Garmin DriveSmart 61 Full EU Reviews

Main advantage:

The model has been equipped with recent and efficient maps, which facilitates the accuracy of the results shown to the user about routes, places of interest during the trip, attractions, hotels, restaurants and much more.

Main disadvantage: 

Despite being efficient, this car GPS may not be the most accurate in alerting you to traffic conditions. Although it gives a partial result, it may not be as exact.

Verdict: 9.7/10

The model has a six-inch screen and has preloaded maps of all of Europe. In addition, it is compatible with different equipment and its operation is intuitive, which is why it is listed as one of the best car GPS on the market.

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Main Features Explained

physical properties

According to the users’ opinions about the Garmin DriveSmart 61 Full EU model, this GPS for car has an efficient operation and, in addition, it is easy to use because its dimensions and physical properties allow it to be held securely and to verify the precise information in its large size. screen. In fact, the model has been equipped with an almost 7-inch capacitive borderless color screen, which has tactile technological properties, making it easy for the driver to select options and settings, without having to divert attention from the track, or remove your hands from the car’s handlebars.

The model has a weight that does not exceed 300 grams, so it is portable and easy to hold to take anywhere. To facilitate the use of this GPS and provide greater safety while the driver is on the road, the manufacturer Garmin has included a vehicle suction cup mount in the package, so that the user can install it strategically a few centimeters from their sight. and thus drive safely while following both the visual and audible indications generated by the device during the traced route.

Compatibility and accessibility

The mode of use, software and accessibility are important properties when choosing a GPS for a car, since, according to these properties, its mechanism of use, access to functions and settings, as well as monitoring of instructions will be much easier. For this reason, the Garmin DriveSmart 61 Full EU model is one of the most sought after, because, in addition to its competitive price, its functions allow intuitive use. The manufacturer even incorporated, along with the equipment, a manual for quick start and, being touch, getting to the options does not take long.

With this model, the brand has reinvented the voice guidance mode through simple driving commands that guide the user through the streets, creating a more relaxed communication with instructions similar to those that could come from a co-pilot. In this sense, it is not necessary to look away to try to decipher the maps to reach the destination. 

In addition, the equipment can be synchronized with the smartphone via Bluetooth, to access the basic functions of the mobile device, without having to use your hands, but instead receive notifications on the GPS screen. It is compatible with the BC 30 Wireless Backup Camera, which provides the ability to see pedestrians, other vehicles and obstacles from the device screen while reversing. 

Navigation and maps

Considered by many buyers as the best car GPS, this Garmin device stands out from the rest for its high quality and performance by issuing alerts in different situations that could put the safety of the vehicle and its occupants at risk. In this way, the equipment is capable of notifying sharp curves, frontal collisions, alerting in the event of lane departures and can even display the ratings of places of interest on the route in terms of hotels, attractions, restaurants and much more. 

Similarly, with this device, the driver can share both his location and other route data through LiveTrack. It has an advanced navigation system with intelligent functions, voice activation and real-time traffic information, as well as a WiFi connection to access maps, the latest available software updates and more.

In addition, maps and speed camera data updates are preloaded on the device. These maps are highly reliable, with pertinent information and a low level of mistakes, so there are no delays and driving time is improved. 

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