How to wash the car well?

Washing the car is something that goes beyond making it shiny and dust-free. A bad wash can deteriorate the sheet metal and other elements of the car in the long run. Therefore, cleaning vehicles is something that goes further than using a simple hose or knowing how to use a car wash.

When our car is delivered to us at the dealership, it is in pristine condition: its paint shines, the interior smells good, and there is not a single speck of dust anywhere. However, as time goes by, it is up to us to maintain that good condition of the vehicle. For this reason, cleaning the car is a fundamental aspect, which goes beyond pure and simple aesthetics.

The problem arises when we ask ourselves how to clean the car. Some people are in favor of going to a car wash and going through the machine, while others prefer to equip themselves with the best car cleaning products they can find and do it by hand. If you also have doubts about the best way to wash your vehicle, we will analyze the different options available and how to safely leave your car impeccable.

the car wash

Talking about cleaning vehicles is talking about a car wash. This automated system is responsible for cleaning your vehicle on the outside and leaving it spotless. In this process, car soap is used, as well as wax to finish off the cleaning and prevent dirt from accumulating. 

However, this process is not without risk . Sometimes this equipment is not properly maintained, which can lead to paint scratches. These also appear due to issues such as dirt from the previous vehicle or even the presence of sand or dirt from our own vehicle, which when dragged by the rollers cause these damages. Therefore, if the car is very dirty, it is not a bad idea to soften the dirt with a pressure gun pass before putting it in the car wash.

For a correct cleaning in the tunnel, it is also convenient to choose the correct program . In winter, complete programs are recommended, including active foam, wax, underbody wash, tires and rims. In summer, it is better to opt for simpler programs, due to the high temperatures. Do not forget to place the car correctly in the cleaning area, fold the mirrors and collect the antenna, to prevent damage. And when you finish, dry the vehicle with a microfiber cloth, going over the windows and the most complex areas of the bodywork.

How to pressure wash the car

Compared to car washing, pressure washing has become the best alternative to clean our vehicle. Something important considering that today you cannot wash your car in the street, under threat of a fine. So, when it comes to hand car washing, this is the best option, for price and options. Although if you have space at home and you have a pressure cleaning machine, you can do it at home.

This is the most suitable option for vehicles with a certain age, since this system is not as aggressive as that of the car washes. In industrial machines we have several programs, with which to remove dirt, lather, rinse and wax the car. If we have a cleaning machine, we can incorporate the products to clean the car bodywork that best suit you, according to your specific needs.

During this cleaning process, it is important that the curtain of water moves progressively and always in the same direction , from top to bottom on the sides and from the center to the sides in the ceiling area. Also keep the proper distance whether you are cleaning (closer) or applying the wax (somewhat further away). Both in your machine manual and on the sign of the car wash you go to, you will have more information about it.

Cleaning complex areas

As a conclusion to this article, it is necessary to take a look at some specific areas of the vehicle, which require our attention. One of the most common questions in this regard is how to clean the car engine. Due to the particularities of this area, it is essential to be very careful, so as not to break anything. For this reason, it is recommended to use little water, clean as much dust as you can and avoid touching any dangerous elements such as electrical connections and the like. Needless to say, the use of pressurized water is not recommended in these cases, with very rare exceptions. Instead, it is advisable to use a cloth, duster, cotton swabs and a soft cloth, as well as specific products for cleaning this sensitive area.

It is easier to clean car rims, for which it is enough to have a soft cloth and a specific cleaner for aluminum rims . Pour the product according to the instructions for use, let it act and clean the rim. Finish off the job by rinsing the rim, if necessary.

We close our tips talking about cleaning or washing the interior of the car. For this process, we will need a good handheld vacuum cleaner , with which to remove all the dirt that accumulates inside. You will also need suitable cloths and a cleaning product adapted for dashboards. For its part, the cleaning of the seats can be done with foam for upholstery or even a steam cleaner, ensuring that they are completely dry when you finish. A similar process can be used on the roof or on the interior upholstery, while there are also specific cleaning products for the mats. However, in some gas stations and car washes you have specific machines for washing mats, in case they are dirtier than necessary.

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