Dainese Carbon D1 Long Reviews

Main advantage:

These large gloves have all the necessary elements to protect your hands with quality, both for their outer materials and for the inserts that unfold inside.

Main disadvantage:

As it happens with this type of gloves, it is possible that you need some time to tame them and that they have the adequate flexibility when using them.

Verdict: 9.8/10

An ideal solution both for the circuit and outside of it, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your hands.

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Main Features Explained

Manufacturing materials

We begin the detailed analysis of this product by taking a look at the manufacturing materials with which it has been made. The first thing that stands out is that, compared to gloves made of cowhide or similar, in this case we are talking about a product that has an interesting combination of sheepskin and goatskin. Pieces that are usually smaller in origin and give the product greater flexibility when it comes to moving.

These two materials are the ones that cover the main area of ​​the glove, although as an additional detail a palm made of suede, another type of leather, is also incorporated. A material that adds an extra softness to the product and a better grip when rolling, which improves comfort and safety during the route.

Finally, this product has other synthetic elements, such as carbon fiber inserts or those made of polyurethane. Elements that, as we will see later, serve to give greater safety and comfort to the gloves as a whole.

hand protection

Since we are talking about high-priced gloves that are among the best current motorcycle gloves, it is normal that this product is one step ahead when it comes to safety. Something that is noticeable in details such as the carbon fiber composite inserts in the knuckle area. These inserts offer great resistance to abrasion and impacts.

This protection is also helped by the polyurethane inserts present in the joints of the fingers and in the palm area, which are attached to the leather panel located on the side and with which to enjoy greater resistance to abrasion, both in case of fall as in normal conditions of use.

But the reinforcements do not end here, since this glove also incorporates goatskin reinforcements on the palm and between the index finger and the thumb, to give more protection to this complex area. The same goes for the little finger distortion control, with which to prevent this finger from breaking in the event of an accident. A set of elements that take this glove to category II of the CE PPE standard, as proof of its good protection.

glove comfort

That these gloves are safe is something we already know, for everything we have discussed. But if we take a look at the opinions of those who have already used these motorcycle gloves, we will see how they also highlight the pleasant comfort of the product.

Among the elements that contribute to this comfort are the elastic and soft inserts along the fingers and the entire piece, which facilitates and accompanies the movement when moving. Also, the fingers are curved on the glove, so you already have part of the correct posture achieved directly by the glove itself.

On the other hand, the product also has perforations on the hands and in the area of ​​the fingers, which generate a greater capacity for perspiration and evacuation of heat inside. We also have silicone inserts on the fingertips, which favor grip, as well as a padded reinforcement on the upper part of the fist. Finally, we have a closure strap, which we can comfortably adjust to give the gloves the most appropriate tension according to our preferences.

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