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Snow chains – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

Taking into account the fact that snow chains will always be a special product for the use of your tires in winter, you should consider some models, among which the Goodyear GOD8012 stands out, characterized primarily by its easy assembly and comfortable to wear. finished. Likewise, it is supplied in a set of two pieces size L and can be used to run at a maximum speed of 50 kilometers per hour. Likewise, the Michelin 008307 model is made of composite materials. In addition, it is an approved product in both France and Italy.

The best snow chains on the market

Snow chains are a very practical accessory to use on your vehicle’s tires in winter when you need to drive on ice or snow. That is why carrying out the search for a comfortable, appropriate and quality model will be essential to avoid any type of inconvenience while driving. Thus, you must take into account the most relevant characteristics of the product that most attracts your attention so that you can acquire among all the ones that are capable of satisfying your needs.

Textile snow chains

Goodyear GOD8012

During the search for the best snow chains of 2022, it will always be necessary to look at every detail that the model that most attracts your attention can offer you, in order to be able to acquire among all the most suitable for the tires of your vehicle.

Thus, the Goodyear brand offers you high-quality textile snow chains that are special only for use on snowy or icy roads. Also, they are available in different sizes such as S, M, L, XL and XXL.

It should be noted that with the use of this product you can avoid prolonged deterioration of the tire. In addition, you could maintain a maximum speed of 50 kilometers per hour. Likewise, its manufacturers mention that this model is very quiet, does not vibrate and is also very easy and quick to install.

Goodyear is considered by many to be the best brand of snow chains available on the market, since it has a wide variety of products and services to offer you.


Size: It should be noted that this two-piece set is available in a variety of special sizes so that you can choose the one that suits you best.

Maximum speed: It is important that you consider that by using these snow chains you will be able to maintain a maximum speed of 50 kilometers per hour.

Assembly: The assembly of this product is easy, fast and comfortable to carry out.

Functional: These snow chains do not produce annoying noises or vibrations during use.


Quality: Some users comment that the gloves that are supplied with the product do not seem of high quality.

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EasySock CAD8015

In this opportunity, we are facing the best value for money snow chains. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to enjoy one of the cheapest models on our list of recommendations.

It should be noted that these textile snow chains sponsored by the Easy Sock brand include a pair of gloves with the purchase to carry out a comfortable and safe assembly. Likewise, we are talking about a product made up of 100% polyolefin without any type of metallic parts.

Likewise, in terms of its use, this model is washable and reusable, so you will not have to incur additional expenses unnecessarily. In addition, it is designed to maintain a maximum driving speed of 40 kilometers per hour.

Finally, it is important to note that these car snow chains offer you a comfortable and stable vehicle driving, since they do not produce vibrations or annoying noises in the tires.

Easy Sock offers you a considerate product of the cheapest and highest quality models available on the market.


Accessories: With the purchase of these snow chains available on the market, a pair of special gloves are included to facilitate their assembly.

Composition: It should be noted that this model is made of 100% polyolefin without metal parts.

Speed: During use, you can maintain a driving speed of 40 kilometers per hour.

Functional: These chains guarantee an excellent driving of the vehicle without vibrations or annoying noises.


Use: Different users comment that they are not suitable for very frequent use, so it should be sporadic and only on icy roads.

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Michelin snow chains

Michelin 008307

If you are still wondering which are the best snow chains available on the market, the 008307 model may be the one for you.

This being the case, these Michelin snow chains offer you exclusivity in terms of their structure, as they provide considerable traction on snow and ice, whether in traction, turns, braking and, of course, propulsion.

It should be noted that they are made of composite materials and easy to handle, so their performance is considerable. In addition, they are designed to maintain a maximum road speed of 40 kilometers per hour.

On the other hand, a pair of special long-sleeved gloves are included with the purchase to facilitate the assembly of the chains and a fully laminated instruction manual. Best of all, this model is approved in both France and Italy.

