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Although the network is ideal for buying everything, when it comes to products as sensitive as your car tires, we always have our reservations. But if you know how to buy tires online, you can save a lot of money and time on vehicle maintenance.

Tires are a fundamental piece for the safety of our vehicle. Wheels in poor condition can cause problems such as an increase in braking distance, poor grip in the wet or, even worse, a puncture or a blowout on the road. All these problems suppose an increase in the risk that we have of suffering an accident, especially if the road conditions are not optimal.

That is why it is so important that our tires are in the best possible condition. If our wheels are old, have cuts, bulges or the running surface is crystallized, it is essential to change them immediately. Something that brings us to the issue of cost, given that, depending on our vehicle, a set of new wheels can cost us several hundred euros. All this without forgetting how annoying it is sometimes to have to go to a workshop, that they have the tires we want, wait for them to be installed, etc.

Fortunately, the Internet offers us pages where it is easy to manage these changes, access the tires that most interest us at an attractive price and even get an appointment with a workshop near our home on the fly. A fast and efficient process with which we will save both time and money when it comes to maintaining the wheels of our vehicle.

How do they work

The first thing we are going to find in these online tire search engines is a table, in which we will have to indicate the measurements of the wheels of our vehicle. If you don’t know these dimensions, just take a look at the wheels you have mounted. The measurement is located on the flank. It is the most recommended, given that if you look for the dimensions of the tires in the technical data sheet and the vehicle has several authorized measurements, it is more difficult to get it right.

Once you enter all the dimension data, you will get a complete list with all the wheels that meet your criteria. In this regard, it is convenient to be restrictive in the search when marking desired characteristics. For example, if you only want summer tires, you should check this option, so that winter tires do not appear in that search.

When we have the list, we only have to take a look and compare what the page offers us. To make this task easier, it is common that we can sort the wheels by price, compare them by their level of energy savings or their grip in the wet, or select a specific brand or a range of brands (first brands, second brands or import).

The montage

At this point, we have already looked for our tires, we have chosen a brand and model and we are ready to buy them. But the problem is that we will need a workshop where we mount the wheels, since almost nobody has the necessary machinery at home for it. And the problem is that many workshops do not mount tires that have not been sold to us.

Fortunately, tire comparators on the Internet have already foreseen this problem and offer us a simple solution to solve it. These pages have agreements with different networks of tire workshops, which will be in charge of mounting our new wheels at the moment they receive them. These workshops usually belong to well-known and well-known chains and firms, so you won’t have to worry about professionalism or the final result of the assembly. And best of all, the price of the service is similar to what you would pay to mount tires that you have bought at any of these workshops.

Therefore, the last step in this process is to make an appointment with the workshop that suits you best to mount your new wheels. You can choose a workshop that is close to your home, your workplace or where it suits you. And as an extra, some comparators also have arranged home assembly services, in case it doesn’t suit you or you can’t move.

Deadlines and transparency

Once we know how these tire comparators work, we want to clarify a couple of aspects that will surely interest you. One of them is deadlines. Tires are generally delivered within one to three or five days, depending on the page. This is the same period in which you will have at your disposal to request an assembly appointment in a workshop or at home. So you won’t have to wait too long.

The other important aspect is transparency. The comparators offer you the final prices of all your tires so that you are the one who decides. Something similar happens with associated costs such as shipping, which are usually subsidized or at zero cost, or assembly prices. All these costs always appear on the page, so you don’t get surprises at the end of your purchase.

A practical example

So that you don’t have to go looking for pages on Google, we want to introduce you to, one of the most interesting tire comparators of the moment. This page allows you to buy tires online for all types of vehicles, including motorcycles, vans or even agricultural vehicles.

These tires come from all kinds of manufacturers, ranging from top-of-the-line ones such as Michelin or Continental to cheap brands (called imports) or intermediate brands and second brands of those main manufacturers such as Klever or BF Goodrich. Ideal so that the price of tires is not a problem.

Once you have chosen the size, you will have a list with all the tires suitable for your vehicle, ordered by their price and, also, with the available mounting method. And it is that not only can you choose to receive the tires at home, but Tiregom also has agreements with large garage networks, to book your appointment from home and save even more time. And if you prefer, you will also have a home assembly service at a very competitive cost.

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