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Tires – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

Tires are one of the most important parts of cars, since their operation is essential in any vehicle to be able to move. The tires are the only part that has contact between the driver and the road, so it is recommended to pay close attention to their characteristics and choose the best model. Among the products that currently stand out are the Firestone Roadhawk tires, available in different sizes and that combine great quality and grip with very affordable prices. In case you are looking for summer tires with a section width of 205 mm, we recommend the Michelin PRIMACY HP MO.

The best tires on the market

Choosing the best tires for 2022 is of the utmost importance to guarantee a journey with our car without running any kind of risk or danger, so it is advisable to be aware of the characteristics and benefits that each brand and model presents, so that you can choose the best tires of the moment.

cheap tires

Firestone Roadhawk

When it comes to deciding which are the best tires, Firestone models are always an option to consider, especially if you are looking for cheap tires. We are talking about proposals such as those that are part of the Firestone Roadhakw range, considered by many users to be the best value for money tires.

This compound, in its different sizes, has a directional design and a resistant construction, at the level of the best tires that we can find. In addition, they come from a well-known brand, so there is no reason to risk buying tires of unknown origin if we have this range within our reach.

As evidence of its strength, we find details such as class A wet grip, to give you more security in the rain. All this without forgetting its new rubber compound, which increases wear by 20% compared to its predecessor. Ideal so that the cost per kilometer is even more adjusted.

We tell you everything you need to know about these tires, which are among the cheapest in their class.


Design : Its directional design offers greater comfort when driving, providing stability to the vehicle.

Adherence : Its wet grip is class A, which improves your safety on the road.

Durability : Its new rubber compound increases durability by 20% compared to previous models.

Variety : The wide variety of existing measures covers a large part of current passenger cars.

Consumption : The tires have a class C in terms of consumption, so they don’t spend too much fuel.


Noise : Its noise level is somewhat higher than expected, from 70 to 72 decibels depending on the chosen measure.

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michelin tires

Michelin Primacy HP MO

One of the most important factors of these tires is their quality, with a braking capacity of up to two meters in advance, so that you will be able to avoid possible accidents on the road, in addition to offering greater durability.

This model is considered a great purchase option, since they have a deformable structure, which guarantees that it has a maximum contact surface between the tires and the ground, as well as a rigid sculpture that optimizes the objective of the different rubber elements. that are in contact with the ground, so the wear is regular.

These Michelin 205/55/R16 91V tires offer highly optimized braking on wet roads, thanks to the fact that they have a greater number of bridges that join the gutters.

If you still don’t know which tires to buy, we recommend this model that offers great grip to the ground, in addition to being cheap tires.


Brake : One of the greatest advantages of this product is its braking capacity, managing to stop up to two meters in advance.

Durability : Thanks to the great durability of the material of these tires, you will be able to enjoy their long useful life.

Structure : This product has a deformable structure, which guarantees greater contact with the ground.

Stability: These tires have great stability on wet ground.


Price : If you are a little short of money, we recommend choosing another model, since you can get other cheaper 91V tires.

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winter tires

Bridgestone Firestone Firehawk SZ90

Among the best tires are the Firestone Firehawk SZ 90 of the Bridgestone trademark, considered the best tire brand by many users due to the precise steering and excellent turning response.

This tire model is specially developed for touring and sports, as it offers great performance, ideal for driving on both dry and wet surfaces. In addition, thanks to its tread, the tire has a high level of adherence to the asphalt.

Thanks to the wide grooves and grooves drawn on its exterior, this tire will have a greater evacuation of water, significantly reducing the risk of suffering from aquaplaning. On the other hand, this tire reduces braking distances.

If you still don’t know which tires to choose, it’s important to remember to look at all the positive and negative characteristics of each model. These tires stand out for having a low noise level in their outer bearing.


Classification : These tires manage to reduce braking distances, demonstrated in different homologation tests, obtaining classification B.

Silent : The noise level generated in the outer bearing is quite low, so these tires provide a more comfortable ride.

Groove: The tire drawing has sufficiently wide grooves and grooves, achieving an effective evacuation of water, favoring adherence.


Grip : The hardness of this tire model means that they have very little grip, so they are ideal only for passive drivers.

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hankook tires

Hankook K125XL

Hankook K125XL tires belong to a mid-range category of summer tires ideal for touring cars.

These tires stand out for being focused on a better balance between safety and performance. In reference to the previous model, these tires achieve a 12% improvement in traction on dry ground and 13% on wet ground.