Knowing which snow chains to buy will largely depend on the information you have at your disposal about the details present in their design.


Structure: This set of snow chains offers traction on snow and ice during traction, turns, braking and propulsion.

Manufacturing: They are made entirely of composite materials and, of course, easy to handle.

Accessories: The purchase of this model includes a pair of long-sleeved gloves and a laminated instruction manual.

Homologation: These chains have homologation both in Italy and in France.


Price: It is important that you consider the fact that it is the most expensive model on our list of recommendations.

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Michelin 008407

If you are in search of the best snow chains, you could look at the 008407 model that has to offer you great grip on snow and icy ice.

For its part, the installation system of this product is easy, fast and convenient to carry out, so it will not take you long to protect your tires in emergency situations.

It should be noted that its structure is all textile and of great quality, while the color in which this model is available is totally white, ideal for use on short journeys at a maximum speed of 50 kilometers per hour.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that these Michelin snow chains are supplied with a storage bag and a pair of special gloves for mounting.

If you want to buy the best snow chains of the moment, you must take into account every detail available in its structure to determine if they are the right ones for you.


Adherence: It should be noted that this model offers you a quality level of adherence on snow and ice.

Installation: The installation system of this model is easy and quick to carry out for greater comfort.

Structure: The structure of these snow chains is completely textile and suitable for driving at a maximum speed of 50 kilometers per hour.


Color: These snow chains are available in white only. Therefore, you will not have the opportunity to choose another shade at the time of purchase.

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4×4 snow chains

Bottari 68003

The 68003 model of the Bottari brand is characterized first of all by the wide variety of details that it has to offer you, beginning with a series of European approvals that without a doubt allow you to enjoy a safe and quality product.

This model is made up of 16-millimeter chains of high quality and durability, since they are made of stainless steel with a tensioner. Also, you can enjoy a two-piece set compatible with ABS and ESP.

On the other hand, these 4×4 snow chains are size 225 and are suitable for use on minibuses, Jeeps, SUVs, vans and, of course, 4X4 cars. In addition, for greater comfort, its assembly is easy and quick to carry out according to its manufacturers. In this way, you should not have any doubt that you could have the opportunity to enjoy a product that is capable of satisfying all your needs.

Before carrying out the purchase of the snow chains that you need for your car, first consider each of the details that it has to offer you the model that you like the most.


Approval: It should be noted that this set of snow chains has a series of European approvals.

Quality: The chains are made of 16-millimeter stainless steel. In addition, they include their tensor.

Size: For their part, these chains are available in various sizes. Therefore, they are suitable for use in Jeeps, minibuses and even vans.


Transport bag: Some users comment that the transport bag where the snow chains are supplied seems somewhat flimsy and not very durable.

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autoLIBERT Get Unstuck

This autoLIBERT brand model is not only designed for use in the snow, since they turn out to be special non-slip chains for 4×4 car tires, which can also be used on muddy and sandy terrain. Best of all, they feature the famous Get Unstuck traction solution.

For its part, this product is cataloged as the first of its category in the European market and is generally used by fishermen, hunters and farmers. While its assembly does not leave much to be desired, since you could easily do it by following a few steps that are clearly described in the instruction manual.

It should be noted that for the purchase of these 4×4 snow chains you will have at your disposal 2 ratchet straps, 2 aluminum extensions, 2 aluminum blocks, a pair of gloves and a pair of protective sleeves for your hands.

If you are thinking of buying good snow chains, first look at how functional and practical they can be before buying.


Non- slip: These snow chains are non-slip and special for use on 4×4 car tires.

Use: It should be noted that these chains, in addition to being used in the snow, can also be useful in muddy and sandy terrain.

Accessories: For the purchase of this product you will have at your disposal ratchet straps, aluminum extensions, aluminum blocks, gloves and protective sleeves.


Weight: As for its weight, some users consider that it is a bit considerable.

