details in its structure, such as the famous reflective tapes.

These are undoubtedly special when you use the vest at night, since due to their composition they could easily perceive the light emitted by car headlights, so that you could be visible even when you are in low light conditions.

It should be noted that, in accordance with the regulations for this type of safety product, these straps must surround the person’s torso, although some models have it in that and other strategic locations in the structure of the vest.


In addition to looking at how much the reflective vest you are going to buy costs, you should also take into account that the size is the right one for you. In this sense, it is not recommended that it could be very large, since you could not count on an appropriate level of support and comfort. Likewise, using it very tight could even cause you discomfort when performing the task that is convenient according to the problem that has arisen and for which you should use said vest. In this way, the most appropriate thing will be to look at the table of measurements that the seller can provide you to choose the one indicated according to your height and measurements in general.


Due to the variety of reflective vests available on the market, without a doubt you could find an economical model that also offers you a pleasing design for anyone to see.

It should be noted that depending on this feature, you could even have at your disposal some comfortable pockets in which to store your smallest belongings such as the keys to your home, the vehicle, your cell phone or even your wallet.

Likewise, some models even offer you the possibility of carrying out a suitable closure method through a zipper available in the entire center of the vest. This same sometimes tends to give a different touch to its design, since these generally have Velcro closures that are not perceptible, much less make a difference or make a particular model more striking or attractive.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: What happens when the reflective vest is exposed to light?

During the use of reflective vests there are details that you must take into account to avoid prolonged wear. In this sense, you should consider the fact of not leaving it exposed to light, since its reflective capacity would gradually be lost so that you can be seen more easily even in those places with little light. It should be noted that these vests in their composition have fluorescent material, the same that deteriorates when it comes into direct contact with sunlight since we are talking about a material that is very sensitive to the sun that could lose its properties quickly.

Q2: If you ride a motorcycle, is it mandatory to wear a reflective vest?

According to the decree issued in France on January 1, 2016, it is indicated that the use of the reflective vest in motorcyclists is not mandatory at the time they are driving, however, wearing it would help you considerably to maintain a level of appropriate safety especially when driving at night.

What is mandatory is to keep it stored in any compartment of the motorcycle that is easily accessible. Well, in case of any inconvenience that you have to solve while on the road, then it will be your obligation to carry it to avoid different types of accidents that are generally caused by not maintaining an adequate security method to solve different situations on public roads.

Q3: On what types of roads is the use of a reflective vest mandatory?

The use of the reflective vest is appropriate on any type of road, since they are usually traveled by a number of cars daily. In this sense, even if you are not wearing the same, if you find yourself driving your car and you have an accident, then before getting out of the car, the most appropriate thing would be for you to use said vest to avoid inconveniences as well as the fact of being fined for not complying with the regulations. valid in your country.  

Q4: Is a truck driver required to wear a reflective vest in his vehicle?

It should be noted that the use of the reflective vest is mandatory for drivers of trucks, buses, mixed vehicles, including non-agricultural vehicles. Likewise, they are required that said vest be approved and be capable of providing a high level of special visibility to be able to face any type of situation while being safe at all times. Especially when we talk about drivers who travel on very busy roads.

Q5: When should the reflective vest be put on?

There are those who usually drive their motorcycle or vehicle using the reflective vest. However, for those who prefer to keep it stored in a special compartment of said method of transportation, they should know that the use of this individual safety equipment is necessary when they have an accident in the middle of an interurban road and need to get out of the car or motorcycle. Right at that moment they should already have their reflective vest correctly on and adjusted to be seen by other drivers who may travel on the same public road.

Q6: What is the difference between an approved reflective vest and one that is not?

It should be noted that approved reflective vests undoubtedly offer you a much more noticeable quality compared to those that are not. In this sense, those approved models have different details on their label, such as the size, the number of the European regulations that they comply with, the designation of the type of product that you are acquiring, including the name, company name or CIF of the manufacturer of said vest..

Likewise, in the mandatory brochure that said model must include if it is approved, you must find the appropriate instructions for its placement, the warnings in case of improper use, the limitations of its use and even the guidelines that you must consider when of your storage. You will not find all these characteristics mentioned above in a product without approval.

Q7: Is it mandatory to wear a reflective vest for the passenger in a car?

