Castrol Power 1 10W40 4T Reviews

Main advantage:

It has the certification and guarantee of a prestigious brand with a long history in the manufacture of lubricants for motorcycle engines and other vehicles. In addition, it complies with all standards and specifications recommended by manufacturers.

Main disadvantage:

With the presentation of a liter, it is necessary to buy a greater number of bottles to be able to make a single change to certain motorcycle models, which, in the end, increases its price. 

Verdict: 9.7/10

It is a semi-synthetic 4-stroke motorcycle oil, manufactured by one of the most renowned brands in the world, which, according to opinions, is of quality and optimizes the conditions of the vehicle.

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Main Features Explained


Castrol Power 1 4T 10W40 motorcycle oil is manufactured to meet the demands of the main manufacturers of modern motorcycles, sports and high performance, which require a higher level of performance, as these types of machines are designed to perform long runs at high speeds, so they require more force. 

In the same way, it is an oil suitable for application in all types of vehicles, whose engines are 4-stroke and require the use of a lubricant with an appropriate viscosity to resist high temperatures and, at the same time, allow them to regulate the consumption of lubricant, since this Oil provides greater durability due to lower consumption.

Similarly, it is an appropriate oil to lubricate engines that have catalysts, since it meets their requirements. Among some of the advantages that make it stand out as the possible best motorcycle oil, is its high performance in extreme temperature conditions, in vehicles whose engines are cooled with both water and air. 

Also, Power 1 10W40 4T flows faster and helps reduce friction, so machine parts stay in good condition and last longer.


This Castrol lubricant stands out among all motorcycle oils for its ability to increase and optimize its performance as the vehicle increases speed from the precise moment the accelerator is pressed. In the same way, this lubricant helps to reduce the loss of engine power because, in addition, it prevents friction within it.

Another advantage that makes this Castrol oil one of the most appropriate alternatives in terms of semi-synthetic oils is that it provides maximum protection not only to the engine, but also to the gears and clutch, even when the vehicle is driven under conditions of greater demand and rigidity, while the machine is maintained for a prolonged period at high revolutions, without slowing down at any time during the journey. 

Likewise, the oil is developed with an innovative technology that favors obtaining maximum power and keeping all the functions in constant movement with the same force.

Similarly, the action of this semi-synthetic oil allows to reduce and stabilize the vibrations of the engine and other internal parts coated with the lubricant, without losing its viscosity.

Certification and technology

Like all the products of the British manufacturer Castrol, the Power 1 10W40 4T has been tested in the best laboratories specialized in this type of lubricant, for which reason it has the approval of the main associations that qualify the quality standards of oils, in in this case, the API SJ and the JASO MA2. 

The name of these acronyms certify that this oil provides maximum resistance against oxidation and guarantees optimized performance of both the clutch, during vehicle acceleration and starting, which ultimately ensures the durability of the engine, gearbox and the gears. 

Therefore, it is an oil that meets the demands and specifications of the manufacturers of motorcycles and vehicles for which it is designed. In addition to the competent bodies and associations, it is also rated daily by users who have used it on their motorcycles, who, based on their opinions, certify and recommend it as a high-quality product for an adequate price. 

On the other hand, the formula of this oil incorporates a new system, known as Trizone Technology, a technology that guarantees a higher level of engine performance, which prolongs its operation, while protecting it, as well as the gears and the clutch..

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