How are the points on the card recovered?

The points card has completed 14 years in Spain, marking the arrival of a new control system for drivers. Beyond the simple fine, the points system seeks to make the driver aware, so that he himself respects the rules so as not to lose all his points. Next, we explain everything you need to know about this system and how you can recover the points you have lost.

Before the entry into force of the card by points, in Spain when a driver broke the law, he received a fine. Although in some cases the financial punishment was enough to make the offender think twice before committing another offence, in others it was inappropriate or ineffective. 

In 2005, when the driving license points system was beginning to be created, in Spain there were a large number of road infractions every year, so the authorities thought that a better system was needed, to make drivers aware.

To do this, the points card system was copied, which had been active in France since 1992. Although at first the system was much tougher, over time it “softened up”, guaranteeing drivers the possibility of recovering points. automatically if the driver complies with the regulations in force in the General Circulation Regulations continuously.

In this sense, to recover the DGT points, it is enough that two years pass without committing another infraction for them to be returned. However, the times change depending on the severity of the infraction, so here’s what all the times are and what you need to do to get your points back.

Why do they take the points off your license?

Before explaining how to get your points back, let’s break down how many points you can lose based on violations. In this sense, if you ever ask yourself “how many points do I have on my driving license”, the general answer is 12. However, when three years go by without committing an infraction, the balance rises to 14 and, if in the following three years do not violate the General Circulation Regulations, the maximum balance will be 15 points.

Now that you know what the maximum number of license points is, you may be wondering: if I commit an infraction with a vehicle, can I lose part of the assigned points? The answer is yes and this loss varies depending on the type of infraction.

For example, if when blowing into the breathalyzers of a control we exceed the rate by more than 0.50, we will lose up to 6 points, the same as if you drive under the influence of narcotics or do so recklessly, putting other drivers at risk..

On the other hand, driving without a license or driving with an inappropriate license will result in the loss of 4 points. The same if you throw objects that can cause accidents or fires. In this sense, skipping a red light is a serious offense, so you will also lose 4 points.

Finally, the loss of points for speed is between 2 to 6, depending on the margin by which you exceed the marked speed. For example, if you go between 30 and 40 km/h you will lose only 2, but if you go over 60 you will lose 6 points and the fine can be up to 600 euros.

total loss of points

When your driving license is withdrawn because you have lost all the points, either due to a single infraction or due to an accumulation, the Traffic Headquarters will initiate the withdrawal process and a notification of total loss of points will be sent, in which you will be will request that you go to the Traffic Department to deliver it.

Although you can drive with 2 points, it is impossible to drive with zero points. In fact, once you have lost all the points, you must start a points recovery course.

How to know the points of the card that I have?

If you have committed an infraction and want to know what your DGT points balance is, this body has made a free DGT points consultation tool available to users, so that you are clear about how many you have and how you can recover them.

When are the points on the card recovered?

If the loss of points is partial, you will begin to recover the 15 points of the card within a period of 6 months from the infraction or 12 if you are a repeat offender. However, in the case of withdrawal of the card and total loss of points, you must take the recovery course and, at the end of it, take a theoretical test that will take place at the Traffic Headquarters. If you pass it, you will receive 8 points, just like new drivers, and you will have to wait to recover the rest.

In this sense, professional drivers will begin to recover points after 3 months or 6 months if they are repeat offenders.

If you have less than 12 points and you want to recover them quickly, you can take another re-education course, for a price of 221.25 euros, lasting 12 hours and allowing you to recover 6 points.

On the other hand, the recovery of points will be automatic, as long as the card has not been withdrawn, and it will start two years after the infraction, so you will be able to see the DGT points in your tool.

You have already seen that you should not drive without having a license or if you have lost all the points. In this sense, if you can’t bear not to drive or if you are learning, you can enjoy a driving simulator with a Fanatec PS4 steering wheel that will allow you to recreate the fun of driving.

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