It should be noted that the traffic regulations clearly impose the use of a reflective vest for the driver in the event of an incident, however, the use of said product is not required for the passenger or co-driver.

Q8: Is it legal to wear an orange or red reflective vest on the road?

According to the comments of those experts in this type of situation, the most recommended will always be the use of a fluorescent yellow vest, since it provides a much more adequate level of visibility for each use.

How to use a reflective vest

Reflective vests have become an essential safety item among the belongings of each driver, whether they drive a private vehicle, bus, truck or even a bicycle, thanks to the regulations in force since 2016 designed to avoid different types of accidents caused by due to the recklessness of some people as well as the lack of signaling in the event of an incident occurring on the middle of the interurban road. In this sense, below, we will provide you with special information about the use that you should give your new vest so that you can keep it in perfect condition for a long time or even manage to avoid any fine.

Unpack the reflective vest

When you receive your reflective vest at home, the first thing you should do is unpack it, avoiding the use of sharp objects that could cause irreparable damage to the structure of said product. Later, you would have to verify that everything is in perfect condition and ready to use. Therefore, check that the seams are in good condition, as well as the zipper or velcro closure that it includes to adjust the vest properly.

Use it when necessary

You must take into account the fact that the use of the vest is essential precisely when you find yourself in a dangerous situation, whether you are in an accident on public roads and need to get out of the car. In this sense, do not forget to put on the reflective vest before lowering the vehicle. In this way, you could be easily seen by other drivers who travel on that road easily even when it is night.

Fit your vest properly

After putting on the reflective vest, make sure to adjust it properly to prevent it from slipping, or keeping it in constant movement, preventing the proper visibility of the reflective tapes.

In this sense, some models include a zipper closure available in the entire center of the vest, you must slide it completely from the bottom up to enjoy a complete and adequate fit.

For its part, there are also reflective vests with Velcro closure in its structure. These are comfortable to use, since you would only have to put on the model you have chosen and then join both sides of the velcro closure and that’s it.

You could even have vests that give you the opportunity to adjust it according to your preferences through an adjustable cord that is undoubtedly very practical and easy to use.

Store it properly

After using the reflective vest, you must store it properly to preserve each of its properties. In this sense, some models are supplied with a practical storage bag, ideal for taking it with you wherever you go, being stored comfortably and safely. If this is your case, after each use, proceed to fold it delicately and then store it in said bag, managing to keep it away from sunlight, since it is a product with fluorescent material that is sensitive to this factor.

Good maintenance is the key to an excellent reflective vest

Taking care of and keeping your reflective vest in good condition denotes as much responsibility as having one, because although it is sometimes tedious to comply with everything necessary to wash and use it, this is required to always have a garment ready to protect you at all times. Following a series of steps is all you need to make your vest last as long as possible intact.

The reflective vest is one of the most important items to have in the car or to use in your workplace, if required. The importance of this garment lies in the fact that its main objective is to keep people safe in their environment, because it will keep them visible in dark or dangerous environments to avoid any type of accident.

Despite the fact that some people prefer to risk not wearing a reflective vest, this not only compromises their protection but, in many countries, it also constitutes a violation of different labor or road safety laws that can be accompanied by different fines.

Due to the legal implications and also the risk of accidents that are run by not wearing the reflective vest, this product has become more and more common. It is necessary that it works correctly and is always impeccable in order to fulfill its function, for this reason the maintenance process is so important, and doing it correctly can guarantee the adequate duration of the garment.

Important facts about the care of the reflective vest

Although surely when buying it it would be incredible if it could last forever and, in this way, not have to spend more money buying another one, all reflective vests come with a maximum time of optimal use before wearing out and losing the shiny effect that characterizes it; after that, it is unsafe to use. Wearing it no matter that the valid time has passed gives the same protection as having a bright colored shirt, there will be no extra security.

However, the vest can become unusable long before reaching its maximum duration of appropriate performance if certain environmental conditions are not taken care of or if inappropriate chemicals are used for washing or cleaning.

 For example, leaving the vest exposed to sunlight for a long time can take away its reflective ability and also fade the color of the vest. Therefore, it is not recommended to use it very frequently in the day if there is a lot of sun, nor is it suit

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