With the use of these tires, the braking distance will be reduced by up to 8%, compared to other tires. This model sports four circumferential grooved patterns that create a great structure, more strengthened and that improves the properties on the wet ground.

With so many tire options, the most important thing is to know your needs well before choosing. With this model you will get a better grip, both on wet and dry ground.


Braking : With the use of these tires, the braking distance will be reduced by up to 8% compared to the previous model.

Balanced : This model of tires is designed with an excellent relationship between safety and performance.

Structure: They are equipped with four ribbed patterns that provide a stronger structure and provide perfect maneuverability.

Performance : These tires have a fully optimized overall profile that enhances performance for dynamic driving enjoyment.


Noise : It can be considered that this tire model is noisier than other alternatives offered on the market.

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continental tires

Continental ContiPremiumContact 2 AO XL

These Continental tires offer great performance when it comes to braking, both on dry and wet conditions thanks to their 3D grooves, which is why they offer great resistance to aquaplaning and significantly increase driving stability.

This tire model is 215 45 16 90 V, which means 215 millimeters wide, at a 45% ratio between width and height, with a 16-inch rim diameter, load index 90 and speed index V. It has a of tread with a greater number of blocks that guarantees an effective dispersion of the water and a homogeneous footprint.

Its asymmetric design provides optimal contact with the track, so you will enjoy the best maneuverability. In addition, they have a noise class 2.

Currently, choosing tires has a lot to do with purchasing a model made of a resistant material. Continental tires feature an SSR anti-puncture system for low profile tires.


Braking : These tires offer great benefits when you need to brake on wet ground.

Resistant : This model of Continental tires stands out for its excellent resistance to aquaplaning.

Precision : One of the advantages of these tires is their high precision when driving.

Contact : The asymmetric design of this model manages to provide optimal contact with the track, since it stiffens the shoulder of the tires.


Price : The price of this model can be considered somewhat high, considering that the market offers similar tires at a comfortable price.

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kumho tires

Kumho Ecsta Hs51

Kumho tires are characterized by being new generation premium tyres, with a highly dynamic design that offers great manoeuvrability. In addition, this model has great braking performance, which improves comfort and safety.

This product has a tread that has four longitudinal grooves, which help improve water evacuation, so you will have greater traction on the wet track.

In addition, these 195/55/R15 85V tires are made with high-quality materials and the latest technology, which improves performance when driving.

If you still don’t know which tire model to opt for, we recommend you take a look at these ideal tires for summer driving.


Handling : These tires are a new generation premium model that provides a dynamic design and great handling.

Braking : This model has great braking performance, which notably increases the safety level of this product.

Evacuation : Thanks to the tread with four grooves located longitudinally, water evacuation is significantly improved.

Materials : These tires are made with the latest technology materials, so they provide great driving performance.


Wrapping : It is a mistake that this model of tires does not come wrapped, so you will have to wait for the shipment to be made with care.

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bridgestone tires

Bridgestone Turanza ER300

Bridgestone Turanza ER300 tires stand out as ideal high-end summer tyres, which perfectly balance service life and performance. In addition, the wide grooves in the diagonal direction manage to ensure rapid water evacuation and greater safety on wet ground.

On the other hand, these tires are made with a Carbon Link-based rubber that provides great durability and grip on the track. In addition, its central structure has an elasticity that eliminates environmental noise and improves the level of comfort.

As if that were not enough, this tire model is considered highly sustainable as it has the ability to reduce CO2 emissions by reducing fuel consumption.

Before choosing new tires, it is advisable to take into consideration the durability of the product. This model is made of rubber of high quality and durability.


Grip : This model stands out for its grip capacity, which is provided by having a better design of the grooves, blocks and greater elasticity.

Evacuation: Thanks to their wide grooves, these tires guarantee an efficient and rapid evacuation of water.

Comfortable : Thanks to their elastic central structure, they will adapt perfectly to the track, thus ensuring greater comfort when driving.


Efficiency: This tire model offers an E energy classification, so if you are looking for a slightly more ecological model, you can choose another model.

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4×4 tires

Michelin Latitude Cross XL

These 4×4 tires stand out for their aggressive design, as well as for their large number of edges and edges in the “Mud Catcher” type tread, which notably improves the excellent traction and response on slightly slippery or soft terrain.

In addition, these tires are based on “Terrain Proof” technology, used by Michelin in civil engineering, which guarantees greater resistance to abrasion caused by stones.

This 215/65/16 102H model has a specially designed tread with a curved shape and arrangement, which guarantees a progressive contact of the tires with the road.

