Black and Decker Pav1205-xj Reviews

Main advantage: 

The length of the cable, together with the cyclonic power with which the vacuum cleaner sucks, allow for more efficient cleaning in each of the areas. The equipment can be extended to reach the trunk and clean areas where other conventional vacuum cleaners do not reach.

Main disadvantage: 

Among the opinions, it is concluded that its price is higher compared to that of other models of car vacuum cleaners in the same category that fulfill a very similar function.

Verdict: 9.4/10

It is a car vacuum equipped with cyclonic technology, capable of providing fast, comfortable and effective cleaning in all areas, even those that are most difficult to access.

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Main Features Explained

Cyclone power and technology

One of the qualities that make this model one of the best car vacuum cleaners is its cyclonic technology, which increases the suction capacity and maintains it for longer without forcing its operation, which allows you to vacuum deeply and more quickly, while facilitates the expulsion of waste. 

The Pav1205-xj vacuum cleaner works by receiving electrical power through the car’s cigarette lighter and is compatible to connect it to the cigarette lighter of most of the car models of old or recent manufacture that are most used today. This vacuum cleaner can be used quickly, safely and efficiently, simply by connecting it to the cigarette lighter. To do this, it is necessary to attach the adapter provided for this equipment, which is compatible with the brand and model. 

By connecting the equipment to the 12 V cigarette lighter and turning it on, the vacuum cleaner manages to produce the cyclonic force that increases the speed of the air and produces a whirlpool effect, for which it manages to absorb, quickly and without requiring much effort, all the particles of dust and other materials that accumulate daily, while separating waste according to its composition, in order to facilitate its expulsion. 


Another of the notable features of the Black & Decker Pav1205-xj car vacuum cleaner is the length of its cable, which extends for around 5 meters to reach areas further away from the connection point inside the car, which is located in the cigarette lighter. Thus, you can easily reach the trunk and the areas around it to carry out the cleaning process. 

When you want to take advantage of the length of the cable, you don’t need to undo it completely, as the cable stays coiled in place and you can extend it as you go and need to reach a more secluded area, so it’s quite practical to use. 

In the same way, if the space inside the vehicle seems narrow and uncomfortable and insufficient to be able to clean all the areas at the same time, you can also remove the carpets and other removable parts to spread them on the floor in a nearby place and vacuum them with greater freedom to do a deeper cleaning. In addition, it has a compartment arranged on one of the sides of the equipment to collect the cable without complications or tangles to store it and keep it organized and ready to use in the next occasion.


Although its external appearance is similar to that of other car vacuums, the Black and Decker Pav1205-XJ model has some variations that distinguish it. This vacuum cleaner has a modern design in red and black with white stripes, its body is narrow and weighs just under 1 kilo (998 grams), which makes it manageable to clean all areas and carry it comfortably, without your use involves physical exhaustion, as it is light and comfortable to hold. 

Likewise, it has a wide handle to hold it, where the control switch is also located. With this vacuum cleaner you will be able to access narrower spaces to clean these areas, since its front part can be adjusted between 10 different levels, in order to achieve greater flexibility that allows it to be inserted in the areas that are usually more difficult to vacuum. 

On the other hand, this vacuum cleaner has, on one of its sides, a division that gives access to the internal container that contains the remains of dirt accumulated during cleaning. This reservoir is kept securely closed while the appliance is in use and can be easily opened when emptying. It also has other accessories to adapt them if necessary, including a hose, brush and nozzle. 

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