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Guide to buying snow chains

If you need to acquire good snow chains that are useful in the winter time when the roads are covered with ice, you must take into account different details that are essential when putting them into operation. It should be noted that these help you prevent any type of incident while driving, since they prevent inappropriate slippage of the tires in the snow. Thus, we invite you to read our guide to buying the best snow chains, where you can find the most relevant information that you should consider before purchasing the model that most attracts your attention.

Shopping guide


When looking for the best snow chains available in the market, it would be appropriate for you to look at the type of chain that you want to use during the winter time. To be clearer, you need to know that there are different models capable of satisfying your needs and each one of them varies according to its shape and manufacturing material.

In this sense, you can find special textile snow chains to be used occasionally. Its structure is made up of a quality fabric that has appropriate links to fit comfortably on each tire in the easiest way possible.

A textile snow chain is undoubtedly good and cheap compared to other models available on the market, although you should consider that it could last much less, especially if you do not give it the use it deserves. That is, it should be used in times of extreme urgency to protect the tires and prevent the car from sliding on the snow.

On the other hand, when making a comparison of snow chains available on the market, you could also look at the steel models. These are made with interlocking links that offer quality and resistance to each use. They are also capable of offering you a considerable type of grip while driving your vehicle on snowy or icy roads.

Unlike textile chains, it is important to consider how much one of this type costs, since steel chains are usually a little more expensive. Another detail that these chains have is that they have a special manual and automatic tensioning system to always stay attached to the tires without any inconvenience.


Before making the purchase of any particular model, you must bear in mind that the size is essential in this type of accessory for the rims of your vehicle, since the chains must adapt to the size of the tires so that they can fit and be held correctly. to them.

In this way, look at the size of the rims and then check the sizes in which the model that most caught your attention is available on the purchase page. It should be noted that if you do not comply with this security measure, during the assembly process the chains may not fit properly, either because they are too small or too large, which would mean a failed purchase.

In this sense, the most appropriate thing would be to acquire the exact size that corresponds to the tires of your car to avoid unnecessary inconveniences.


Another detail that you should not overlook when buying snow chains is about the type of assembly that you must carry out, especially when you are in moments of extreme urgency and you must quickly place them on the tires of your vehicle..

In this sense, it is important that you know that textile chains have always been very comfortable and practical to position, either because of their shape or design. In other words, you won’t need to be an expert to be able to carry out such an action, since even this task is totally intuitive.

As for the steel snow chains, these do involve a slightly more considerable degree of difficulty, so if you are an expert it will not take much time, but for those who are totally new to using this product it will be a bit complicated. finish this process.

Likewise, you should not forget the fact that you would have a user manual at hand with which to guide you and verify each step that you should carry out to place the snow chains perfectly on each car tire.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to put textile snow chains?

Putting the snow chains on the tires of your vehicle is easier than you expected, you just have to follow some essential steps for such an action. In this sense, the first thing you should do is put on the gloves that are included in the package with the purchase of said product.

Later, with your two hands you will be placing the chain from top to bottom as if you were putting on a shower cap. Thus, after having covered half of the rim, the car will only have to move forward a little to continue with the remaining part. Once you’ve attached the entire chain, make sure it’s on properly to avoid any snags.

Q2: What are self-tensioning snow chains used for?

There is a wide variety of snow chains available on the market, each one with completely different characteristics that make them special when it comes to use. It should be noted that some even have functions that make them very practical, therefore, they end up being the users’ favorites. A clear example deals with self-tensioning snow chains. They are very functional, since it will not be necessary to stop while driving to re-tension them after having traveled a certain distance. On the contrary, they themselves will remain tense.

Q3: How to know the size of the snow chains?

If you need to know what sizes of snow chains you need to buy so that they can fit perfectly on each of your car’s tires, you should look at their measurements first. To do this, you will have to look on the side of the wheel for a number that could be displayed in this sequence 195/65 R15. This same means 195 millimeters which would be the width, 65 millimeters which would be the height and R15 would be the measurement of the rim, that is, the element on which the tire is mounted.

