Follow these tips so that your old mobile is a GPS

The old smartphone you used to use doesn’t necessarily have to be destined for oblivion in a drawer. Although you can give it away, recycle it or sell it, by applying some techniques, this device can provide an additional time of use by becoming a GPS locator for the car, so it would be more efficient and avoid additional investment.

When a brand of mobile equipment introduces a new terminal to the market, many people decide to replace their old device, to be up to date with the latest innovations promoted by the manufacturer, which are designed to improve the user’s life.

Usually, when this happens, the old phone still has a lot to offer, with a useful lifespan that can be put to good use. However, the common thing is that people discard it or store it in the drawer of oblivion, where it will end up spending its last years without providing any advantage. 

Other options 

Similarly, there are those who choose to give it to a family member, recycle it or even sell it, to obtain some money that can be used for other expenses. Either option is more lucrative and convenient, because the mobile team still has performance time. 

Now, if you’ve grown fond of it and you think it’s a good terminal, which you don’t want to part with, you can choose to turn it into a car GPS locator, with which you’ll be able to take advantage of the rest of its useful life in an efficient and functional way.. The best of all is that you will not need to make any investment, just apply some simple and quick techniques.

Versatile uses with Android 

Mobile devices that work with the Android operating system can be given versatile uses, so they can be used alternatively to get more out of their functions. 

Being converted into a car GPS locator, they would be given a convenient utility that will also be comfortable to use. On the other hand, its use would not be limited exclusively to the car, since, if you do not have a vehicle, it can be efficient in other situations. 

The main applications 

To use an old mobile as a car GPS locator, there are a series of applications that can be downloaded through the Google Play store. These are favorable to make the old Smartphone go from being an unusable object to a locator device, which can be controlled from the new terminal. In addition to the apps, it is possible to use a mechanism that is part of the Google service on all devices with the Android operating system, called “Find my device”.

GPS Phone Tracker 

Among the most efficient and optimized applications that can be used as GPS for Android, is Phone Tracker. Although there are many alternatives available, this one is recommended because it provides a good level of control over the location of the device on which the app was installed. 

Therefore, it is practical to be used not only to track the car, but also to locate the backpack, briefcase or any other item where the mobile can be stored. Among its advantages, it is possible to know if the equipment is moving or static, so it is convenient to determine if the car has been stolen or some other situation has occurred. 

The configuration mode is simple, you just have to install the application on the old phone, but it must also be downloaded on the new terminal. In this way, it will be possible to keep track of one team over the other, which must be in the car. With this, the application will be able to provide information in real time, without major inconveniences.

This alternative is beneficial and will allow you to have the best value for money GPS tracker for cars (in this link you will find several products to analyze), since, although it is not the most modern, it will be profitable and useful. In addition, the download of the GPS Phone Tracker application does not generate any cost, because it is free. Although, if desired, optional purchases can be made within it for advanced performance. 

find my device

Another efficient option that can be convenient in this situation is “Find My Google Device”, a tool that allows you to locate a mobile device when it has been lost and is favorable for turning your old smartphone into a GPS tracker. Thanks to this service, Google is able to show the location of the mobile, only that it must always be on and connected to a network in order to work. 

According to the specifications of this service, it is necessary that the mobile device is linked to the same Google account that is used regularly, that is, the same one that will be used in the new mobile. In this way, the old device can be located just by entering the tool’s website. This service also has an application that can be downloaded quickly. 

In general, “Find my device” is a favorable mechanism because it provides a list with all the mobile devices and tablets that are associated with the Google account in use. To do this, it will be necessary to select the device that you want to locate and you will have details of its location. 

With the use of this service several advantages are obtained, since it provides the facility to see the location of the terminal in a precise way. Therefore, if the mobile equipment is left in the vehicle, it will be possible to have controlled details of the location of the device on the map, which, therefore, will be the position in which the car is located. 

It is a simple and effective control mechanism that can be used without having to install foreign applications on the mobile, since it is included in the services of the Android device. Therefore, as long as the mobile device remains on and connected to a network, as well as linked to the Google account in use, it can be found wherever it is positioned, without additional amounts, investment or payments.

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