Driving lessons: how to get your license the first time

Once you have passed the driving test, you can have the confidence and security to be behind the wheel of the car. It is also an opportunity to make your way towards your independence or to obtain a job improvement. However, getting this card on the first try could be a challenge.

Getting a driver’s license is one of those tests where you get all kinds of applicants, of all ages and social classes; everyone tries to pass the exam on the first try. But passing this test is not as easy as some might think, so many who have failed already know how much it costs to get their driver’s license the first time.

Most people are victims of nerves, of insecurity, and there are even cases in which they suffer from panic attacks. Therefore, in their eagerness to finish the test as soon as possible, they forget important details or do not remember the instructions given in class.

For this reason, according to statistics, many people decide to fail the exams , while another percentage fails. According to this, 1 in 4 students aspiring to get driving licenses fail the practical test on their first attempt due to lack of preparation. In turn, more than half of those who take the theory test fail.

Get ready with a driving school

That said, it’s no wonder many want to know how to successfully get their driver’s license and seek advice. To obtain it, remember that you must pass a theoretical test with three possibilities of failing and a practical test. The theoretical section consists of 30 questions, which you must answer with criteria and confidence, without risking answering at random.

If we talk about techniques to pass, although many people prefer to study for the exam on their own, the truth is that one of the best options is to put yourself in the hands of a certified driving school. This can give you the certainty of not missing important information, since these types of institutions constantly observe the requirements and can guide you in the process in question.

For this reason, look for an option that has qualified professionals with the necessary training to help you not only with regard to learning to drive a car, but also to prepare for the theoretical and practical test.

Driving schools is a sector that has adapted to new technologies; For this reason, many of them, in addition to face-to-face classes, also offer a driving school book on the web, where you can receive all the information you need.

It is an online driving school class, which adapts to the different schedules of people. In it you will receive explanations on the subject, theoretical and practical advice, as well as recommendations that facilitate learning.

As for the number of practical driving classes that you may need to pass the exam, it is something that will depend on your skills, your needs and particular characteristics. However, not everything is in your hands, as luck and the tsar could play for or against you. For example, a rainy day with poor visibility will not be the best scenario to present the driving test. However, you should be prepared to take the exam regardless of the weather.

Tips for your practical exam to be successful

It is normal to be nervous when taking the test , as it is a stressful time that requires safety and skill. However, with these tips to not get nervous in the driving test, from the experts, you will get the best results.

1) Keep calm . Forget that you are presenting an exam and keep calm at all times, you just have to concentrate on driving and think that it is one more practice.

2) Trust yourself . You must fight the fear of failure and relax. If you fail the test, nothing happens. It is not that you think that you are not prepared, you just have to trust your abilities and overcome your fears.

3) Focus. To control your nerves you must relax and concentrate on each instruction that the examiner says.

4) Stay alert. Pay attention to the road, to the signs and remember all the instructions given by the driving school teacher. Don’t get distracted by car stickers on your windshield, cell phone, or anything else that diverts your gaze.

5) Know the car well. Present the test with the same car with which you have been doing the driving practices. This way you will feel more confident, since you know the pedals and the gears.

6) Signal in a timely manner. You must signal the maneuvers you carry out on the road, for which the use of turn signals is mandatory before carrying out the action.

7) Use the mirrors . These mirrors that are on each side of the vehicle are there for a reason, to allow viewing of the rear and side area of ​​the car. For this reason, it is recommended that you use them from time to time and in a mandatory way when you are going to change lanes.

Know the types of driving licenses

The types of driving license are determined according to the driving license, given the current regulations.

In this sense, we have that a driving license B authorizes those over 18 years of age to drive tourist class vehicles, vans and trucks; with a maximum weight of up to 3.5 tons. Likewise, this class B permit admits the transport of up to 9 people, taking into account the driver.

Class C permits are issued to people over 21 years of age and stipulate that they can drive vehicles whose purpose is the transport of goods and trucks with a load capacity of up to 7.5 tons.

Among the classes of driver’s license is the D license or class D driving license; which authorizes people over 24 years of age to drive all types of buses.

Learning the manual to pass the knowledge test is not the biggest challenge that aspiring drivers have to face; but to have the dexterity and skills necessary to get behind a wheel. Therefore, it is advisable that you advance at your own pace, prepare yourself properly and acquire all the knowledge; so that you get the long-awaited driver’s license.

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