Q4: When to use snow chains?

Snow chains must be used at the right time to avoid irreversible damage to the tires. Many people tend to use them when it starts to snow, this being a considerable mistake, since the snow has not settled, much less a layer of it has formed on the road. Thus, the correct thing is to use the snow chains just when the asphalt is not visible and a layer has already formed on the surface.

Q5: What is more comfortable, snow chains or textile covers?

Although everyone has a different taste when it comes to using a particular model of snow chains, the truth is that many users comment that textile covers are much more comfortable to use, especially in emergencies. This is because they are easier to assemble compared to the chain type model. For its part, it is important to consider that these end up being less harmful to the vehicle, since we are talking about a smooth and fine material that does not generate uncomfortable vibrations in the tires.

Q6: How to repair rusty snow chains?

According to the experience of some users, they have commented that a quick, comfortable, economical and effective way to repair rusty snow chains is by using the well-known soda called Coca-Cola. This, due to its components, is ideal for solving this type of problem. Thus, all you have to do is leave these snow chains soaking in a container with enough coca cola for a considerable time and then you will notice the difference.

Q7: What maintenance do synthetic snow chains require?

First of all, it should be noted that these types of chains are easier to maintain as you use them compared to metal chains that tend to corrode if not properly cared for. In this sense, after each use, it would be ideal if you could wash the synthetic chains with plenty of water and a little soap, so that you can remove the excess salt and dirt available in its structure. After carrying out such an action, it would only be necessary to put them to dry and store them comfortably.

Q8: Which is better, snow chains or winter tires?

It is a fact that winter tires are better than the use of snow chains, since they could be used throughout the winter season of the year, unlike chains that are only an ideal product to use in emergencies..

How to use snow chains

It should be noted that snow chains are a special anti-slip system to be used during the winter season on the drive wheels of your car, generally in emergency situations in which snow is present on the road. They considerably prevent the fact that the wheels can skid on the ice causing considerable instability in the car. In this way, the purchase of a set of these would not hurt at all to be prevented in any situation, therefore, if you have already purchased yours, you must provide them with adequate use to avoid inconveniences.

Unpack the snow chains

Regardless of the model of chains you have purchased, you must carry out a proper unpacking in order to verify that everything is in perfect condition. However, in the case of those made of textile materials, you will have to consider the fact that using sharp objects to carry out this action could be a bit dangerous, since it would be easy to generate irreparable damage to their structure. Thus, try to open the package gently and then remove each accessory that is included with the purchase from the box.

Read the instruction manual

Reading the instruction manual available in the package will let you know a little more about the model you have purchased, as well as keep in mind each step to follow to carry out a comfortable and appropriate mounting of the product on each tire of your car. In this way, it would even be appropriate for you to take into account the manufacturer’s recommendations to avoid inconveniences.

Performs the assembly of textile snow chains

The first thing you should take into account before mounting the snow chains is that they will be positioned right on the wheels where the traction is produced.

Subsequently, you will have to carry out a totally different assembly depending on the model you have purchased, since there are textile and steel snow chains. Thus, if you have the textile model, the only thing you have to do, in addition to using the gloves that are included with the purchase, is to place each chain from top to bottom on the tire just as you usually put on your shower cap.. Then, to continue with the remaining space in the tires, you only have to move the car forward a little and that’s it, you can finish the task.

Now, if the chains you purchased are made of steel, all you have to do is stretch them on the ground to check that they are not tangled. Next, you would have to pass the string available in them right through the rear of the tire and then cover it completely until you close the circle with each anchor that is available in the chains so that they fit properly to each tire..

Drive at a safe speed

It should be noted that, depending on the model you have purchased, you will be able to drive your car, either at a maximum speed of 40 or 50 kilometers per hour. Thus, it is best not to exceed the speed indicated by the manufacturer of the product or, otherwise, irreversible damage to its structure could occur.

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