Casals VAC100-B Reviews

Main advantage: 

The Casals VAC100-B car vacuum cleaner has a considerable power of 100 W, which gives it sufficient suction power in various spaces, with a greater advantage in cleaning small areas, thanks to its size and adaptable properties.

Main disadvantage: 

Although it is designed to be a car vacuum cleaner and, therefore, to be used inside this vehicle, it has been lacking to be able to connect it to conventional electrical sources.

Verdict: 9.5/10

The Casals VAC100-B car vacuum cleaner is presented as a comfortable and functional model, whose dimensions and weight make it more manageable. In addition, its motor produces the necessary force to vacuum effectively in all areas.

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Main Features Explained

comfortable and practical

One of the main advantages of the Casals VAC100-B car vacuum cleaner, in addition to its affordable price, is the practicality that the equipment provides when using and transporting it. This is due in large part to how comfortable it is to handle, since its measurements and weight make it easier to control it without any difficulty. It can be held with one hand to move it between all areas and corners of the car, while being able to control it to turn it on, turn it off or make some adjustments on the fly and smoothly, quickly and safely. 

This vacuum cleaner measures approximately 36 x 8 x 12 cm, while its weight is 0.9 kg. The Casals VAC100-B vacuum cleaner also has a cable whose extension reaches a distance of approximately 4 meters, which gives the user some freedom of movement to be able to use it both on the seats in the back of the car and in the trunk. and other areas close to it. 

Suction power and capacity

Among other qualities that, according to the opinions of the users, this car vacuum cleaner presents, it highlights the power and capacity of its motor that offers optimal performance to perform adequately with sufficient force for as long as the use is extended. of the vacuum cleaner. 

This model is made in a small and light structure. However, this does not influence its operation nor does it reduce its momentum to produce the energy it requires to suck and vacuum with maximum efficiency, since this equipment has a motor that is capable of reaching a power of 100 W, a power that it gains by through the power supply when connected to the car cigarette lighter socket, whose current must be equivalent to 12 V. 

Another advantage that makes this model stand out and figure among the best car vacuum cleaners has to do with its suction strength and capacity: the Casals VAC100-B car vacuum cleaner offers a suction power of up to 2.5 kPa, energy that allows the device to absorb not only dust particles, but also to suck up liquids and other residues of various materials with greater speed and efficiency, thanks to the force that makes the constant draft of air flow that is produced and maintained with the same intensity.

Accessories and suction

This car vacuum cleaner, despite being a handheld, portable and small device, fulfills a complete performance, because, in addition to its power, which provides it with sufficient suction force, it has the ability to reach those areas of the car. where cleaning is most difficult. 

To reach these areas, this vacuum cleaner was not only equipped with a long cable, but also includes a special smaller nozzle, which adjusts to the smallest areas or narrow spaces to vacuum from there the corners and corners where it does not reach directly. the standard nozzle of the appliance. 

Likewise, like other vacuum cleaners of greater size, power and capacity, this model offers the possibility of even absorbing some liquids, which helps to prevent the appearance of microorganisms and possible unpleasant odors that are perceived when the upholstery is wet and there is no enough ventilation. 

To do this, the device has an innovative system capable of sucking up accumulated moisture and drying the area where water or other substances have been spilled, without affecting its operation. This is an advantage that few hand-held models can offer, since most car vacuums are made for the purpose of absorbing only dust and other small particles.

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