How to buy a second-hand car or km 0?

Buying a kilometer 0 or second-hand car has been considerably simplified, due to the ease with which we can enter a site and choose the one we like the most. However, it is necessary to analyze in detail each important aspect to achieve the best purchase. 

If you need a car and you have considered the possibility of buying it, there are a large number of alternatives. Therefore, it is an investment that you should not take lightly, since several thousand euros are at stake and you want your investment to provide you with the greatest possible benefit, avoiding buying something that will cause headaches in the future.. 

Basically, you have two options to buy your car and they are: kilometer 0 and second-hand. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. We will start talking about km 0 cars

0 kilometer cars 

A car of this type should have a higher level of technology and safety, because the brands strive to improve their designs every day and provide each model with new technological attractions. In addition, the appearance of a zero kilometer car is impeccable and nobody questions it. 

Also, because it’s never been used, you don’t have to worry about any criminal history the car might have been involved with. Also, it is possible to choose between different versions of equipment according to your preferences and the color of the exterior and interior.

In terms of performance, the quality controls to which the cars are subjected allow you to enjoy several years of use without having to worry about anything other than providing basic services. Thus, important repairs should not keep you up at night, since the car is guaranteed and you can claim any incorrect performance attributable to manufacturing faults. Tires will also not need to be replaced any time soon and other wearing parts will function properly for a considerable period. 

Also, a km 0 car consists of mechanical parts that allow it to offer lower fuel consumption and a better driving experience , based on previous models. 

second hand cars 

On the other hand, a second-hand car is not comparable in price , since it will always be cheaper. The rate charged for taxes is usually lower (although it will depend on the city and the type of car) and the insurance could also be, in certain cases, cheaper than one with 0 mileage. It is also simpler find a second-hand car that suits your budget or that is within the price range that you have established for the purchase. 

If you look carefully, you could find some really attractive deals on cars whose previous owner has been extremely responsible for providing all the necessary services, so the car is kept in excellent performance and appearance condition. You just have to request the service card and verify that they have been carried out in certified workshops. 

In the same way, you can have more information regarding the performance that has characterized the model within the market and also probe some opinions and experiences that other owners have had and that may be available in forums. Finally, the process of buying second-hand cars can also be faster, since some new cars are not in stock and there could be a waiting list to be delivered.

Other aspects to consider 

Now that you’ve read a bit about the two options, you might consider what qualities the car that best suits your needs should have. For this, you must ask yourself honestly, what do I need? At this point you must take into account where you are going to use the car: in the city? On the road? With this couple of questions you can already eliminate some options from the great list of possibilities. We present a list of points to analyze: 

Capacity: If you regularly travel alone, it does not make much sense to buy a car for 5 people, it will consume more fuel and require more space to store. In this case, it is very likely that a 4-seater car will suffice. This can also be an advantage when looking for where to park in public places. 

Transmission type: If you don’t want to constantly shift manually, you have problems with your knees, or your city is characterized by lots of inclines and declines, you may prefer a car with an automatic transmission. However, there are those who prefer the control and low cost of a manual transmission car. 

Fuel efficiency: By having a car, your fuel expenses or energy bills will become your daily bread. Due to this, it is convenient that you take a look at the average kilometers that you could obtain for each liter of fuel supplied or Kilowatt of consumption, to know how expensive it could be to transport you in your new car. 

Security: It is always better to be prepared for the unfortunate events that could occur. In such a context, more airbags and impact absorption zones could make a big difference, when the time comes. Similarly, analyze the braking technology offered by the car you like, preferring those that are more efficient.

Comfort: Amenities such as radio, air conditioning or heating and USB connections could make your trips more pleasant. Specify what you would like. 

Maintenance: It is not the same to take a diesel car to a garage than a hybrid or electric one. It is better to be informed in relation to the average rates for the periodic services that you will have to pay, to prevent your car from deteriorating and starting to cause problems. 

Insurance: Depending on the brand and model, there may be important changes in the rate of plans available for each insurer. Although this is not a very determining factor in your purchase decision, remember that it is an additional expense to the purchase of the car that you will be paying while you have it. 

After considering all these points, comes another that is fundamental: your budget. 

Having your own car is very practical. It is always available, you can choose the travel route, etc. But compared to public transport, it means additional fixed expenses, buying tires, repairs, fuel, parking fees, checks, renewal of permits, etc. You must be realistic and not only analyze if you will have money to buy it, but also to face all those additional expenses that you did not have before, so that your portfolio does not suffer every month. 

At this point, you can already have more certainty in relation to what you need and what you can buy. As well as the advantages of choosing a new or second-hand car. 

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