Is it totally legal to use intercoms on our motorcycles?

If you own a motorcycle and like to take long trips on it, you will know very well how important and necessary it is to use headphones to communicate with your fellow passengers at any time and avoid having to take your eyes off the road.. However, there is currently an open discussion about the legality of intercoms.

Are motorcycle intercoms completely legal? It is the question that many of us ask ourselves. Therefore, below we will clarify all your doubts about it.

We all know that intercoms are devices that are increasingly used by motorcycle users around the world, especially by motorcyclists, who are used to traveling from one city to another or even between countries. Therefore, these are practically essential if we want to have a conversation with one of our fellow travelers without having to stop every moment to transmit a change of route.

In the first place, an intercom is understood as the device that is placed on the motorcyclists’ helmet and that allows them to connect to a device such as a GPS navigator, a mobile phone or a music player, in such a way that it allows many actions to be carried out while We are driving our motorcycle. It is for this reason that many people still have doubts about the legality of using this type of intercom, since so many elements could distract the driver too much.

What is the law about the use of headphones on a motorcycle?

Many responsible motorists have serious doubts as to whether there is actually any legal way to do anything like turn on the radio and listen to music on a motorcycle, or even talk on the phone. It is logical to think that with the progress achieved by new technologies, the limitations of moped vehicles will gradually disappear, but to what extent does the law allow their use?

In itself, the law does not prohibit us from listening to music or the radio when we are riding a motorcycle, however, it does explicitly prohibit the use of headphones inside the helmet that we use when riding a motorcycle. In article 18 of the General Circulation Regulations, it can be read: “It is prohibited to drive using helmets or headphones connected to sound receiving or reproducing devices, except during the corresponding teaching and carrying out of the aptitude tests in open circuit to obtain the driving license for two-wheeled motorcycles when required by the RGC or General Regulations for Drivers.”

In addition, the same article prohibits the use of any device related to mobile telephony or any other communication system while driving, except that this action is carried out without the need to use the hands or that it is necessary to use any accessory such as headphones or music headphones.  

Since the use of headphones or earphones is completely prohibited and not legal, then is there any other audio device on the market that we can use that is not prohibited by law?

Audio devices found on the market

In the current market, there are different communication alternatives that are completely approved that we can easily acquire and that efficiently cover the need for communication between drivers and without breaking the law. Among the products most in demand by users are intercoms.

These devices allow immediate and clear communication between the driver and the passenger of the motorcycle, another driver or even allow us to connect to our mobile device, such as a tablet or a phone, to listen to music or the radio. This device can be easily purchased separately, however, we must be very careful that it can be perfectly attached to the motorcycle helmet without any problem.

On the other hand, we can find some models of approved helmets that are specially manufactured incorporating an intercom inside the helmet that allows a Bluetooth connection with any mobile device, thus avoiding the use of annoying and dangerous cables.

Finally, there are the sound equipment, which are musical systems that are installed on the outside of the motorcycle in the form of speakers.

These are the three legal alternatives that currently exist and that we can use at any time we want without running the risk of being fined by the road police or, much worse, having an accident.

Recommendations to take into account when choosing one of these devices

Before choosing any of the intercom and sound systems that you have just met, it is advisable to take into account a series of basic tips to be able to distinguish and choose the best motorcycle intercoms of the moment.

In the first place, it is very important to pay attention to the quality of the product and its resistance to dirt and humidity, but it is also essential to verify the autonomy of the device, so that you can know the duration of its battery and thus be confident that it will work for a long time. the whole trip.  

On the other hand, let’s remember that you can increasingly find more models or intercom systems that allow you to control them through voice commands, so you can continue driving without letting go of the motorcycle. It is an ideal option if you like to perform various actions such as listening to music or activating the GPS of your devices, as well as turning it into a hands-free system, similar to the one we use in the car.

Finally, if you are looking for a helmet that offers you all these options, it is highly recommended that you always go for the most trusted model and brand. You must ensure that the manufacturer complies to the letter with all the legislation that is in force. In this way you will ensure that you do not receive any type of fine or sanction.

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