If you are looking for the best and least noisy tires for your car, we recommend this model, since, thanks to its different studs, it provides silent operation.


Mobility : Thanks to its aggressively designed tread, with some ridges and several edges, great traction on slippery terrain is guaranteed.

Durability : This model is manufactured using a special technology that makes the tire very resistant to the high heat generated on the track.  

Design : The curved arrangement of the studs located on the tread will guarantee you a progressive contact with the track.

Smoothness : The sensation on the road that these tires give you is very smooth and comfortable.


Price: Compared to other similar models, this model has a slightly higher price.

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205 55 R16 tires

Uniroyal RainSport 3

As for the 205 55 R16 tires of the Uniroyal brand, they are an ideal tire alternative for summer and are focused on the use of passenger cars. They are a mid-range tire, which is among the tires at affordable prices.

It should be noted that this model has an asymmetrical pattern with an outward directional structure, notably improving driving performance on wet ground.

In addition, it is a model that provides great efficiency in the execution of the maneuver, as well as braking on dry ground thanks to the design and location of the studs on the tires.

It is advisable to see the behavior of the tires that you are going to buy at all times and on different terrains, so that they guarantee a safe trip. This model ensures efficient operation thanks to the studs in the shoulder area.


Category : This tire belongs to the medium category and is intended for use in passenger cars.

Pattern : This model sports a novel and asymmetric pattern, which has an asymmetric structure, which allows it to perform better on wet ground.

Structure : The directional structure allows, in addition to improving the response on wet ground, to reduce the noise level.

Rigidity: Thanks to its level of rigidity, this tire reduces the risk of deformation with use or during handling.


Age: It is convenient that you check the date of manufacture of the tires you receive, as sometimes this is older than would be desirable.

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Falken Tires

Falken Sincera SN832 EcoRun

These Falken Sincera EcoRun tires are an ideal choice for users who own compact and middle-class cars. In addition, for this tire, manufacturers have improved handling on wet ground.

Thanks to its asymmetric tread pattern, this tire provides better driving performance on wet ground, managing to avoid possible aquaplaning. However, just as it improves handling in the wet, this tire improves handling on dry ground.

This 145/65 R15 72T tire offers excellent traction and grip, both on dry and wet tracks.

Among the most important features to consider before choosing a new tire is its durability. This model stands out for its greater resistance to wear.


EcoRun : Tires that carry the EcoRun label offer greater savings in fuel consumption by losing less energy through friction.

Versatility : This tire offers the best performance on dry terrain, as well as on wet terrain.

Stiffness : The four-groove pattern profile will evenly distribute the tire’s stiffness.

Adherence : This model offers excellent traction and adherence thanks to its 4D Nano Design technology.


Car : You must bear in mind that this tire is for compact cars, so you will have to purchase another model if your car is large.

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Nexen tires

Nexen N Fera SU1

Nexen tires perform very well on both dry and wet surfaces thanks to their symmetrical tread pattern. The grooves are designed in an optimized way, which efficiently evacuate the water, guaranteeing effective drainage.

With the use of these tires, you will be able to reduce the risk of aquaplaning, since they have greater stability when driving. This tire is made with a novel combination of rubber and silica.

215/55/R17 98W tires provide the appropriate level of flex in any weather condition by increasing the tread contact area. In addition, they optimally distribute pressure.

If you still don’t know which tires to buy, we recommend you take into account this versatile and silent model, which provides greater acoustic comfort thanks to the fact that it manages to suppress noise from the outside.


Symmetrical : These tires have a symmetrical tread that allows them to perform perfectly on dry and wet surfaces.

Drainage : The tread grooves are strategically arranged and allow optimum water drainage.

Flexibility : They have great flexibility, which allows them to improve the contact area between the tires and the track.


Hardness : These tires may seem a bit hard to some users who are used to more flexible tires.

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goodyear tires

Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance

Among the main reasons for choosing Goodyear tires is the classification A in grip on wet terrain, in addition to the fact that it significantly improves braking on wet surfaces.

These tires incorporate WearControl technology, which guarantees an optimal balance between resistance and grip during the trip. In addition, thanks to its FuelSaving technology, rolling resistance is reduced by 18%, which reduces fuel costs and increases energy efficiency.

On the other hand, these tires incorporate a new technology called ActiveBraking that improves the contact surface between the road and the tires, thus reducing the braking distance by up to 8% on wet terrain and 3% on dry terrain.

