How often is the fuel filter changed?

The change of the diesel filter is one of the most important activities for the periodic maintenance of the car, however, the durability of this element can be greater or lesser according to different variables, therefore, it is good to review the opinion of the experts on the subject. 

Many of us do not know exactly how many filters a car has and how they work, so this time we want to offer you information about the fuel filter, since the performance of the car depends largely on this part. First of all, we must make a distinction between the gasoline filter and the diesel filter ; Although both are responsible for keeping the pressure pump, the supply circuit, the injectors and the entire injection circuit free of impurities, in the case of systems that work with diesel, the fuel filter has an additional function, since It is responsible for removing moisture to prevent corrosion of metal parts inside the engine.

Why is the fuel filter dirty? 

There are several reasons why the fuel filter becomes clogged, but the main one is the presence of impurities in the fuel. Although it is true that gas stations are required to have filtering systems to guarantee the sale of a clean product, in practice this is not fully complied with. Underground tanks usually accumulate residues at the bottom, which is why it is not advisable to refuel immediately after the tanks have been filled, since that is when the diesel has the greatest amount of impurities. 

On the other hand, when filling fuel at the gas station, it is necessary to open the car’s tank cap, so there is also the possibility of small particles entering. Over time, dirt accumulates preventing the proper circulation of diesel through the filter .

Another reason why the diesel gets dirty is because the air filter is clogged, so that when it reaches the cylinders, the air with impurities mixes with the fuel, causing strange noises in the engine, higher diesel consumption and, in general, general, a decrease in the performance of the car. 

Consequences of a dirty fuel filter

Let us remember that today’s diesel cars have sophisticated engines and cutting-edge injection systems, so they are powerful, efficient and refined cars. However, we could say that it is a two-sided coin, on the one hand they have all these positive characteristics, but it must also be mentioned that they are very complex machines, mainly due to the anti-pollution and AdBlue gas treatment systems, which are the reason Frequent visit to the workshop.

In this sense, a diesel car is already delicate enough to add the problem of a clogged diesel filter, which harms both the injection system and the diesel pump. Currently, skipping the oil and filter change can be very expensive, since the cost of a single injector is around 300 euros, while dismantling and repairing the fuel pump in a common-rail system can cost more than 1,000 euros.

Breakdowns caused by a damaged diesel fuel filter can be avoided if we are attentive to the general operation of the vehicle. A dirty diesel filter produces typical symptoms that we can easily recognize, such as turning off when it is at low revolutions, for example, when braking at a traffic light, in addition, it can present strange noises at ignition, due to incorrect combustion. Also, there is a possibility that the acceleration system will fail, so that the car does not respond as usual when pressing the accelerator.

The best time to change the fuel filter

For the reasons that we have mentioned, if we already know when to change the diesel filter, it is best not to delay the replacement, since this way we avoid a large number of problems. In this sense, each car comes with a manual with the specifications on the maintenance intervals, in general, changing the diesel filter at 60,000 km is recommended, but many experts recommend doing it every 30,000 km for greater safety. 

The good news is that it is an inexpensive piece. Changing the diesel filter can cost from 5 to 40 euros plus the cost of labor, which generally depends on the complexity of the system. In general terms, we can say that this activity takes approximately 30 minutes and the total cost is around 100 euros. 

In addition, in some cars the circuit is very simple, so the owner himself can replace this element. However, in case you do not know how to change the diesel filter, it is best to go to a specialized workshop for greater security. 

Service the fuel filter or replace it?

Although some people say the opposite, the diesel filter is a disposable element, since once it is dirty there is no way to correctly eliminate the encrusted impurities , therefore, it is not advisable to maintain the deteriorated fuel filter, but to replace it with a new one. a brand new one. 

What the experts do advise is to clean the car’s diesel tank, since over time a lot of residue can accumulate at the bottom, creating a kind of sludge that not only clogs the fuel filter, but can also affect the system. injection and pump.

As we can see, changing the fuel filter in a diesel car is quite simple and yet it is of paramount importance for the operation of the vehicle, in addition, it is not necessary to replace it too often, so we invite you to do it periodically.

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