If you’re considering getting new tires, make sure the model allows you to save a little fuel. These tires reduce energy dissipation, thus offering greater efficiency.


Grip : This model has an A classification in terms of grip on wet ground, according to the labeling regulations of the European Union.

Braking : Thanks to their ActiveBraking technology, these tires have a larger contact surface, which allows braking at a shorter distance.

Reduction : This model manages to reduce rolling resistance by up to 18% and braking by 8% on wet ground and 3% on dry ground.


Soft : At first glance, the material of this product appears to be a bit flimsy and soft compared to other tires.

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Guide to buying tires

It is important to take into account that even the tires produced by the same company offer very different casing models, which have different types of tread pattern, in addition to the fact that some do not have a protector, while others do. Because of this, we have decided to prepare a guide to buy the best tires today to help you choose the model that suits your needs, making a tire comparison. Also, if you are looking for the cheapest tire, you should know how much it costs before choosing.

Shopping guide

initial tips

It is important that you know a series of main factors, which you should take into account before buying your next tires, so that we can ensure safe driving.

First of all, it is advisable to know the type of road you drive on regularly, taking into account that, if you usually drive on highways, you will need a high-performance tire. On the contrary, if you use the car only for driving around the city, you can choose a tire with lower rolling resistance. In addition, your driving style directly influences your choice, since if your driving style is sporty, then you will definitely need a model with a higher level of stability and grip.

Determine the number of tires to change

Before running to buy the tire you need, it is important to see if it is necessary to change them all or not, always taking into account that it is recommended to have the four tires as similar as possible to each other, which will prevent you from having problems with maneuverability and control of the vehicle..

Know the tire number for your car

Keep in mind that manufacturers regularly recommend that users use tires with the same serial number as the ones the car comes with by default, but without a doubt, many times we can install the ones of our choice. However, we must pay close attention to the code that the tires have on the side to know which models are supported. Those numbers indicated on all tires refer to a code of three sets of numbers and two letters, which indicate the width of the tire in millimeters, the relationship between the height and width of the profile, the structure, the internal diameter in inches and the speed code.

It is necessary that you learn to read the numbers that the tires present, so that you can choose the correct model for your vehicle. Taking into account the following example, you can learn to understand the numbering of tires. For a numbering 135 46 67 89W, it would read as follows:

  • 135: This value refers to the nominal sectional width of the tires and is expressed in millimeters. Keep in mind that the wider the tire, the larger the contact patch.
  • 46: This number represents the ratio of the height to the width of the tire, expressed as a percentage, therefore the height of this model is 46% the size of the width.
  • 67: This value refers to the diameter of the inner circumference of the tire in inches, so it is a reference when mounting the rim.
  • 89: The load index is represented in the fourth value and a table is used that has the equivalents in kilograms of each number and refers to the amount of maximum weight that the tire supports.
  • W: Finally, the letter represents the speed index. As with the load index, this value is listed in a table that shows the maximum speeds that this tire can reach without breaking down or breaking.

tire types

Regarding climate and temperature, it is important to take into account that, for each weather season, the characteristics of the tires vary a little, so you must be sure of which model you should choose if we take into account that there are summer tire models., for winter or for the whole year. Each of these tire types vary in size, while each offers a number of differences in safety and performance, depending on the prevailing weather. For example, a summer tire will not have the same durability and grip in cold weather.

On the other hand, in terms of the type of driving or vehicle model, we must know that wearing unsuitable tires can cause the car to not respond correctly to your manoeuvres. On the one hand, we have the tires for passenger cars, indicated for driving around the city or in case of using sports cars. On the other hand, there are 4 × 4 tires, which are ideal for driving in the mountains, on the highway or in the city and are used mainly by off-road vehicles.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to read the tires?

It is important to know how tires should be read so that you do not make any mistakes when choosing. The first number corresponds to the width in millimeters of the tire. The second value indicates the ratio between the height of the flank and the width of the section. Then follows the letter that indicates the internal construction of the tire. Another number follows indicating the internal diameter of the tire, and then the number that continues indicates the load index. Finally, the last letter refers to the speed index.

Q2: Why do tires wear out faster in summer?

Tire wear is generally closely related to temperature, so it is important to know that winter tires wear 15% faster in warm months, as they are made of flexible materials that are quickly consumed over time. hot asphalt. On the other hand, the summer tire has its least wear from 25 degrees Celsius, but it has less resistance in temperatures below 10 degrees. In conclusion, depending on the type of tire, it will last more or less time in summer.

Q3: What tires can I put on my car?

The ideal way to find out w

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